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Top 250 Leonard Cohen Quotes (2024 Update)
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Leonard Cohen Quote: “The candles burned The moon went down The polished hill The milky town Transparent, weightless, luminous Uncovering the two of us On that fundamental ground Where love’s unwilled, unleashed, unbound And half the perfect world is found.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Oh the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “What a beautiful testament to the creative spirit and its true motives, to creative contribution coming from a place of purpose rather than a hunger for profit.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Your faith was strong, but you needed proof...”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Women stand for the objective world for a man. They stand for the thing that you’re not and that’s what you always reach for in a song.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “The moon is swimming naked and the summer night is fragrant with a mighty expectation of relief.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Games are nature’s most beautiful creation.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “There are no letters in the mailbox And there are no grapes upon the vine And there are no chocolates in your boxes anymore And there are no diamonds in the mine.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Rust rust rust in the engines of love and time.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I lit a thin green candle to make you jealous of me, but the room just filled up with mosquitoes.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “When you stop thinking about yourself all the time, a certain sense of repose overtakes you.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I never think about The Past but sometimes The Past thinks about me and sits down ever so lightly on my face –.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Don’t call yourself a secret unless you mean to keep it.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden storm.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I have to finish it in order to know whether it deserves to survive.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I don’t remember lighting this cigarette and I don’t remember if I’m here alone or waiting for someone.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Well it’s true, ever since I stopped eating meat I feel a lot better among animals, I feel I can be much more honest when I pat a dog.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “As our eyes grow accustomed to sight they armour themselves against wonder.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Friend, when you speak this carefully I know it is because you don’t know what to say.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “A heavy burden lifted from my soul, I heard that love was out of my control.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “It looks like freedom but it feels like death, it’s something in between I guess. It’s closing time.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “If your life is a leaf that the seasons tear off and condemn they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “You are locked into your suffering and your pleasures are the seal.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Forget the perfect offering. Everything is flawed. It’s the cracks that let the Light in...”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Show me slowly what I only know the limits of Dance me to the end of love.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Dream after dream we all lie in each other’s arms.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “This mental space is occupied and everything is mine.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Prayer is translation. A man translates himself into a child asking for all there is in a language he has barely mastered.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “The cutting of the gem has to be finished before you can see whether it shines.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “When things get really bad, just raise your glass and stamp your feet and do a little jig. That’s about all you can do.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “It is easy to display a wound, the proud scars of combat. It is hard to show a pimple.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “A saint is someone who has achieved a remote human possibility. It is impossible to say what that possibility is. I think it has something to do with the energy of love...”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “You who build these altars now to sacrifice these children, you must not do it anymore. A scheme is not a vision and you never have been tempted by a demon or a god .”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “The wretched beast is tame I don’t need a lover So blow out the flame...”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I’m old and the mirrors don’t lie.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “When you’re not feeling holy, your loneliness says that you’ve sinned.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Like any joker, he was watching For the card that is so high and wild He’ll never need to deal another He was just some Joseph looking for a manger.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “The less I was of who I was, the better I felt.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Please make me empty, if I’m empty then I can receive, if I can receive it means it comes from somewhere outside of me, if it comes from outside of me I’m not alone! I cannot bear this loneliness. Above all it is loneliness.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Any startling piece of work has a subversive element in it, a delicious element often. Subversion is only disagreeable when it manifests in political or social activity.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful, give or take a night or two.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Ah, grief makes us precise!”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I almost went to bed without remembering the four white violets I put in the button-hole of your green sweater and how i kissed you then and you kissed me shy as though I’d never been your lover.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I ache in the places where I used to play...”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “Listen, my friend, listen to the present, the right now, it’s all around us, painted like a target, red, white and blue. Sail into the target like a dart, a fluke bull’s eye in a dirty pub. Empty your memory and listen to the fire around you. Don’t forget your memory, let it exist somewhere precious in all the colours that it needs but somewhere else, hoist your memory on the ship of State like a pirate’s sail, and aim yourself at the tinkly present.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “I’m writing all the time. And as the songs begin to coalesce, I’m not doing anything else but writing. I wish I were one of those people who wrote songs quickly. But I’m not. So it takes me a great deal of time to find out what the song is.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “In our rags of light, all dressed to kill.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “A sip of wine, a cigarette, And then it’s time to go. I tidied up the kitchenette; I tuned the old banjo. I’m wanted at the traffic-jam. They’re saving me a seat.”
Leonard Cohen Quote: “He knew that hair couldn’t feel; he kissed her hair.”
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