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John Piper Quotes
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John Piper Quote: “O, how easy it is to do religious things if other people are watching! Preaching, praying, attending church, reading the bible, acts of kindness and charity-they all take on a certain pleasantness of the ego if we know that others will find out about them and think well of us. It is a deadly addiction for esteem that we have.”
John Piper Quote: “But not only does the pursuit of joy in God give strength to endure; it is the key to breaking the power of sin on our way to heaven.”
John Piper Quote: “Are you able – theologically, personally, and resource-wise – to be harmoniously, sweetly, and deeply in love with Jesus together in marriage?”
John Piper Quote: “Word corresponds to hearing, and glory corresponds to seeing. Ultimately God has spoken in order to reveal his glory for the enjoyment of his people. Therefore we must hear what he says in order to see what he reveals. The Bible does not speak of hearing the glory of God, but seeing it. Hearing is the means. Seeing is the goal. The aim of all our hearing of God’s truth is the seeing of God’s glory.”
John Piper Quote: “God and God alone is the final, ultimate goal of our quest. All that God is for us in Jesus is the Object of our quest for joy. When I speak of fighting for joy, I mean joy in God, not joy without reference to God. When I speak of longing for happiness, I mean happiness in all that God is for us in Jesus, not happiness as physical or psychological experience apart from God.”
John Piper Quote: “A famous cigarette billboard pictures a curly-headed, bronze-faced, muscular macho with a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth. The sign reads ‘Where a man belongs.’ That is a lie. Where a man belongs is at the bedside of his children, leading in devotion and prayer. Where a man belongs is leading his family to the house of God. Where a man belongs is up early and alone with God seeking vision and direction for the family.”
John Piper Quote: “Worship is nothing less than obedience to the command of God: “Delight yourself in the Lord”!”
John Piper Quote: “Apart from new birth, I am my problem. You are not my main problem. My parents were not my main problem. My enemies are not my main problem. I am my main problem. Not my deeds, and not my circumstances, and not the people in my life, but my nature is my deepest personal problem.”
John Piper Quote: “God is committed to rewarding those acts of the human heart that signify human helplessness and hope in God.”
John Piper Quote: “Think and mull and ponder and chew until you see God the way they see God – namely, as precious and valuable and beautiful and desirable. This is how the Word serves joy. Thus, even as the Spirit and the Word are inseparable in our lives, so prayer and meditation are inseparable. The fight for joy always involves both. Prayer without meditation on the Word of God will disintegrate into humanistic spirituality. It will simply reflect our own fallen ideas and feelings – not God’s.”
John Piper Quote: “Preferring anything above Christ is the very essence of sin. It must be fought.”
John Piper Quote: “Now comes the really amazing part. What is offered to the world, to everyone who hears the gospel, is not a love or saving achievement designed for all and therefore especially for no one; but rather, what is offered is the absolute fullness of all that Christ achieved for his elect.”
John Piper Quote: “Whatever it takes, Lord, keep me desperate for You because I tend to wander when I stop feeling my need for You.”
John Piper Quote: “A prayerless Christian is like a bus driver trying alone to push his bus out of a rut because he doesn’t know Clark Kent is on board.”
John Piper Quote: “O that we would so love the gospel and have so much compassion for lost people that tribulation and distress and persecution and famine and nakedness and danger and sword and gun and terrorist would turn us not into fearful complainers, but bold heralds of good news.”
John Piper Quote: “Worship is the highest moral act a human can perform, so the only basis and motivation for it that many people can conceive is the notion of morality as the disinterested performance of duty. But when worship is reduced to disinterested duty, it ceases to be worship. For worship is a feast.”
John Piper Quote: “God loves us by liberating us from the bondage of self so that we can enjoy knowing and admiring him forever.”
John Piper Quote: “Tact is that quality of grace that wins the confidence of people who are sure you won’t do or say something stupid. You can’t inspire a following if people have to hang their heads in embarrassment at the inappropriate and insensitive things you say or do. Tact is especially needed in a leader to help cope with embarrassing or tragic situations.”
John Piper Quote: “God’s work in us does not eliminate our work; it enables it. We work because he is the one at work in us. Therefore, the fight for joy is possible because God is fighting for us and through us.”
John Piper Quote: “That’s who Jesus Christ is. He became the final Priest and the final Sacrifice. Sinless, he did not offer sacrifices for himself. Immortal, he never has to be replaced. Human, he could bear human sins. Therefore he did not offer sacrifices for himself; he offered himself as the final sacrifice. There will never be the need for another. There is one mediator between us and God. One priest. We need no other. Oh, how happy are those who draw near to God through Christ alone.”
