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John Wesley Quote: “The wicked will gnaw their tongues for anguish and pain; they will curse God and look upwards. There the dogs of hell, pride, malice, revenge, rage, horror, despair, continually devout them.”
John Wesley Quote: “I have no objection to instruments of music in our worship, provided they are neither seen nor heard.”
John Wesley Quote: “To slay the sinner is then the first use of the Law, to destroy the life and strength wherein he trusts and convince him that he is dead while he lives; not only under the sentence of death, but actually dead to God, void of all spiritual life, dead in trespasses and sins.”
John Wesley Quote: “The bottom of the soul may be in repose, even while we are in many outward troubles; just as the bottom of the sea is calm, while the surface is strongly agitated.”
John Wesley Quote: “How is it more for the glory of God to save man irresistibly, than to save him as a free agent, by such grace as he may either concur or resist?”
John Wesley Quote: “In returning I read a very different book, published by an honest Quaker, on that execrable sum of all villanies, commonly called the Slave-trade.”
John Wesley Quote: “The wearing of costly array is directly opposite to being adorned with good works. Nothing can be more evident than this; for the more you lay out on your own apparel, the less you have left to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry, to lodge the stranger, to relieve those that are sick and in prison.”
John Wesley Quote: “When Poetry thus keeps its place as the handmaiden of piety, it shall attain not a poor perishable wreath, but a crown that fadeth not away.”
John Wesley Quote: “May we all thus experience what it is to be not almost only, but altogether Christians! Being justified freely by his grace, through the redemption that is in Jesus, knowing we have peace with God through Jesus Christ, rejoicing in hope of the glory of God, and having the love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the l holy Ghost given unto us!”
John Wesley Quote: “No outward practices will stand in the place of the new birth. Nothing under heaven will stand in its place.”
John Wesley Quote: “I cannot help leaving my books behind me whenever God calls me hence; but in every other respect, my own hands will be my executors.”
John Wesley Quote: “Every one, though born of God in an instant, yet undoubtedly grows by slow degrees.”
John Wesley Quote: “The glories and the beauties of form, color and sound unite in the Grand Canyon – forms unrivaled even by the mountains, colors that vie with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop; from cataract to bubbling fountain.”
John Wesley Quote: “One great reason why the rich in general have so little sympathy for the poor is because they so seldom visit them. Hence it is that one part of the world does not know what the other suffers. Many of them do not know, because they do not care to know: they keep out of the way of knowing it – and then plead their voluntary ignorance as an excuse for their hardness of heart.”
John Wesley Quote: “He’s got everything – good vision, his speed, his shot, all those intangibles that you need to be a superstar in this league. He has it all.”
John Wesley Quote: “As one instance of this, be always ready to own any fault you have been in. If you have at any time thought, spoken, or acted wrong, be not backward to acknowledge it. Never dream that this will hurt the cause of God; no, it will further it. Be therefore open and frank when you are taxed with anything; do not seek either to evade or disguise it; but let it appear just as it is, and you will thereby not hinder but adorn the Gospel.”
John Wesley Quote: “No circumstances can make it necessary for a man to burst in sunder all the ties of humanity.”
John Wesley Quote: “Those without enough love experience rage, but love drives rage away.”
John Wesley Quote: “I had a sort of faith during my early life. But devils also have a sort of faith. Still, neither they nor I received the faith of the covenant of promise. Even the apostles had a sort of faith when they were first with Jesus in Cana. Then and there, they “believed on him” in a way. But they did not yet have the faith which overcomes the world.”
John Wesley Quote: “Let me daily grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
John Wesley Quote: “And I am the rather induced to do what little I can in this way, because I can do nothing else: being prevented, by my present weakness, from either travelling or preaching. But, blessed be God, I can still read, and write, and think. O that it may be to his glory!”
John Wesley Quote: “Is it sinless? It is not worth while tocontend for a term It is “salvation from sin.”
John Wesley Quote: “Thus it is unquestionably true that he who has been born of God, by “keeping himself,” does not, cannot sin; and yet, if he does not keep himself, he may commit all manner of sin with greediness.”
John Wesley Quote: “But this doctrine has been much abused.” So has that of justification by faith. But that is no reason for giving up either this or any other scriptural doctrine. “When you wash your child,” as one speaks, “throw away the water; but do not throw away the child.”
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