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Top 500 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes (2022 Update)
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Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Dignity of human nature requires that we must face the storms of life.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Truth triumphs, even if there be no public support.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Independence means voluntary restraints and discipline, voluntary acceptance of the rule of law.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Cow-slaughter and man-slaughter are in my opinion two sides of the same coin.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “My Hinduism teaches me to respect all religions. In this lies the secret of Ramarajya.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “If the people resolve and carry out this programme of boycott and Swadeshi, they would not have to wait for Swaraj even for a year.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Democracy, disciplined and enlightened, is the finest thing in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “True ahimsa should wear a smile even on a deathbed brought about by an assailant. It is only with that ahimsa that we can befriend our opponents and win their love.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “There is only one God for us all, whether we find him through the Koran, the Zend-Avesta, The Tolmud, or the Gita.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Life is one indivisible whole.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “If every component part of the nation claims the right of self-determination for itself, there is no one nation and there is no independence.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “A perfect Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “It is the acid test of nonviolence that in a nonviolent conflict there is no rancor left behind, and in the end the enemies are converted into friends.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Every fight is one between different angles of vision illuminating the same truth.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “It is poor faith that needs fair weather for standing firm. That alone is true faith that stands the foulest weather.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Religion is no test of nationality, but a personal matter between man and his God.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Jail-going is only the beginning, not the end of satyagraha. The acme of satyagraha for us would be to lay down our lives for the defence of India’s just cause.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Ahimsa and Truth are so intertwined that it is practically impossible to disentangle and separate them.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “You can’t lead a true life without suffering.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Ahimsa and Truth are my two lungs. I cannot live without them.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The external freedom won’t be given to us but in the exact measure as we’ve known at a given moment, to developing our internal freedom.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Cow protection to me is infinitely more than mere protection of the cow.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “India’s freedom must revolutionize the world’s outlook upon Peace and War.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “My life has been full of external tragedies and if they have not left any visible effect on me, I owe it to the teaching of the Bhagavadgita.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Non-violence and truth are inseparable and presuppose one another.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The various religions are like different roads converging on the same point. What difference does it make if we follow different routes, provided we arrive at the same destination?”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “I would like to bury myself in an Indian village, preferably in a Frontier village.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “God sometimes does try to the uttermost those whom he wishes to bless.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Individual liberty is allowed to man only to a certain extent. He cannot forget that he is a social being and his individual liberty has to be curtailed at every step.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “See the good in people and help them.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Seeing God face to face is to feel that He is enthroned in our hearts even as a child feels a mother’s affection without needing any demonstration.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The principle of ahimsa is hurt by every evil thought, by undue haste, by lying, by hatred, by wishing ill to anybody.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “If love or non-violence be not the law of our being, the whole of my argument falls to pieces.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “To conceal ignorance is to increase it. An honest confession of it, however, gives ground for the hope that it will diminish some day or the other.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The British Government in India constitutes a struggle between modern civilization, which is the Kingdom of Satan, and the ancient civilization, which is the Kingdom of God.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Freedom received though the efforts of others, however benevolent, cannot be retained when such effort is withdrawn.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Nonviolence is impossible without humility.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Ahimsa is my God, and Truth is my God.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Nonviolence requires great patience.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “I should love to satisfy all, if I possibly can; but in trying to satisfy all, I may be able to satisfy none. I have, therefore, arrived at the conclusion that the best course is to satisfy one’s own conscience and leave the world to form its own judgment, favorable or otherwise.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Time is wealth, and the Gita says the Great Annihilator annihilates those who waste time.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The concepts of truth may differ. But all admit and respect truth. That truth I call God. For sometime I was saying, “God is Truth,” but that did not satisfy me. So now I say, “Truth is God.””
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The bomb-throwers have discredited the cause of freedom, in whose name they threw the bombs.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Through Khadi we teach the people the art of civil obedience to an institution which they have built up for themselves.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “My heart rebels against any foreigner imposing on my country the peace which is here called Pax-Britannica.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “He who has a living faith in God will not do evil deeds with name of God on his lips.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The canker has so eaten into the society that in many cases the only meaning of education is a knowledge of English.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “Hinduism has absorbed the best of all the faiths of the world and in that sense Hinduism is not an exclusive religion.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “I trust men only because I trust God.”
Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.”
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