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Top 200 Leonard Ravenhill Quotes (2022 Update)
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Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Do not we rest in our day too much on the arm of flesh? Cannot the same wonders be done now as of old? Do not the eyes of the Lord still run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those who put their trust in Him? Oh, that God would give me more practical faith in Him! Where is now the Lord God of Elijah? He is waiting for Elijah to call on Him. – J.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Never have so many left so much to so few.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Why in God’s name do you expect to be accepted everywhere? How is it the world couldn’t get on with the holiest man that ever lived, and it can get on with you and me?”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “A vision without a task makes a visionary; a task without a vision is drudgery; a vision with a task makes a missionary.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “The Cinderella of the church of today is the prayer meeting.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “I doubt if 5% of professing Christians in America are born again-and that’s true of England!”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “The Gospel is not an old, old story, freshly told. It is a fire in the Spirit, fed by the flame of Immortal Love; and woe unto us, if, through our negligence to stir up the Gift of God which is within us, that fire burns low.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “John the Baptist’s training was in God’s University of Silence. God takes all His great men there.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “I believe every church is either supernatural or superficial. I don’t believe there’s any middle ground.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “God never intended His Church to be a refrigerator in which to preserve perishable piety. He intended it to be an incubator in which to hatch out converts. – F. LINCICOME.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “I doubt that more than two percent of professing Christians in the United States are truly born again.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Why is there this criminal indifference to the lostness of men? Our condemnation is that we know how to live better than we are living.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “It may be that Satan has little cause to fear most preaching. Yet past experiences sting him to rally all his infernal army to fight against God’s people praying.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “The world does not believe the Bible and the church does not obey it.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Praying Christians know nothing of their friends.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “When are people finally going to get serious about being serious?”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “A saint is good when nobody is looking.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “If I don’t believe the Word of God, why should you believe it? If we don’t believe it, why should the world believe us?”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Unctionized by the Spirit’s might, John cried, ‘‘Repent!’’ And they did! Repentance is not a few hot tears at the penitent form. It is not emotion or remorse or reformation. Repentance is a change of mind about God, about sin, and about hell!”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “No faith is required to do the possible; actually only a morsel of this atom-powered stuff is needed to do the impossible, for a piece as large as a mustard seed will do more than we have ever dreamed of.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Every step you make in Jesus Christ enrages the devil.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Our seminaries today are turning out dead men.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “The only power that God yields to is that of prayer.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “When the hammer of logic and the fire of human zeal fail to open the stony heart, unction will succeed.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “We need to close every church in the land for one Sunday and cease listening to a man so we can hear the groan of the Spirit which we in our lush pews have forgotten.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Children can tell you what Channel 7 says, but not what Matthew 7 says.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “There’s a difference between changing your opinion, and changing your lifestyle.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “The men that have been the most heroic for God have had the greatest devotional lives.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Everyone wants to be clothed but no one wants to be stripped.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Prayer makes the soul tender.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Finney preached and sometimes the whole congregation would get up and leave! that’s good preaching.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “We have not yet resisted unto blood in prayer; nay, we ‘‘do not even get a sweat on our souls,’’ as Luther put it. We pray with a ‘‘take-it-or-leave-it’’ attitude; we pray chance prayers; we offer that which costs us nothing! We have not even ‘‘strong desire.’’ We rather are fitful, moody, and spasmodic. The only power that God yields to is that of prayer. We will write about prayer-power, but not fight while in prayer.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Some preachers master thier subjects; some subjects master the preacher; once in awhile one meets a preacher who is both master of, and also mastered by his subject. The apostle Paul, I am sure, was in that category.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “One thing and one thing alone keeps us from complete decay in this hour – the church, the true Church.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “We are not Protestants any more – just ‘‘non-Catholics’’! Of what and of whom do we protest? Were we half as hot as we think we are, and a tenth as powerful as we say we are, our Christians would be baptized in blood, as well as in water and in fire.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “I want to so live that God doesn’t have to have to give me one minute’s.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “If Christ waited to be anointed before He went to preach, no young man ought to preach until he, too, has been anointed by the Holy Ghost. – F. B. MEYER.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Preacher brethren, this is the time to blush that we have no shame, the time to weep for our lack of tears, the time to bend low that we have lost the humble touch of servants, the time to groan that we have no burden, the time to be angry with ourselves that we have no anger over the devil’s monopoly in this ‘‘end time’’ hour, the time to chastise ourselves that the world can so easily get along with us and not attempt to chastise us.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “There’s one thing that life does where ever it goes- it begats life.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “True preaching is the sweating of blood. – DR. JOSEPH PARKER.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Oh! my ministering brethren! Much of our praying is but giving God advice! Our praying is discolored with ambition, either for ourselves or for our denomination. Perish the thought! Our goal must be God alone. It is His honor that is sullied, His blessed Son who is ignored, His laws broken, His name profaned, His Book forgotten, His house made a circus of social efforts.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Prayer does not condition God; prayer conditions us. Prayer does not win God to our view; it reveals God’s view to us.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “An experience of God that cost nothing, does nothing, and is worth nothing.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “For this sin-hungry age we need a prayer-hungry Church.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “There can be no revival when Mr. Amen and Mr. Wet-Eyes are not found in the audience. – CHARLES G. FINNEY.”
Leonard Ravenhill Quote: “Some Christians cannot say when they were saved. But I never knew a man yet who was baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire and was unable to say when it happened.”
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