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Top 400 John Wooden Quotes (2023 Update)
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John Wooden Quote: “I worry that business leaders are more interested in material gain than they are in having the patience to build up a strong organization, and a strong organization starts with caring for their people.”
John Wooden Quote: “The most important thing in the world is family and love.”
John Wooden Quote: “When I am through learning, I am through.”
John Wooden Quote: “A Coach must never forget that he is a leader and not merely a person with authority.”
John Wooden Quote: “Everything we know, we learned from someone else!”
John Wooden Quote: “Make no mistake, I always want to win, but I never fight with an opponent. My fight is within me it is the struggle to be the best I can be at whatever I do.”
John Wooden Quote: “We must be challenged to improve, and adversity is the challenger.”
John Wooden Quote: “As a leader, you will receive a large amount of praise and criticism and you should not unduly affected by either.”
John Wooden Quote: “I never let our players get satisfied, I never let our Coaches get satisfied, I was never satisfied. We can always do it better.”
John Wooden Quote: “The individual who is mistake-free is also probably sitting around doing nothing. And that is a very big mistake.”
John Wooden Quote: “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.”
John Wooden Quote: “I grew up on a farm. We learned that there was a season to plant, a season to water, and season to harvest. The planting and watering could be laborious, but without those stages, there would never be a harvest.”
John Wooden Quote: “I think you have to be what you are. Don’t try to be somebody else. You have to be yourself at all times.”
John Wooden Quote: “The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success.”
John Wooden Quote: “My philosophy of defense is to keep the pressure on an opponent until you get to his emotions.”
John Wooden Quote: “Surround yourself with people strong enough to change your mind.”
John Wooden Quote: “Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating. Youngsters need good models more than they need critics. It’s one of a parent’s greatest responsibilities and opportunities.”
John Wooden Quote: “When you hurry you’re more apt to make mistakes. But you have to be quick. If you’re not quick you can’t get things done.”
John Wooden Quote: “Make friendship a fine art.”
John Wooden Quote: “The four laws of learning are: the first is demonstration of what you want. The second is the criticism of the demonstration. The third is the imitation of the correct model, and the fourth is repetition, over and over until it becomes habit where is you don’t think about it.”
John Wooden Quote: “A leader must listen to those under their supervision.”
John Wooden Quote: “Effective leaders are, first and foremost, good teachers. We’re in the education business.”
John Wooden Quote: “The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.”
John Wooden Quote: “The ability to see the good in others and the bad in ourselves is perfect vision.”
John Wooden Quote: “Enthusiasm brushes off upon those with whom you come in contact.”
John Wooden Quote: “A player who makes a team great is better than a great player.”
John Wooden Quote: “Every day was a good day at UCLA.”
John Wooden Quote: “The man who is afraid to risk failure seldom has to face success.”
John Wooden Quote: “Doing the best you are capable of doing is victory in itself, and less than that is defeat.”
John Wooden Quote: “Hustle makes up for many a mistake.”
John Wooden Quote: “Over-coaching can be more harmful than under-coaching. Keep it simple!”
John Wooden Quote: “It’s always about focusing not on the mistakes but on the lessons learned from them.”
John Wooden Quote: “Make greatness attainable by all.”
John Wooden Quote: “There are little details in everything you do, and if you get away from any one of the little details, you’re not teaching the thing as a whole. For it is little things which, together, make the whole. This, I think, is extremely important.”
John Wooden Quote: “I would spend almost as much time planning a practice as conducting it. Everything was planned out each day.”
John Wooden Quote: “Acquire peace of mind by making the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”
John Wooden Quote: “Working with others makes us much more than we could ever become alone.”
John Wooden Quote: “Success may result in winning, but winning does not necessarily mean you are a success.”
John Wooden Quote: “Mentors are available at all stages of your leadership life – early, middle and late. Seek them out and listen; absorb their knowledge and use it.”
John Wooden Quote: “Losing is only temporary and not encompassing. You must simply study it, learn from it, and try hard not to lose the same way again. Then you must have the self-control to forget about it.”
John Wooden Quote: “Reputation is what others perceive you as being, and their opinion may be right or wrong. Character, however, is what you really are, and nobody truly knows that but you. But you are what matters most.”
John Wooden Quote: “It is normal to enjoy praise and dislike criticism. True character is when you prevent either from affecting you in a negative matter.”
John Wooden Quote: “Intensity makes you stronger. Emotionalism makes you weaker.”
John Wooden Quote: “Class is an intangible quality which commands, rather than demands, the respect of others.”
John Wooden Quote: “No individual should take the blame for a loss, because no individual should get the credit for a victory.”
John Wooden Quote: “If I were ever prosecuted for my religion, I truly hope there would be enough evidence to convict me.”
John Wooden Quote: “Work without joy is drudgery. Drudgery does not produce champions, nor does it produce great organizations.”
John Wooden Quote: “You have to work hard, and you have to enjoy what you’re doing. If you don’t enjoy it, no matter how hard you seem to work, you’re not going to be working as hard as you can because you’re not enjoying it.”
John Wooden Quote: “Joy makes the longest journey too short.”
John Wooden Quote: “A mentor must always guide, never push. It was my job to listen to them, offer my perspective, and encourage them to pursue the ideals they believed to be true.”
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