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Top 60 Margaret Heffernan Quotes (2024 Update)
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Margaret Heffernan Quote: “The best remote companies I’ve seen do almost everything online, via email and telephone. But they also get together face to face on a regular basis.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Those who consistently attempt multitasking find it harder to ignore irrelevant information and take longer moving between tasks – in other words, for all their frantic activity, they’re actually wasting time. And.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Bosses and leaders everywhere should cherish the people who bring them bad news, disappointing data or hard problems.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Customers who have to come back and spend, or customers who just don’t want the hassle of leaving – those are the ones who are most worth attracting.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “I don’t think a true company – one that builds sustainable value – can ever only exist online or remotely.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Everyone I know feels harassed by email which has invaded their waking and sleeping hours.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Making a company fit to sell may be the only way to ensure you never need a buyer.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “I don’t think you ever know anyone until you see them in action.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “What do you want your business to do? Make money, of course. To pay for people and supplies, to be able to grow.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “I regularly take my entrepreneurship students out walking because I want to get them in the habit of noticing and thinking about what they notice. They have to leave their phones behind to learn the basic lesson: Be where you are.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “On a voyage of exploration, how can you price what you’ll find before you even set sail?”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Indeed, there seems to be some evidence not only that all love is based on illusion – but that love positively requires illusion in order to endure.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “It’s when we stop and think that we rediscover the courage, wit, compassion, imagination, delight, frustration, discovery, and devotion that work can provoke – in short, all the things at work that do count, beyond measure.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Because it takes less brain power to believe than to doubt, we are, when tired or distracted, gullible.25 Because we are all biased, and biases are quick and effortless, exhaustion makes us favor the information we know and are comfortable with. We’re too tired to do the heavier lifting of examining new or contradictory information, so we fall back on our biases, the opinions and the people we already trust.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Knowing the hard limits to our cognitive capacity and the huge cost of working long hours should not be an intractable problem to address. We have a century of data and a roll call of the disastrous consequences that follow those who insist that heroic hours are a proof of commitment to an employer. Companies that measure work by hours could make themselves smarter by the simple act of measuring contribution by output and rewarding those who go home.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “When we trade the effort of doubt and debate for the ease of blind faith, we become gullible and exposed, passive and irresponsible observers of our own lives. Worse still, we leave ourselves wide open to those who profit by influencing our behavior, our thinking, and our choices. At that moment, our agency in our own lives is in jeopardy.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “Over 100 years of research into productivity has shown that, after about forty hours a week, when we work longer, we make more mistakes – and the extra time goes to cleaning them up, the mess we made. ‘We see it here in England and in the.”
Margaret Heffernan Quote: “In business,” Siilasmaa said, “we forget that we are human. Many strong leaders think they should not be friends with their colleagues. I disagree. Business is emotional. I like to be friends with my colleagues. You get through a crisis because you care so much.”
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