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Top 160 Mark Zuckerberg Quotes (2024 Update)
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Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Why are most chess masters under 30?”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “I don’t have an alarm clock. If someone needs to wake me up, then I have my BlackBerry next to me.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “And connected is helping people stay in touch and maintain empathy for each other, and bandwidth.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Betting completely on HTML5 is one of the, if not THE biggest strategic mistake we’ve made.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “The web is at a really important turning point right now. Up until recently, the default on the web has been that most things aren’t social and most things don’t use your real identity. We’re building toward a web where the default is social.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “With a generation of younger folks who have thrived on the success of their companies, there is a big opportunity for many of us to give back earlier in our lifetime and see the impact of our philanthropic efforts.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “The thing I really care about is the mission, making the world open.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Just because you can build a machine that is better than a person at something doesn’t mean that it is going to have the ability to learn new domains or connect different types of information or context to do superhuman things. This is critically important to appreciate.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Today we can only hear the voices and witness the imaginations of one-third of the world’s people. We are all being robbed of the creativity and potential of the two-thirds of the world not yet online. Tomorrow, if we succeed, the Internet will truly represent everyone.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “If you want to be free, or you want to preserve freedom for people, you both need to have laws that make it so people have freedom of speech and all the freedoms that they need. You also need to have an open governance system where people can vote and people have representation.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Google, I think, in some ways, is more competitive and certainly is trying to build their own little version of Facebook.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “I personally don’t invest in a lot of companies because I think it would be a conflict of interest and Facebook doesn’t typically either.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “When I look around the world and see so many countries turning people away, I think it is terrible. And I know that these are all issues that Germany is culturally dealing with in terms of integration but it is just something that I deeply admire.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization, and then there are people who are very analytic or focused on strategy. Those two types don’t usually tend to be in the same person. I would put myself much more in the latter camp.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Openness fundamentally affects a lot of the core institutions in society – the media, the economy, how people relate to the government and just their leadership.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “While we generally believe in free speech and giving everyone as much ability to speak as possible, in practice there are lots of barriers to that, whether it’s legal restrictions, technological restrictions or you can’t share what you want if you don’t have access to the internet.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “I hope that Facebook and other Internet technologies were able to help people, just like we hope that we help them communicate and organize and do whatever they want to every single day, but I don’t pretend that if Facebook didn’t exist, that this wouldn’t even be possible. Of course, it would have.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Berlin definitely has one of the most vibrant of the startup scenes that I have seen. Not really just across Europe, but across the whole world in terms of cities. It’s an interesting dynamic.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Of course the Silicon Valley is unique and Berlin is not yet comparable. But of all the different cities that are building a startup infrastructure, Berlin is the one with the most similar energy.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “It is really important for us that people understand what the strategy is and that the real approach is to make everything social, not to build a vertical approach.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “This is a perverse thing, personally, but I would rather be in the cycle where people are underestimating us. It gives us latitude to go out and make big bets that excite and amaze people.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “Connecting everyone is going to be something that no single company can do by themselves. So I’m really glad that they and a lot of other companies are working on this.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “The US government should be the champion for the internet, not a threat. They need to be much more transparent about what they’re doing, or otherwise people will believe the worst.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “People wait until late in their career to give back. But why wait when there is so much to be done?”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “People at Facebook are fairly used to the press being nice to us or not nice to us.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “We want Facebook to be one of the best places people can go to learn how to build stuff.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “We’re really at this point where we can take a step back and think about the next big things that we want to do.”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “We don’t crash EVER!”
Mark Zuckerberg Quote: “We Don’t Build Services to Make Money, We Make Money To Build Services.”
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