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Top 100 Maurice Maeterlinck Quotes (2023 Update)
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Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Is not every action of Hamlet induced by a fanatical impulse, which tells him that duty consists in revenge alone? And dose it need superhuman efforts to recognize that revenge never can be duty? I say again that Hamlet thinks much, but that he is by no means wise.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “He who sees without loving is only straining his eyes in the darkness.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Justice is the very last thing of all wherewith the universe concerns itself. It is equilibrium that absorbs its attention.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “We can never judge a soul above the high water mark of our own.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Once at a potent leader’s voice I stayed; Once I went back when a good monarch prayed; Mortals, howe’er we grieve, howe’er deplore, The flying shadow will return no more.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “The value of ourselves is but the value of our melancholy and our disquiet.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is not from reason that justice springs, but goodness is born of wisdom.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Unless we close our eyes we are always deceived.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “There is no soul that does not respond to love, for the soul of man is a guest that has gone hungry these centuries back.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “They believe that nothing will happen because they have closed their doors.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “The true sage is not he who sees, but he who, seeing the furthest, has the deepest love for mankind.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Happiness will never be any greater than the idea we have of it.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is the evil that lies in ourselves that is ever least tolerant of the evil that dwells within others.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “We can be born thus more than once; and each birth brings us a little nearer to our God.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Physical suffering apart, not a single sorrow exists that can touch us except through our thoughts.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Many a happiness in life, as many a disaster, can be due to chance, but the peace within us can never be governed by chance.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “I knew that if I was captured by the Germans I would be shot at once, since I have always been counted as an enemy of Germany because of my play, Le Bourgmestre de Stillemonde, which dealt with the conditions in Belgium during the German Occupation of 1918.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “And on this earth of ours there are but few souls that can withstand the dominion of the soul that has suffered itself to become beautiful.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “The dog is the only living being that has found and recognizes an indubitable, tangible and definite god. He knows to whom above him to give himself. He has not to seek for a superior and infinite power.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is well to believe that there needs but a little more thought, a little more courage, more love, more devotion to life, a little more eagerness, one day to fling open wide the portals of joy and of truth.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is a thing that knows no limit, and before it all men are equal; and the silence of king or slave, in presence of death, or grief, or love, reveals the same features, hides beneath its impenetrable mantle the self-same treasure. For this is the essential silence of our soul, our most inviolable sanctuary, and its secret can never be lost;.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “A truth that disheartens because it is true is of more value than the most stimulating of falsehoods.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “To love one’s neighbour in the immovable depths means to love in others that which is eternal; for one’s neighbour, in the truest sense of the term, is that which approaches the nearest to God; in other words, all that is best and purest in man; and it is only by ever lingering near the gates I spoke of, that you can discover the divine in the soul.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Be good at the depth of you, and you will discover that those who surround you will be good even to the same depths. Nothing responds more infallibly to the secret cry of goodness than the secret cry of goodness that is near. While you are actively good in the invisible, all those who approach you will unconsciously do things that they could not do by the side of any other man.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Never for an instant does God cease to speak; but no one thinks of opening the doors. And yet, with a little watchfulness, it were not difficult to hear the word that God must speak concerning our every act.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “For it is our most secret desire that governs and dominates all. If your eyes look for nothing but evil, you will always see evil triumphant; but if you have learned to let your glance rest on sincerity, simpleness, truth, you will ever discover, deep down in all things, the silent overpowering victory of that which you love.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “And it is because we all of us know of this sombre power and its perilous manifestations, that we stand in so deep a dread of silence. We can bear, when need must be, the silence of ourselves, that of isolation: but the silence of many – silence multiplied – and above all the silence of a crowd – these are supernatural burdens, whose inexplicable weight brings dread to the mightiest soul.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It feels like I’ve got all the flames in hell burning in my head.