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Top 450 Laurell K. Hamilton Quotes (2023 Update)
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Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “One of the many reasons that Padma will always be a secondary power on the Council is his belief that all power must be taken, that all power must come through fear. True power comes when others offer it to you and you merely accept it as a gift, not as the spoils of some personal war.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “But we were all young once. It passes, like innocence and a sense of fair play. The only thing left in the end is a good instinct for survival.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Regrets are about decisions that you know you should have done different.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “If you can’t impress yourself, then no one else really matters.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Only those who have never known fear are allowed to think less of others for being afraid. Frankly, I think anyone who has never been afraid of anything in their entire life is either a liar or lacks imagination.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I, Anita Blake, scourge of the undead-the human with more vampire kills than any other vampire executioner in the country-was dating a vampire. It was poetically ironic.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “All fear is the same no matter the cause of it; you conquer or are conquered by it. I wasn’t into losing, not even to myself, maybe especially to myself.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “This one is for all the Edward fans, who by their letters, questions, and sheer interest let me know that they were as interested in knowing more about him as I was.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Besides I’m a sucker for a pair of pretty eyes.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “How could you love someone and not want them to be happy?”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Pretend I asked, now answer the question...”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Most hatred is based on fear, one way or another.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Most hatred is based on fear, one way or another. Yeah. I wrapped myself in anger, with a dash of hate, and at the bottom of it all was an icy center of pure terror.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Silk didn’t care if it slid over scars or smooth, untouched skin. I’d earned my right to be paranoid.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “All I really wanted to do was cuddle back under the blankets, maybe with a certain stuffed toy penguin I knew. Yeah, hiding sounded good.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “He had this old southern idea of what a lady should be. A lady should not carry a gun and spend most of her time covered in blood and corpses. I had two words for that attitude. Yeah, those are the words.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “He whispered, “More than life, more than honor, I love thee.” What do you say when a man whose entire existence had been his honor offers to give it up for you? You say the only thing you can. “More than any crown or throne or title, I love thee,” I said. “More than any power in faerie, I love thee.” The.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “The best lies are always at least partially true.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Everyone spends their lives trying to balance their world between good and evil.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Children make that big a difference to you? He asked. I nodded. Yeah, they do. I never figured you as the maternal type. I’m not, but kids are people, Edward, little people trapped by the choices the adults around them make.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I want a kiss to be so believable it gives the reader shivers.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “One of my favorite things about hanging out with the monsters is the healing. Straight humans seemed to get killed on me a lot. Monsters survived. Let’s hear it for the monsters.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “You’d think a sociopath assassin wouldn’t have a fan following but he does.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I’d have much rather gotten dragged into someone else’s fight than face what was waiting for me. Other people’s emotional pain, no matter how painful, is so much less painful than your own.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I turned down Halloween parties every year, where people wanted zombies raised at the stroke of midnight or some such nonsense. The scarier my reputation got, the more people wanted me to come be scary for them. I’d told Bert I could always go and threaten to shoot all the partygoers, that’d be scary. Bert had not been amused. But he had stopped asking me to do parties.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Ma petite is not a subtle woman. Unless you say it, she will not understand it.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I’ve seen what a whip can do,’ Jason said suddenly. ‘Don’t hurt them.’ I stared at him. ‘You don’t strike me as the self-sacrificing kind.’ He shrugged. ‘We all have our moments.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Most women complain that there are no single, straight men left. I’d just like to meet one who’s human.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I’m very judgmental person. It’s one of my faults.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “It doesn’t matter how much the rest of us love you; if you hate yourself, the self-loathing destroys everything.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Truth could be violent, could strip you of dignity and hope just as quickly as a gun.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I’d made sure I knew his name. You shouldn’t ask people to die for you if you don’t at least know their name.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Just another day in my life. This was one of those days when I thought that maybe a new life, a different life, wouldn’t be so bad. But where the hell had I put the receipt, and could you return something that was over twenty years old? Where do you go to get a new life when your old one has you so puzzled you don’t know how to fix it? Wish I knew.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “You’re as tough as you are beautiful, which means a lot of women must hate you on sight, and the men can’t decide whether to try to compete with you or sleep with you.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “If your life works, and you work in it, then it’s okay, whatever is happening is okay.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “A person likes to think of himself in a certain way, and when something happens that makes that no longer possible, you mourn the old self. The person you thought you were.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Should I eat first or accuse the Master of the City of murder? Choices, choices. -Anita.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “You either mellow at 30, or your head explodes – take your choice.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “If you have a choice between extra makeup or extra weapons always take the weapons. Just the fact that you’re debating between those two choices proves that you’re going to need the weapons more.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “It wasn’t just my beast’s hunger, but Jean-Claude’s blood thirst and Richard’s craving for flesh. It was all that and the ardeur running through all of it, so that one hunger fed into the next in an endless chain, a snake eating it’s own tail, an Ouroboros of desires.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I give good advice. I do not always take it.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “The Catholic Church sees voluntary vampirism as a kind of suicide. I tend to agree. Though the Pope also excommunicated all animators, unless we ceased raising the dead. Fine; I became Episcopalian.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Nicky looked down at me with a knowledge on his face that he was holding the monster in his arms. I’d have comforted him, but it would have been all lies.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Death, jewelry, or magic; it sounded like Valentine’s Day.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “A vampire victim. I’d never seen a lone kill. They were like potato chips; once a vamp tasted them, he couldn’t stop at just one.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “For me the Anita series is built like a mystery series, which means that as much as possible each book stands alone, so you have a mystery to solve from the beginning to the end of the book.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “You fight so hard, so long, to cut someone out of your heart, but it’s not always your heart that betrays you.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I talk to myself everyone once in a while. Give myself very good advice. Sometimes I even take it.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “Let’s pretend it is a threat, because you need to understand that the other officers aren’t keeping me safe from you; they’re keeping you safe from me.”
Laurell K. Hamilton Quote: “I was still left with having to peel the tape off my arm, and the IV itself had to come out, mustn’t forget that. “If you want it fast, I’ll do it,” Edward said. I nodded, and he ripped the tape off my arm along with the IV. “Ow!” He smiled. “Sissy.” “Sociopath.” Doctor.”
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