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Mary Oliver Quote: “What will you do with your one precious, wild life?”
Mary Oliver Quote: “I have a notebook with me all the time, and I begin scribbling a few words. When things are going well, the walk does not get anywhere; I finally just stop and write.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Sunrise What is the name of the deep breath I would take over and over for all of us? Call it whatever you want, it is happiness, it is another one of the ways to enter fire.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “There are lots of ways to dance and to spin, sometimes it just starts my feet first then my entire body, I am spinning no one can see it but it is happening. I am so glad to be alive, I am so glad to be loving and loved. Even if I were close to the finish, even if I were at my final breath, I would be here to take a stand, bereft of such astonishments, but for them. If I were a Sufi for sure I would be one of the spinning kind.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “What misery to be afraid of death. What wretchedness, to believe only in what can be proven.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Far off in the red mangroves an alligator has heaved himself onto a hummock of grass and lies there, studying his poems.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “But I also say this: that light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness, when it’s done right, is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “All things are meltable, and replaceable. Not at this moment, but soon enough, we are lambs and we are leaves, and we are stars, and the shining, mysterious pond water itself.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Look for verbs of muscle, adjectives of exactitude.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “May I be the tiniest nail in the house of the universe, tiny but useful.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood. How grass can be nourishing in the mouths of the lambs. How rivers and stones are forever in allegiance with gravity while we ourselves dream of rising.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “After a cruel childhood, one must reinvent oneself. Then reimagine the world.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Today I’m flying low and I’m not saying a word. I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep. The world goes on as it must, the bees in the garden rumbling a little, the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten. And so forth. But I’m taking the day off. Quiet as a feather. I hardly move though really I’m traveling a terrific distance. Stillness. One of the doors into the temple.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Be good-natured and untidy in your exuberance.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “In college, you learn how to learn. Four years is not too much time to spend at that.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “When When it’s over, it’s over, and we don’t know any of us, what happens then. So I try not to miss anything. I think, in my whole life, I have never missed The full moon or the slipper of its coming back. Or, a kiss. Well, yes, especially a kiss.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “More room in your heart for love, for the trees! For the birds who own nothing – the reason they can fly.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “What does it mean, say the words, that the earth is so beautiful? And what shall I do about it? What is the gift that I should bring to the world? What is the life that I should live?”
Mary Oliver Quote: “I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us...”
Mary Oliver Quote: “The stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds, and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “What we must do, I suppose, is to hope the world keeps its balance; what we are to do, however, with our hearts waiting and watching-truly I do not know.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “It’s not a competition, it’s a doorway.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “If there is life after the earth-life, will you come with me? Even then? Since we’re bound to be something, why not together.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “The sea isn’t a place but a fact, and a mystery...”
Mary Oliver Quote: “It must be a great disappointment to God if we are not dazzled at least ten times a day.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “And consider, always, every day, the determination of the grass to grow despite the unending obstacles.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “He is exactly the poem I wanted to write.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “As long as you’re dancing, you can break the rules.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Oh, yesterday, that one, we all cry out. Oh, that one! How rich and possible everything was! How ripe, ready, lavish, and filled with excitement – how hopeful we were on those summer days, under the clean, white racing clouds. Oh, yesterday!”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Rhythm is one of the most powerful of pleasures, and when we feel a pleasurable rhythm we hope it will continue. When it does, it grows sweeter.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Things! Burn them, burn them! Make a beautiful fire! More room in your heart for love, for the trees! For the birds who own nothing – the reason they can fly.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “The multiplicity of forms! The hummingbird, the fox, the raven, the sparrow hawk, the otter, the dragonfly, the water lily! And on and on. It must be a great disappointment to God if we are not dazzled at least ten times a day.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “I climb, I backtrack. I float. I ramble my way home.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Every word is a messenger. Some have wings; some are filled with fire; some are filled with death.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “I read the way a person might swim, to save his or her life. I wrote that way too.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Poetry isn’t a profession, it’s a way of life. It’s an empty basket; you put your life into it and make something out of that.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Oh, to love what is lovely, and will not last! What a task to ask of anything, or anyone, yet it is ours, and not by the century or the year, but by the hours.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Let me keep company always with those who say “Look!” and laugh in astonishment, and bow their heads.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “But how did you come burning down like a wild needle, knowing just where my heart was?”
Mary Oliver Quote: “We can know a lot. And still, no doubt, there are rash and wonderful ideas brewing somewhere; there are many surprises yet to come.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “My work is the world. Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird – equal seekers of sweetness. Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums...”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Isn’t it wonderful the way the world holds both the deeply serious, and the unexpectedly mirthful?”
Mary Oliver Quote: “There is nothing more pathetic than caution when headlong might save a life, even, possibly, your own.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know almost nothing.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “If you notice anything, it leads you to notice more and more.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “The three ingredients of poetry: the mystery of the universe, spiritual curiosity, the energy of language.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “If you are in the garden, I will dress myself in leaves. If you are in the sea I will slide into that smooth blue nest, I will talk fish, I will adore salt. But if you are sad, I will not dress myself in desolation. I will present myself with all the laughters I can muster. And if you are angry I will come, calm and steady, with some small and easy story.”
Mary Oliver Quote: “And who will care, who will chide you if you wander away from wherever you are, to look for your soul?”
Mary Oliver Quote: “Today again I am hardly myself. It happens over and over.”
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