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Top 70 Marianne Faithfull Quotes (2022 Update)
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Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I’m interested in time, fame, death, beauty, truth, all those things.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I shoot my big mouth off; it just pops up! I have to learn to edit myself.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I am not frightened of much, but I wouldn’t like to get ill.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I’ve got quite a good brain and all that, which I’ve never had to use in singing at all.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I got my interest in Lotte Lenya and the Brecht-Weill canon from my parents. And I love classical music – I got that from my parents. I love Cole Porter – that I got from my dad.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I focus on the individual and not seeing this great big monster, ‘the press.’”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “Penitentiary songs have been a love of mine for years. They are so wonderful.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I went to the big Picasso retrospective at the Tate in the sixties, and I think I went to an Andy Warhol retrospective at the Tate in the sixties, too. My mother was very good at taking me to things like that. We lived in Reading, but we went on these cultural trips to London.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I think it’s a great shame that America stopped being a republic and became an empire.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I never trusted anybody at all. I don’t know why it was so hard, I just didn’t.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I have to watch out for being lazy.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “All I can say is I’ve been lucky with my body. Well done, little body. I praise it and say, ‘You’re very good.’”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I wish people didn’t just think of me in the ’60s. I’m not any era.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I thought I wanted to go to drama school or university, and that would have been a completely different life. But what got me was the sound, and hearing it. Hearing everything so loud, I loved that back in the studio. I loved that from the very beginning.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I don’t like the compression on compact discs. It’s lacking in air, and it’s lacking in majesty.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I’ve simplified much more in my writing. I say what I’ve got to say, not in metaphor.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “It has been an extraordinary experience and, in many ways, extremely positive.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “The equipment you’ve got really dictates what you’re going to do. When I started touring, there were no monitors, so I had to take the sound from the hall, and of course it was on a delay, so I would sing, and then I would hear it back, but later. It was very weird.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “The only time I ever really consider retiring is when I get fed up with the press. Which is often.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “The whole Redlands business gave a patina of gravity to his personality.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I think drugs were used by me as a way of suppressing my natural spirit.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I love the Stones, but I’ve gone to a lot of gigs.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I think you have to really, really want to be a film star.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “There are so many myths out there about Marianne Faithfull, I had to, um, detach. But I can turn it on because Marianne Faithfull is really an attitude, you know.”
Marianne Faithfull Quote: “I was told that I had very likely been clinically depressed for a long, long time, probably since I was 15, or even 14. It explained, to me at least, a lot of my behaviour over the years.”
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