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Karen Kingsbury Quote: “No one wants to hear about your faith. They must see it.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “But when they finally found each other, when it was clear that God was going to give them a lifetime together, they’d made a promise to Him and to each other.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “What if age didn’t determine whether or not a person could truly understand what love was and whether it was real?”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “He might’ve only been seventeen, but he knew he wanted Jenna in his life as long as he lived.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Catherine wasn’t going to settle. Not in life, and not in love.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “That fire was a part of the process for anyone desiring a strong relationship with God.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “The issues are complex, and so I think sometimes the best way to work things out is, well, not to work them out.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “I’ve asked God to make it clear. He can either shut the door or open it. I don’t want it unless He wants it for me.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Yes, God knew the number of a man’s days. But sometimes that number was small because the enemy had cut it short.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Silence is the fading heartbeat of relationships.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “All of it was proof that God would always have the last word when it came to life-and-death situations.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Sometimes when Katy prayed, she could almost hear God’s answer – the quiet, still resonance of a Scripture deep in her heart or silent words of wisdom spoken by her parents or the Flanigans.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “God was in control. She had nothing to fear. No matter what happened next or how the outcome played in their lives, whatever triumph or tragedy might take place, God loved them. Nothing could ever change that.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Wow.” Lisa motioned for Keith to stop for a moment. “Look at this place. It’s like the perfect family house. The porch and the windows, even from here, it feels like the walls have seen a lifetime of love.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “And if Job could thank God and look for God’s plans even in the ashes of his life.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “The circle shifted around them, and by the time they were done praying, Katy had the strangest sense: not that everything would be fine any time soon but that God would use the tragic loss of Ben Hanover and Sarah Jo Stryker to build something stronger and better out of CKT.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “We never own the people in our lives. We love them, yes, but they are on loan from God. We have them for a moment and then they’re gone. Go ahead and grieve, because you’ll miss Elizabeth. We all will. But while you’re grieving, don’t get mad at God for the minutes you’ll miss with Elizabeth. Thank him for the minutes you had.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “He’s looking more for the broken people... people who need him.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “God, this one is Yours, too, no matter what he’s done. Show him the way to forgiveness. Please.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Every time I brought a baby home from the hospital I felt that this was the reason God had given me life. So I could raise my babies and give my family a life they would always remember, a life that would teach them to do the same thing for the people they loved one day.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “All I want you to do today is run to Jesus. Being God, he alone fully understands both God and suffering.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “She felt the loss, much as he must’ve been feeling it. There would be no friendship forged, no chance at love. The canyon between their worlds had proved greater than any bridge that might’ve spanned it.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Give Him your ashes, and He’ll give you a crown of beauty.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Innocence was something that grew in the heart and shone through the eyes.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “People fell. They sinned and made mistakes and acted out crazy decisions that went against everything they knew to be true. And even then there was room for redemption.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Whatever the future held, she didn’t need to be afraid. Good and bad times were a part of life. As her dad always said, “This too shall pass.” And through the years that had been true. Nothing stayed the same, except this: God’s faithfulness, and the love they had for each other.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “He needs the Lord, but I think right now God scares him.” Jim exhaled hard. “As if he knows God’s chasing him, and he’s determined to run until he hits a brick wall.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “That’s what it comes down to.” Elizabeth worked the last few buttons together. She stopped to cough, but only for a moment. “He alone knows the number of our days, and until that moment, he always has a plan for us.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “He felt whole and clean and full of light. Of course he would mess up again. He could never be perfect. But at least now he had assurance. If the bullet hit him next time, he’d go from life on earth to life in heaven.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “With a window in heaven, she could celebrate our good times with us and pray for us when things are tough.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “I’m not sure anyone knows exactly why certain things happen, but I know this. Evil doesn’t come from God.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Irvel showed me that I wouldn’t be happy until I found that kind of forever love.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “For a Savior she didn’t deserve and a salvation she hadn’t earned.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Praying about something didn’t mean you’d wind up pulling yourself out of the world.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “When Elizabeth was alive he had felt young and vibrant, perfectly intent on living another thirty years by her side. But these days he felt slow, tired, as if half his heart had stopped beating right along with hers.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “What most people didn’t realize about that verse was that it came in the midst of other promises – promises from God telling His people that they would also suffer great difficulties. It was what made the Christian life so dynamic. Ultimate hope and peace and joy and redemption, even in a life that would certainly have trials and temptations, tragedies and tough times.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “For it is only in our nervousness and inability that we find strength to succeed in You.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “It was a high note they could take away even if many of them would cry themselves to sleep tonight.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Hold fast to your faith. Temptation is a given; look for the way out! It is possible to fall!”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Human suffering is too big to get our arms around.” His face had been earnest. “Don’t try to figure out what God’s teaching you by this, don’t try to understand it, and don’t try to understand God. If he could fit into your idea of him, he’d be too small for any of us.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Life is God’s gift to us. With every sweet breath, we confirm the fact that God has us here for a reason, that He has a plan for our lives. I truly believe that the more we surrender our lives to Him, the more we trust Him with the days He gives us, the better off we’ll be. There is such peaceful freedom, such uninhibited joy, in knowing that God Almighty is the reason we woke up today. If we have tomorrow, it’s because He has more for us to do.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “There’s nothing like watching your children grow up, watching them become the people God created them to be.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Teamwork creates synergy and chemistry. We become unbreakable and believable.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Listen to the Lord, honey. Don’t worry about tomorrow. God will make it all clear.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Because if I lean on Him, you can always lean on me.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Together they would sift through the details of their children’s lives, rejoicing over the positives and reflecting on the areas that needed more prayer. They would laugh at the funny things the grandchildren said and comment about how fast they were growing up. Elizabeth would remind him that all of life went far too fast, and John would agree. The evening would fade, the sun would set, and they’d have the night to share each other’s company.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “Katy had her Bible out. She wanted to read from 2 Corinthians, the first chapter, where the Christians were told that the sufferings of Christ would overflow into their lives as surely as the comfort would.”
Karen Kingsbury Quote: “God believes in you, even if you don’t believe in Him. He’ll keep calling to you the way He’s been calling to all of us since the beginning of time. Since Adam and Eve hid from Him in the garden.” She let her hand fall to her side. “One of these days, I know you’ll hear Him, and then you’ll understand. Without Him, nothing makes sense. Nothing at all.”
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