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Laurie Halse Anderson Quotes
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Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “She turns to us, acts surprised to see us, then does the bit with the back of the hand to the forehead. “You’re lost!” “You’re angry!” “You’re in the wrong school!” “You’re in the wrong country!” “You’re on the wrong planet!”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “Odysseus had twenty years to shed his battle skin. My grandfather left the battlefield in France and rode home in a ship that crawled across the ocean slowly so he could catch his breath. I get on a plane in hell and get off, hours later, at home.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “No, I am never setting foot in this house again it scares me and makes me sad and I wish you could be a mom whose eyes worked but I don’t think you can.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “It doesn’t matter where I go, I don’t want to be there. And then I get to the next place, and I don’t want to be there either.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “But that’s the wrong question. Ask why everyone else is so pathetically stupid and why they’re always whining about detention, I should get a medal for not slapping people in the face every day.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “I could never hate you, even if I wanted to.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “Gloaming,” Dad said. “What?” “That word I couldn’t remember. Gloaming. That short, murky time between half-light and dark.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “Picasso sure had a thing for naked women. Why not draw them with their clothes on? Who sits around without a shirt on, plucking a mandolin? Why not draw naked guys, just to be fair? Naked women is art, naked men a no-no, I bet. Probably because most painters are men.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “You look like yourself. Nobody else. Trust me, that’s a good thing.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “How could men who liked cats be bad?”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “Precalculus was taught in dog whistle, a pitch too high to hear.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “He doesn’t see my breasts or my waist or my hips. He only sees the nightmare.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “I reach for funny books all the time to help me get through life.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “Let me ask you something. We’re fighting for freedom, right?” I picked my words carefully. “So why is that man allowed to own Baumfree and Bett?” “Well,” he said slowly, “we’re fighting for our freedom. Not theirs.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “I was the reason she didn’t run away freshman year. I was the reason she didn’t eat a bottle of sleeping pills when her boyfriend cheated on her. I listened for hours when her parents yelled and tried to stuff her into a mannequin shell that didn’t fit. I understood what triggered her earthquakes, most of them.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “The winds of the desert have names. They feed on the bodies of broken children and rip out the beating hearts of men.”
Laurie Halse Anderson Quote: “Write about the emotions you fear the most.”
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