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Top 120 John R.W. Stott Quotes
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John R.W. Stott Quote: “Circumcision stands for a religion of human achievement, of what man can do by his own good works; Christ stands for a religion of divine achievement, of what God has done through the finished work of Christ.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “The incentive to peacemaking is love, but it degenerates into appeasement whenever justice is ignored. To forgive and to ask for forgiveness are both costly exercises. All authentic Christian peacemaking exhibits the love and justice-and so the pain-of the cross.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “So close was Christ’s connection with God that he equated a man’s attitude to himself with the man’s attitude to God.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Do not be content with a static Christian life. Determine rather to grow in faith and love, in knowledge and holiness.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Every powerful movement has had its philosophy which has gripped the mind, fired the imagination and captured the devotion of its adherents.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Never use a gallon of words to express a spoonful of thought. Our unadorned word should be enough.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “At every step of our Christian development and in every sphere of our Christian discipleship, pride is the greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “The gospel creates the church, which spreads the gospel, which creates more churches, which in turn spread the gospel further ad infinitum.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “As a body without breath is a corpse, so the church without the Spirit is dead.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Prayer is the very way God Himself has chosen for us to express our conscious need of Him and our humble dependence on Him.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “When Jesus is truly our Lord, He directs our lives and we gladly obey Him. Indeed, we bring every part of our lives under His lordship – our home and family, our sexuality and marriage, our job or unemployment, our money and possessions, our ambitions and recreations.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Here’s how to determine God’s will for your life: Go wherever your gifts will be exploited the most.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “When the Christian loses himself, he finds himself, he discovers his true identity.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “The good news is the gospel of God, about Christ, according to Scripture, for the nations, unto the obedience of faith, and for the sake of the Name.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “The law requires works of human achievement; the gospel requires faith in Christ’s achievement. The law makes demands and bids us obey; the gospel brings promises and bids us believe.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “The essence of apostasy is changing sides from that of the crucified to that of the crucifier.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Nobody can call himself a Christian who does not worship Jesus.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “If we love our neighbor we shall without doubt tell him the good news of Jesus. But equally if we truly love our neighbor we shall not stop there.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “God must speak to us before we have any liberty to speak to him. He must disclose to us who he is before we can offer him what we are in acceptable worship. The worship of God is always a response to the Word of God. Scripture wonderfully directs and enriches our worship.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Good works are indispensable to salvation – not as its ground or means, however, but as its consequence and evidence.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “We need to repent of the haughty way in which we sometimes stand in judgment upon Scripture and must learn to sit humbly under its judgment instead.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “It is no exaggeration to say that without Scripture a Christian life is impossible.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “We have the means of evangelizing our country, but they are slumbering in the pews of our churches.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “A man who loves his wife will love her letters and her photographs because they speak to him of her. So if we love the Lord Jesus, we shall love the Bible because it speaks to us of him.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “Why is it that some Christians cross land and sea, continents and cultures, as missionaries? What on earth impels them? It is not in order to commend a civilization, an institution or an ideology, but rather a person, Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be unique.”
John R.W. Stott Quote: “There is evidence for the deity of Jesus – good, strong, historical, cumulative evidence; evidence to which an honest person can subscribe without committing intellectual suicide.”
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