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Michael Caine Quote: “I try to make everyone around me feel comfortable.”
Michael Caine Quote: “Ive read an awful lot of books, Ive read alot of awful books.”
Michael Caine Quote: “They use those monitors now, and sometimes you’ll be doing a shot and then suddenly you see yourself on one of those monitors, and I always say turn the monitor round, I don’t want to see myself on the monitor. I never see myself ’til the movie’s finished.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’ve always got to have one impossible dream on the back burner.”
Michael Caine Quote: “You don’t retire from the movies. The movies retire you.”
Michael Caine Quote: “My mum never understood how much I earned. When I told her I earned a million pounds a film, she said, ‘How much is that?’”
Michael Caine Quote: “Someone said to me the other day: “Well, you’re eventually going to live until 110.” And I said: “Well, who’s going to keep me? What age do I retire? 100?” How are you going to live all those years and who is going to keep you doing it? I have a couple of grandchildren now so I’m banking on them.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I learn the whole time. I think it would be dull if I thought I was going to work and wouldn’t find something new. We always learn.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I won an Academy Award for ‘The Cider House Rules,’ playing an American.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’d never been in one of those great big blockbusters.”
Michael Caine Quote: “God willing, even I might scrape a nomination.”
Michael Caine Quote: “80 percent of any gang is not there to attack someone. They’re there so no one will attack them.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I am often asked which of my films has come closest to my own ideal of performance, and I always answer, ‘Educating Rita.’”
Michael Caine Quote: “I wear a baseball cap all the time, which I would never normally wear, and I walk very fast.”
Michael Caine Quote: “When you’re a movie star and you’re young, you are always playing someone who’s a better fighter, a better lover, a better everything than you.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’ve done a lot of radio in my life so I am absolutely used of working with the voice. I have a very distinctive voice so it’s always great for me because I open my mouth and everybody knows who it is.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’ve got a lot of back-up because my father was a Catholic, my mother was a Protestant, I was educated by Jews and I’m married to a Muslim. So I won’t lose out on a technicality.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I love the start of autumn when the trees in my garden change the colour of their leaves in one last dazzling display.”
Michael Caine Quote: “If I work with a bad actor, my reaction is to immediately become worse than they are.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I do like to laugh. I remember Roger Moore, years ago, saying to me “Cheer up. You’d better have a good time because this is not a rehearsal, this is life. This is the show.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I had been nine years in the theatre and hadn’t had massive success. My only thing was I wanted to be an actor and I didn’t care when, where, or how much for.”
Michael Caine Quote: “If you put someone on screen long enough, they become the hero.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I regard the theater as a woman I loved dearly who treated me like dirt.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I didn’t want to come in the movie every so often, every 20 minutes saying, ‘Dinner is served, would you like coffee?’”
Michael Caine Quote: “If you’re a gardener you don’t need a gym. You’re always carrying large sacks of manure all over.”
Michael Caine Quote: “How can I change me to suit the script?”
Michael Caine Quote: “I think it would be great for the Academy to recognize old age.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I don’t meet stockbrokers or carpenters or coal miners; I spend all day with actors, composers and photographers.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I don’t want to screw up today’s work and tomorrow’s worrying about yesterday’s and I don’t want to focus on what it looks like on the outside when the performance has to come from within me. I want to be in the moment now, getting it right from the inside.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I never look back at all. All of my sentiment and emotion goes into my family. I’m an extremely family oriented person and I have a very, very happy family life. That doesn’t just include blood relations. I have friends who are close to me.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’m trying to work only with established, respected directors. I took a lot of bad scripts and worked for a lot of lazy directors, and it was discouraging to go to the screenings and see that the director had added nothing, the editor had added nothing, there was nothing to see.”
Michael Caine Quote: “But the whole point of the Sixties was that you had to take people as they were. If you came in with us you left your class, and colour, and religion behind, that was what the Sixties was all about.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I just try to play more and more difficult roles.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I don’t see myself as anything. I just wander around getting on with my life.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I just work in order to improve myself as an actor which is what I’ve always done.”
Michael Caine Quote: “The first thing I’ll do if I want to look really crappy is, I don’t wear any makeup at all.”
Michael Caine Quote: “In my early days, I didn’t know what a good film or a bad film was, and I was trying to make some money. As it happens I was lucky. I made some good films.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’m the happiest grandfather in the world, I promise you.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’m very, very family oriented. I’m a big cook and a good connoisseur and I only drink very good red wines now.”
Michael Caine Quote: “My career is going better now than when I was younger. Now I get the part. Back then, I’d get the girl.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I sit waiting for things that I can’t refuse.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I don’t have any regrets because I’m very optimistic, and live each day as though it’s the last.”
Michael Caine Quote: “In England, I was a Cockney actor. In America, I was an actor.”
Michael Caine Quote: “My circle of friends are not actors at all. None of them are actors, really, because they’re are not available. They’re always off somewhere.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I don’t want to be an English actor doing the greatest American accent you’ve ever heard. I want to be an American doing nothing.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I learned about life before I went into the theater, which is why I’ve been so happy. I was a soldier.”
Michael Caine Quote: “My view of actors is that basically they’re all harmless lunatics who’d be on the psychiatrist’s couch.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I’ve made the transition from star to character actor and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”
Michael Caine Quote: “I can’t really act – I’m just trying to make as much money as I can before anyone finds out.”
Michael Caine Quote: “Presenting the Oscars was the most nerve-racking job I have ever done in show business. It’s very much a live show: they have comedy writers waiting in the wings, and as you come off between presentations, they hand you an appropriate gag to tell.”
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