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Joseph Joubert Quote: “The ordinary true, or purely real, cannot be the object of the arts. Illusion on a ground of truth, – that is the secret of the fine arts.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “All disputation makes the mind deaf; and when people are deaf, I am dumb.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Drawing is speaking to the eye; talking is painting to the ear.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The beautiful invariably possesses a visible and a hidden beauty; and it is certain that no style is so beautiful as that which presents to the attentive reader a half-hidden meaning.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “It is an aspect of all happiness to suppose that we deserve it.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Eyes raised toward heaven are always beautiful, whatever they be.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “How many people eat, drink, and get married; buy, sell, and build; make contracts and attend to their fortune; have friends and enemies, pleasures and pains, are born, grow up, live and die – but asleep!”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “We know God easily, if we do not constrain ourselves to define him.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The true character of epistolary style is playfulness and urbanity.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Love and fear. Everything the father of a family says must inspire one or the other.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Every modulated sound is not a song, and every voice that executes a beautiful air does not sing. Singing should enchant. But to produce this effect there must be a quality of soul and voice which is by no means common even with great singers.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Virtue by calculation is the virtue of vice.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Fully to understand a grand and beautiful thought requires, perhaps, as much time as to conceive it.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The mind conceives with pain, but it brings forth with delight.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The art of saying well what one thinks is different from the faculty of thinking. The latter may be very deep and lofty and far- reaching, while the former is altogether wanting.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The God of metaphysics is but an idea. But the God of religion, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sovereign Judge of actions and thoughts, is a power.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “He who has not the weakness of friendship has not the strength.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “All are born to observe order, but few are born to establish it.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “To be an agreeable guest one need only enjoy oneself.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “God has commanded Time to console the unhappy.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “I resemble the poplar, – that tree which, even when old, still looks young.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “He who cannot see the beautiful side is a bad painter, a bad friend, a bad lover; he cannot lift his mind and his heart so high as goodness.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Fate and necessity are unconquerable.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The punishment of those who have loved women too much is to love them always.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “If you are poor, distinguish yourself by your virtues; if rich, by your good deeds.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “What can you possibly add to a mind that’s full, especially one that’s full of itself.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “When the painter wishes to represent an event, he cannot place before us too great a number of personages; but he cannot employ too few when he wishes to portray an emotion.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Only choose in marriage a man whom you would choose as a friend if he were a woman.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Liquid, flowing words are the choicest and the best, if language is regarded as music. But when it is considered as a picture, then there are rough words which are very telling, they make their mark.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Beautiful works do not intoxicate, but they enchant.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Happy is the man who can do only one thing; in doing it, he fulfills his destiny.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “In the interchange of thought use no coin but gold and silver.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Antiquity! I like its ruins better than its reconstructions.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Religion is the only metaphysic that the multitude can understand and adopt.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Minds which never rest are subject to many digressions.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Necessity may render a doubtful act innocent, but it cannot make it praiseworthy.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Poetry is to be found nowhere unless we carry it within us.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “One can with dignity be wife and widow but once.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “The voice is a human sound which nothing inanimate can perfectly imitate. It has an authority and an insinuating property which writing lacks. It is not merely so much air, but air modulated and impregnated with life.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Heaven is for those who think of it.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “We should do good whenever we can and do kindness at all times, for at all times we can.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Science confounds everything; it gives to the flowers an animal appetite, and takes away from even the plants their chastity.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Success serves men as a pedestal. It makes them seem greater when not measured by reflection.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Criticism even should not be without its charms. When quite devoid of all amenities, it is no longer literary.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “What a man knows only through feeling can be explained only through enthusiasm.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “All good verses are like impromptus made at leisure.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Whence? wither? why? how? – these questions cover all philosophy.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “There is always some frivolity in excellent minds; they have wings to rise, but also stray.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “I do not call reason that brutal reason which crushes with its weight what is holy and sacred, that malignant reason which delights in the errors it succeeds in discovering, that unfeeling and scornful reason which insults credulity.”
Joseph Joubert Quote: “Attention is like a narrow mouthed vessel; pour into it what you have to say cautiously, and, as it were, drop by drop.”
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