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Top 120 Les Brown Quotes (2024 Update)
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Les Brown Quote: “Downsizing trends and the changing global market require people to reinvent themselves and think like entrepreneurs.”
Les Brown Quote: “When a show fails to destroy the competition-and it can fail while attracting 20 million viewers-it is itself destroyed.”
Les Brown Quote: “We have to live life with a sense of urgency so not a minute is wasted.”
Les Brown Quote: “It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams.”
Les Brown Quote: “Your ability to communicate is an important tool in your pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers.”
Les Brown Quote: “Make sure when you fall you land on your back if you can see you can get up.”
Les Brown Quote: “Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.”
Les Brown Quote: “Whatever you accomplish in life is a manifestation not as much of what you do, as of what you believe you deserve.”
Les Brown Quote: “Don’t confuse who you are with the results that you produce.”
Les Brown Quote: “Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.”
Les Brown Quote: “The only thing that can possibly keep you from going after your dreams is the person standing in your shoes, wearing your clothes, and thinking your negative thoughts.”
Les Brown Quote: “No one knows what they can do until they try.”
Les Brown Quote: “You cannot be wimpy out there on the dream-seeking trail. Dare to break through barriers, to find your own path.”
Les Brown Quote: “You must think of failure and defeat as the spring boards to new achievements, and to the next level of accomplishment.”
Les Brown Quote: “In the prosperous times, you put it in your pocket; in the lean times, you put it in your heart and that’s when you discover who you are.”
Les Brown Quote: “Sometimes you’ve got to #? believe in someone else’s belief in you until your #? belief kicks in.”
Les Brown Quote: “All of us need to grow continuously in our lives.”
Les Brown Quote: “Doing great requires that we become great people, and all of us can become great people.”
Les Brown Quote: “In day-to-day commerce, television is not so much interested in the business of communications as in the business of delivering audiences to advertisers. People are the merchandise, not the shows. The shows are merely the bait.”
Les Brown Quote: “The gifts we are given in life require the best of us, not merely our best intentions.”
Les Brown Quote: “Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it.”
Les Brown Quote: “See yourself confronting your fears in your mind’s eye and handling those fears like a champ.”
Les Brown Quote: “Unlike productions in the other arts, all television shows are born to destroy two other shows.”
Les Brown Quote: “We have the responsibility to put our gifts to work.”
Les Brown Quote: “Here’s other quotes and sayings you can motivate yourself with. Practice only makes for improvement.”
Les Brown Quote: “You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.”
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