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Top 50 Joseph Sobran Quotes (2023 Update)
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Joseph Sobran Quote: “Liberals see the Constitution itself as ‘living’ and ‘evolving’ that is, gradually turning into something that would have been unrecognizable to its authors.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “A Christian can believe that God ‘ordained’ the ‘powers that be’ – including political rulers and slaveholders – for purposes too deep for us to understand fully, and that while they last we must provisionally accept them; but that they were not meant to last forever.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “All in all, the framers would probably agree that it’s better to impeach too often than too seldom. If presidents can’t be virtuous, they should at least be nervous.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “I realize that the New York Times probably not written for the express purpose of driving me mad; I think of it as liberalism’s daily bulletin board.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “Altering the Constitution has become the daily business of the Federal Government which the document is supposed to guide and limit. Both Congress and the judiciary assume, and exercise, countless powers they aren’t entitled to.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “Wartime always brings expansions of state power, together with erosions of moral and constitutional standards.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “When you internalize an author whose vision or philosophy is both rich and out of fashion, you gain a certain immunity from the pressures of the contemporary. The modern world, with it’s fads, propaganda, and advertising, is forever trying to herd us into conformity. Great literature can help us to remain fad-proof.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “Now whatever you think of the liberal agenda on its merits, until very recently nobody thought the Constitution meant what liberals now say it means.”
Joseph Sobran Quote: “The best argument for anarchism is the twentieth century.”
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