John Piper Quote: “If we desire that there be no boasting except in the cross, then we must live near the cross-indeed we must live on the cross.”
John Piper Quote: “Prayer is not for the enhancement of our comforts but for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.”
John Piper Quote: “The final answer is that God rewards fasting because fasting expresses the cry of the heart that nothing on the earth can satisfy our souls besides God. God must reward this cry because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.”
John Piper Quote: “God owns and controls all things. And there is nothing that he could give you for Christmas this year that would suit your needs and your longings better than the consolation of Israel and the redemption of Jerusalem, restoration for past losses and liberation from future enemies, forgiveness and freedom, pardon and power, healing the past and sealing the future.”
John Piper Quote: “Jesus calls for violence against our own lust because he loves our true and lasting joy.”
John Piper Quote: “The fears that the few good things that make you happy are slipping through your fingers, and the frustrations that the bad things you hate about yourself or your situation can’t be changed – these fears and these frustrations are what Christmas came to destroy.”
John Piper Quote: “There is no point in romanticizing other religions that reject the deity and saving work of Christ. They do not know God. And those who follow them tragically waste their lives.”
John Piper Quote: “Jesus warns that the word of God, the gospel, which is meant to give us life, can be choked to death by riches.”
John Piper Quote: “The best thing in the universe is to be united to Christ. To be in Christ. To enjoy union with Christ.”
John Piper Quote: “The most precious gifts you can think of are not ends in themselves. They all lead to God. Ultimately, that is what all His gifts are for.”
John Piper Quote: “This is why it is often called sovereign grace: it raises the dead. The dead do not raise themselves. God does by his grace. And it is this “glorious grace” that will be praised for all eternity.”
John Piper Quote: “If we abandon the fullness of the gospel to make racial and ethnic diversity quicker or easier, we create a mere shadow of the kingdom, an imitation.”
John Piper Quote: “Did you wake up feeling fragile? Read the bible till you find a promise strong enough to carry you through the day.”
John Piper Quote: “It would seem more appropriate to say that we are debtors to God’s justice, not to his grace.”
John Piper Quote: “The fight for joy in Christ is not a fight to soften the cushion of Western comforts. It is a fight for strength to live a life of self-sacrificing love.”
John Piper Quote: “Racial and ethnic segragtion is a gospel issue! Cephas’ fear and wihdrawal from fellowship across ethnic lines was “not in step with the truth of the gospel.” Christ had died to tear down this wall.”
John Piper Quote: “My biggest concern about the effects of the prosperity movement is that it diminishes Christ by making him less central and less satisfying than his gifts.”
John Piper Quote: “The pathway to maturity and to solid biblical food is not first becoming an intelligent person, but becoming an obedient person.”
John Piper Quote: “In other words, when all the supports of human life and earthly happiness are taken away, God will be our delight, our joy. This experience is humanly impossible. No ordinary person can speak in truth like this. If God alone is enough to support joy when all else is lost, it is a miracle of grace.”
John Piper Quote: “Most of your unhappiness in life comes from the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself.”
John Piper Quote: “Say to the next generation again and again: God is truthful; God keeps his word; God does not lie; God can be trusted! That’s one blessing of Advent. Receive it as a wonderful Christmas gift, and give it to as many people as you can.”
John Piper Quote: “The new birth is the creation of spiritual life, not the imitation of life.”
John Piper Quote: “The end of the creation is that God may communicate happiness to the creature.”
John Piper Quote: “Look to Jesus this Christmas. Receive the reconciliation that he bought. Don’t put it on the shelf unopened. And don’t open it and then make it a means to all your other pleasures. Open it and enjoy the gift. Rejoice in him. Make him your pleasure. Make him your treasure.”
John Piper Quote: “God is glorified in his people by the way we experience him, not merely by the way we think about him. Indeed.”
John Piper Quote: “Once upon a time, there was a safe, private place to take your controversial stand for Jesus. No more. If you are going to stand, you will be shot at – either figuratively or literally.”
John Piper Quote: “In John 3:16, Jesus teaches us that the God who exists loves. Let that sink in. The God who absolutely is. Loves. He loves. Of all the things you might say about God, be sure to say this: he loves.”
John Piper Quote: “This sounds very strange. Most of us think serving God is a totally positive thing; we have not considered that serving God may be an insult to him.”
John Piper Quote: “It is true that God can be known and enjoyed in every legitimate vocation; but when he deploys you from one place to the next, he offers fresh and deeper drinking at the fountain of his fellowship. God seldom calls us to an easier life, but always calls us to know more of him and drink more deeply of his sustaining grace.”
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