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is only too evident that the invisible agitations of the kingdoms within us are arbitrarily set on foot by the thoughts we shelter. Our myriad intuitions are the veiled queens who steer our course through life, though we have no words in which to speak of them. How strangely do we diminish a thing as soon as we try to express it in words!”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “We subdue that in others which we have learned to subdue in ourselves. Around the upright man there is drawn a wide circle of peace, within which the arrows of evil soon cease to fall; nor have his fellows the power to inflict moral suffering upon him.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “We are not wrong, perhaps, to be heedful of justice in the midst of a universe that heeds not at all; as the bee is not wrong to make honey in a world that itself can make none. But we are wrong to desire an external justice, since we know that it does not exist. Let that which is in us suffice. All is for ever being weighed and judged in our soul. It is we who shall judge ourselves; or rather, our happiness is our judge.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Truly they who know still know nothing if the strength of love be not theirs; for the true sage is not he who sees, but he who, seeing the furthest, has the deepest love for mankind. He who sees without loving is only straining his eyes in the darkness.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “But cannot we live as though we always loved? It was this that the saints and heroes did; this and nothing more.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Are we to believe that earth marks the most advanced stage and the most favoured experiment? What, then, can the thought of the universe have done and against what darkness must it have struggled, to have come no farther than this?”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Each man has to seek out his own special aptitude for a higher life in the midst of the humble and inevitable reality of daily existence. Than this there can be no nobler aim in life. It is only by the communications we have with the infinite that we are to be distinguished from each other.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is sad to love and be unloved, but sadder still to be unable to love.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “To learn to love, one must first learn to see.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “He who knows himself is wise; yet have we no sooner acquired real consciousness of our being than we learn that true wisdom is a thing that lies far deeper than consciousness. The chief gain of increased consciousness is that it unveils an ever-loftier unconsciousness, on whose heights do the sources lie of the purest wisdom.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “We should tell ourselves, once and for all, that it is the first duty of the soul to become as happy, complete, independent, and great as lies in its power. Herein is no egoism, or pride. To become effectually generous and sincerely humble there must be within us a confident, tranquil, and clear comprehension of all that we owe to ourselves.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “A thought that is almost beautiful – a thought that you speak not, but that you cherish within you at this moment, will irradiate you as though you were a transparent vase.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Every new star that is found in the sky will lend of its rays to the passions, and thoughts, and the courage, of man. Whatever of beauty we see in all that surrounds us, within us already is beautiful; whatever we find in ourselves that is great and adorable, that do we find too in others.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “When once misfortune enters a house, silence is in vain.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Nothing in the whole world is so athirst for beauty as the soul, nor is there anything to which beauty clings so readily. There is nothing in the world capable of such spontaneous up-lifting, of such speedy ennoblement; nothing that offers more scrupulous obedience to the pure and noble command it receives.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “It is not the arrival of death, but the departure of life that is appalling. It is not death, but life that we must act upon. It is not death that attacks life; it is life that wrongfully resists death.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “There may be human joy in doing good with definite purpose, but they who do good expecting nothing in return know a joy that is divine.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Before we can bring happiness to others, we first must be happy ourselves; nor will happiness abide within us unless we confer it on others. If there be a smile upon our lips, those around us will soon smile too; and our happiness will become the truer and deeper as we see that these others are happy. “It is not seemly that I, who, willingly, have brought sorrow to none, should permit myself to be sad,” said Marcus Aurelius, in one of his noblest passages.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “A single hour snatched from death outweighs a whole existence of tortures.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “This invisible and divine goodness, of which I only speak here because of its being one of the surest and nearest signs of the unceasing activity of our soul, this invisible and divine goodness ennobles, in decisive fashion, all that it has unconsciously touched.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “He is wise who at last sees in suffering only the light that it sheds on his soul; and whose eyes never rest on the shadow it casts upon those who have sent it towards him. And wiser still is the man to whom sorrow and joy not only bring increase of consciousness, but also the knowledge that something exists superior to consciousness even. To have reached this point is to reach the summit of inward life, whence at last we look down on the flames whose light has helped our ascent.”
Maurice Maeterlinck Quote: “Thousands of channels there are through which the beauty of your soul may sail even unto our thoughts. Above all is there the wonderful, central channel of love.”
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