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Top 400 Louisa May Alcott Quotes (2022 Update)
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Louisa May Alcott Quote: “It was forunate that tea was at hand, to produce a lull and provide refreshment...”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “E’ dalle piccolezze che si vede il carattere delle persone.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Yours, Mother? Why, you are never angry!” And for the moment Jo forgot remorse in surprise. “I’ve been trying to cure it for forty years, and have only succeeded in controlling it. I am angry nearly every day of my life, Jo, but I have learned not to show it, and I still hope to learn not to feel it, though it may take me another forty years to do so.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “She had cherished her anger till it grew strong and took possession of her, as evil thoughts and feelings always do unless cast out at once.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Liberty must not be abused.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “It seems as if I could do anything when I’m in a passion. I get so savage, I could hurt anyone and enjoy it. I’m afraid I shall do something dreadful some day, and spoil my life, and make everybody hate me. Oh, Mother, help me, do help me!”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “We live in a beautiful and wonderful world, Demi, and the more you now about it the wiser and the better you will be.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I did fail, say what you will, for Jo wouldn’t love me.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Persuasive influences are better than any amount of moralizing.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “It is an excellent plan to have some place where we can go to be quiet, when things vex or grieve us. There are a good many hard times in this life of ours, but we can always bear them if we ask help in the right way.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Mothers can forgive anything!”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I don’t believe fine young ladies enjoy themselves a bit more than we do, in spite of our burned hair, old gowns, one glove apiece, and tight slippers that sprain our ankles when we are silly enough to wear them.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Happy the son whose faith in his mother remains unchanged, and who, through all his wanderings, has kept some filial token to repay her brave and tender love. Dan.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “The female population exceeds the male, you know, especially in New England, which accounts for the high state of culture we are in, perhaps.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “He was poor, yet always appeared to be giving something away; a stranger, yet everyone was his friend; no longer young, but as happy-hearted as a boy; plain and peculiar, yet his face looked beautiful to many.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Ridicule is often harder to bear than self-denial.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “When the writing fit came on, she gave herself up to it with entire abandon, and led a blissful life, unconscious of want, care, or bad weather, while she sat safe and happy in an imaginary world, full of friends almost as real and dear to her as any in the flesh.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “My father taught in the wise way which unfolds what lies in the child.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Every few weeks she would shut herself up in her room, put on her scribbling suit, and fall into a vortex, as she expressed it, writing away at her novel with all her heart and soul, for till that was finished she could find no peace.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “By-and-by we shall take turns, for marriage, they say, halves one’s rights and doubles one’s duties.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “We’ll all grow up Meg, no pretending we won’t.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I rather miss my wild girl; but if I get a strong, helpful, tender-hearted woman in her place, I shall feel quite satisfied.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Wealth is certainly a most desirable thing, but poverty has its sunny side, and one of the sweet uses of adversity is the genuine satisfaction which comes from hearty work of head or hand, and to the inspiration of necessity, we owe half the wise, beautiful, and useful blessings of the world. Jo enjoyed a taste of this satisfaction, and ceased to envy richer girls, taking great comfort in the knowledge that she could supply her own wants, and need ask no one for a penny.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I asked for bread, and I got a stone in the shape of a pedestal.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “It’s lovely to see people so happy.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Seldom except in books do the dying utter memorable words, see visions, or depart with beatified countenances, and those who have sped many parting souls know that to most the end comes as naturally and simply as sleep.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I do like men who come out frankly and own that they are not gods.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I only mean to say that I have a feeling that it never was intended I should live long. I’m not like the rest of you.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Her father called her ‘Little Tranquillity’, and the name suited her excellently; for she seemed to live in a happy world of her own, only venturing out to meet the few whom she trusted and loved.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Many wise and true sermons are preached us everyday by unconscious ministers in street, school, office, or home; even a fair table may become a pulpit, if it can offer the good and helpful words which are never out of season.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Some days must be dark and sad and dreary.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “O vanity, mislead no more!”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Many argue; not many converse.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Amy, though the youngest, was a most important person, in her own opinion at least.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal;.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “During the fifteen minutes that followed, the proud and sensitive girl suffered a shame and pain which she never forgot. To others it might seem a ludicrous or trivial affair, but to her it was a hard experience, for during the twelve years of her life she had been governed by love alone.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Love scenes, if genuine, are indescribable; for to those who have enacted them, the most elaborate description seems tame, and to those who have not, the simplest picture seems overdone. So romancers had better let imagination paint for them that which is above all art, and leave their lovers to themselves during the happiest minutes of their lives.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “It dawned upon her gradually that the world was being picked to pieces, and put together on new and, according to the talkers, on infinitely better principles than before, that religion was in a fair way to be reasoned into nothingness, and intellect was to be the only God.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I’ve had a lot of troubles, so I write jolly tales.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “It was the best thing he could have done, far more soothing than the most eloquent words, for Jo felt the unspoken sympathy, and in the silence learned the sweet solace which affection administers to sorrow.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “The least of of us have some influence in this big world; and perhaps my little girl can do some good by showing others that a contented heart and a happy face are better ornaments than any Paris can give her.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Remember that frost comes latest to those that bloom the highest.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Fathers and mothers are too absorbed in business and housekeeping to study their children, and cherish that sweet and natural confidence which is a child’s surest safeguard, and a parent’s subtlest power.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “Mr. Laurence. I have got a letter for the lady.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “One of the sweet things about pain and sorrow is that they show us how well we are loved, how much kindness there is in the world, and how easily we can make others happy in the same way when they need help and sympathy.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I’d rather give her new ones, for I think she is a little bit proud and might not like old things. If she was my sister it would do, because sisters don’t mind, but she isn’t, and that makes it bad, you see. I know how I can manage beautifully; I’ll adopt her!” and Rose looked quite radiant with.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “To most the end comes as naturally and simply as sleep.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “I don’t want a religion that I put away with my Sunday clothes, and don’t take out till the day comes around again; I want something to see and feel and live day by day.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “This is just the time, Meg, when young married people are apt to grow apart, and the very time when they ought to be most together, for the first tenderness soon wears off, unless care is taken to preserve it. And no time is so beautiful and precious to parents as the first years of the little lives given to them to train.”
Louisa May Alcott Quote: “All the worse for the undeniable talent which hides the evil so subtly and makes the danger so delightful.”
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