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Lady Gaga Quotes
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Lady Gaga Quote: “If you are not honorable enough to fight without prejudice, go home.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “My mom and I are very close.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “That is what fame is, isn’t it? To get the world to fall in love with you.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I like black because it is a vacant space.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Unless I am both capable of and willing to reopen the wound every time I write a song, if I choose to not look inside myself to write music, I’m really not worth being called an artist at all.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “There is a strong possibility I will release another volume of ARTPOP and I’m really hoping that it’s soon.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “My mother always wanted to give back.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I’m always trying to create something that the fans won’t expect.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Being beautiful is not so fun when you’re in a business with all men.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I don’t like talking to celebrities.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I never wanted to look pretty on stage and sing about something we’ve all heard about before.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “My next baby will be my new record.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I live in Hollywood, but you can’t make me love Hollywood. I’ll never love Hollywood.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer and to – as my father puts it – finally have a real job.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “You think I’m going to ask these sweet 14 year olds to ask their parents to buy a $100 ticket then run around in latex and lip sync? No way.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I try to not focus on what people expect from me.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Fashion is that thing that saved me from being sad.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I don’t view myself as outrageous – that’s not the intention. Its to be more and more original.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “People think I’m unusual but it’s just that we haven’t had anyone like this since the Seventies.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I’m not interested in people positioning me next to other artists.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “The instrument that I never learned how to play was my fans. You know, they are the part of the story that nobody teaches you. I just want to do the right thing; I want to be a voice with them, among them.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I started out playing in clubs. I always like existing under ground and over ground at the same time.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Ugly or pretty, personal tastes determine the limits of the look. “It’s a very thin line and it’s different for everyone. In the end, fashion is about catching people’s attention, whether it’s via extreme beauty of extreme ugliness. It’s up to us to decide if it works.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I think what made it difficult for people to get, and still makes it difficult for people to get, is the theatrical nature of the work and the fact that, my music doesn’t exist without the performance-art element.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “I really wanted to break the mold of what modern touring is right now.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Every year when i travel around the world, i wonder if it’ll be diferent, maybe one year won’t come to the show or you’ll be less festival, but what i realized during ARTPOP is that we belong together and some stories have no end. I will follow you around the world as long as you’ll have me because i love making music, i love making art and i love, love meeting all you beautiful, creative people“.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “When you wanna do something and that little impulse goes off in your brain and says “Ooh, don’t do it!“, you gotta go for it. That’s how you’re gonna be the person you wanna be.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “We need fantasy to survive reality.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “It’s important not to stare, but don’t you dare look away.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Those girls were there because someone told them they were ‘beautiful,’ but in high fashion, beautiful isn’t enough.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Penster, Shallow from A Star is Born.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “Po-po-po-poker face, po-po-poker face.”
Lady Gaga Quote: “If you have a dream, fight for it. There’s a discipline for passion. And it’s not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you’re beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going.”
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