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Michael Crichton Quote: “Right now, scientists are in exactly the same position as Renaissance painters, commissioned to make the portrait the patron wants done, And if they are smart, they’ll make sure their work subtly flatters the patron. Not overtly. Subtly.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “They just posture and pontificate. Nobody tests. Nobody does field research. Nobody dares to solve the problems – because the solution might contradict your philosophy, and for most people clinging to beliefs is more important than succeeding in the world.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Whoever has the power in society determines what can be studied, determines what can be observed, determines what can be thought.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “You would think that people who had experienced injustice would be loath to inflict it on others, and yet they do so with alacrity. The victims become victimizers with a chilling righteousness. This is the nature of fanaticism, to attract and provoke extremes of behavior. And this is why fanatics are all the same, whatever specific form their fanaticism takes.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Reality is always greater – much greater – than what we know, than whatever we can say about it.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Save the Earth” and beneath that, “There’s Nowhere Else to Go.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact. – MARK TWAIN.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “The work of the late Heinz Pagels provoked Ian Malcolm.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Science can’t tell you why anything happens.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “The DNA molecule was so old that its evolution had essentially finished more than two billion years ago.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “He did not want an affair with his boss. He did not even want a one-night stand. Because what always happened was that people found out, gossip at the water cooler, meaningful looks in the hallway. And sooner or later the spouses found out. It always happened. Slammed doors, divorce lawyers, child custody.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “They want to see their expectation... Entertainment has nothing to do reality. Entertainment is antithetical to reality.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “In the 1980s, a few genetic engineering companies began to ask, “What is the biological equivalent of a Sony Walkman?” These.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Such direct experience inevitably makes you aware of who it is that is having the experience.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “People aren’t studying the natural world any more, they’re mining it. It’s a looter mentality. Anything new or unknown is automatically of interest, because it might have value. It might be worth a fortune.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Personally, I don’t deal much in theory. I have to deal with the facts. And on the basis of facts, I don’t see much difference in the behavior of men and women.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “People aren’t studying the natural world any more, they’re mining it.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “It seemed to him that a society in which the most common prescription drug was Valium was, by definition, a society with unsolved problems.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “But if planting deadly ferns at poolside was any indication, then it was clear that the designers of Jurassic Park had not been as careful as they should have been.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Temporal provincials were convinced that the present was the only time that mattered, and that anything that had occurred earlier could be safely ignored.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Parrots can definitely reason symbolically.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “These kids were smart, they were enthusiastic, and they were young enough so that the schools hadn’t destroyed all their interest in learning. They could still actually use their brains, which in Thorne’s view was a sure sign they hadn’t yet completed a formal education.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Herger said to me, “Be thankful, for you are fortunate.” I inquired the source of my fortune. Herger said in reply, “If you have the fear of high places, than this day you shall overcome it; and so you shall have faced a great challenge; and so you shall be adjudged a hero.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “And in that moment, their situation was clear to him. Their guides were both dead. One machine was gone. Their return marker was shattered. Which meant they were stuck in this place. Trapped here, without guides or assistance. And with no prospect of ever getting back. Not ever.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “One may even suspect that there is more to reality than measurements will ever reveal.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “In general, people who aren’t in touch with their emotions tend to think their emotions are unimportant.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “In his view, a theory was nothing more than a substitute for experience put forth by someone who didn’t know what he was talking about.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Photographs provided a tangible reality to men who were far from home, fearful and tired; they were posed proofs of success, souvenirs to send to sweethearts and loved ones, or simply ways of remembering, of grasping a moment in a swift changing and uncertain world.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “You want a university appointment?” “Yes.” “That’s a mistake,” Hammond said briskly. “At least, if you respect your talent.” Wu had blinked. “Why?” “Because, let’s face facts,” Hammond said. “Universities are no longer the intellectual centers of the country. The very idea is preposterous. Universities are the backwater. Don’t look so surprised.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Like all trial attorneys, he knew the importance of not dressing too well.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “After all, the trouble with what the scientists said was that they were always saying something different. This year one idea, next year something else. Scientific opinion was ever changing, like the fashions of women’s dress, while the firm and fixed date 4004 BC invited the attention of those seeking greater verity.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “They are focused on whether they can do something. They never think whether they should do something.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “But complex animals had obtained their adaptive flexibility at some cost – they had traded one dependency for another. It was no longer necessary to change their bodies to adapt, because now their adaptation was behavior, socially determined. That behavior required learning. In a sense, among higher animals adaptive fitness was no longer transmitted to the next generation by DNA at all. It was now carried by teaching.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “As foolish, and as misguided, as the child who jumps off a building because he believes he can fly.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “All the deep-diving studies show that women are superior for submerged operations. They’re physically smaller and consume less nutrients and air, they have better social skills and tolerate close quarters better, and they are physiologically tougher and have better endurance.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Theories are just fantasies. And they change.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “In a mass-media world, there’s less of everything except the top ten books, records, movies, ideas. People worry about losing species diversity in the rain forest. But what about intellectual diversity – our most necessary resource? That’s disappearing faster than trees.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “In the modern world, it’s a much more serious transgression to shoot a tiger than to shoot your parents. Tigers have advocates.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “That is a transgenic animal. If he escapes he may transmit his genes to other parrots.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “They are not free at all. They are essentially our prisoners.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Or maybe they’re weird. Maybe dinosaurs are weird.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “I am most heartily glad that I am not going to the dangerous and uncertain Black Hills.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “You have done the work of a mere man,” the tengol continued, “and not a proper hero. A hero does what no man dares to undertake.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “We can talk in here.” Dodgson led him to a glass-walled superintendent’s booth, in the center of the building. The glass cut down the sound of the barking. But through the windows, they could look out at the rows of animals.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Considering that we live in an era of evolutionary everything – evolutionary biology, evolutionary medicine, evolutionary ecology, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary economics, evolutionary computing – it was surprising how rarely people thought in evolutionary terms. It was a human blind spot. We look at the world around us as a snapshot when it was really a movie, constantly changing.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Yet I have discovered that if all those around you believe some particular thing, you will soon be tempted to share in that belief...”
Michael Crichton Quote: “They’re engineers,” she said. She was thinking, What did he expect? He must have dealt with engineers at GM. “Emotionally, they’re all thirteen years old, stuck at the age just before boys stop playing with toys, because they’ve discovered girls. They’re all still playing with toys. They have poor social skills, dress badly – but they’re extremely intelligent and well trained, and they are very arrogant in their way. Outsiders are definitely not allowed to play.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “They want the Indians eliminated, and the lands opened up to white settlers, but they don’t want anybody to get hurt in the process. That just ain’t possible.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “The characteristic of vision. That great sweeping act of imagination which evoked a marvelous park, where children pressed against the fences, wondering at the extraordinary creatures, come alive from their storybooks. Real vision. The ability to see the future. The ability to marshal resources to make that future vision a reality.”
Michael Crichton Quote: “Elena rushed forward, screaming, and the lizards fled into the darkness. But long before she reached the bassinet, she could see what had happened to the infant’s face, and she knew the child must be dead. The lizards scattered into the rainy night, chirping and squealing, leaving behind only bloody three-toed tracks, like birds.”
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