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Top 450 Michael Jackson Quotes (2023 Update)
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Michael Jackson Quote: “Please keep an open mind and let me have my day in court.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Criticizing reporters is like boo-ing at the Special Olympics.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “My heart and prayers go out to every individual.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “There were times when I had great times with my brothers, pillow fights and things, but I was, used to always cry from loneliness.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “There is an inherent dissonancebetween the quasi-formal world of computer programs – defining the programmed machine in each system – and the non-formal problem world of the system requirements.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I just wish I could understand my father.”
Michael Jackson Quote: ““In Africa,” S. B. once remarked, “if you do well, people close to you will hate you.””
Michael Jackson Quote: “We must wave our banners even higher and belt out our voices even stronger and be unified as people. We’re going to make it through this!”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I hate it. I hate taxidermy shops and all that crap.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I have a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of my skin, it’s something that I cannot help, OK?”
Michael Jackson Quote: “There is no greater bliss than dancing and performing.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Martin Bashir persuaded me to trust him, that his would be an honest and fair portrayal of my life and told me that he was the man that turned Dianas life around.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Don’t you believe what you read.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “The distortion of the truth bothers me.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “My house is about equidistant from the Young’s brewery and the Fuller’s brewery. This is no accident.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Songwriting is a very frustrating art form. You have to get on tape exactly what’s playing inside your head.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “You know, let’s put it this way, if all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery, if they went on vacation, there wouldn’t be a person left in town.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Going to my shows, it’s like a religious experience, because you come out, you go in one person, you come out a different person.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I will say again that I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people have written untrue things about me.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Your cameras can’t control the minds of those who know, that you’ll even sell your soul just to get a story sold.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “This extravagant dwelling, as domineering as it was distant, brought home to me the intimateconnection between tyranny and abstraction, and put me in mind of John Berger’s observation that “abstraction’s capacity to ignore what is real is undoubtedly where most evil begins.””
Michael Jackson Quote: “I’ve helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I truly love my fans. Truly, truly from the heart. That’s the real truth. I love them.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “You want what you create to live, and I give my all in my work because I want it to live.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Pierre Bordieu was right: “The all powerful is he who does not wait but makes others wait. Absolute power is the power to make oneself unpredictable and deny other people any reasonable anticipation, to place them in total uncertainty by offering no scope for their capacity to predict.””
Michael Jackson Quote: “Everything that I love is behind those gates. We have elephants, and giraffes, and crocodiles, and every kind of tigers and lions. And – and we have bus loads of kids, who don’t get to see those things. They come up sick children, and enjoy it.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I prefer just being with people I like. That’s my way of celebrating.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “When it’s allowed to be free, love is what makes life alive, joyful and new.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I always wanted to do music that influences and inspires each generation.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I have a loving family, a strong faith and wonderful friends and fans who have, and continue, to support me.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “If I’m not creating, I’m not as happy.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I rememeber one time we were getting ready to go to South America and everything was packed up and in the car ready to go and I hid and I was crying because I really did not want to go, I wanted to play. I did not want to go.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “My mother is fine. For me it perfection.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “An artist should let his style evolve naturally, spontaneously.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “That’s why I hate to take credit for the songs I’ve written. I feel that somewhere, someplace, it’s been done and I’m just a courier bringing it out into the world.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I care about being paid fairly for what I do. When I approach a project, I put my whole heart and soul into it. Because I really care about it.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “When I was five I was touring, singing and dancing. Always gone, always out of school.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Children are the only ones who don’t want anything of me.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Children have taught me to always be forgiving.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “The actor’s tense, he’s being taped and things are not falling naturally. That’s what I hate about Boadway. I feel like I’m giving a whole lot for nothing. I like to capture things and hold them there and share them with the whole world.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Leinenkugels makes better beer now that Miller bought them. It will license insecure people to like craft beers.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Well, you don’t get to do things that other children get to do, having friends and slumber parties and buddies. There were none of that for me. I didn’t have friends when I was little. My brothers were my friends.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “How many victims must that be? Slaughtered in vain across the land, And how many strugles must that be? Before we choose to live the profits plan Everybody sing- Every day create your History, Every path you take you’re leaving your legacy Every soldier dies in his glory Every legend tells of conquest and liberty.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I want people to hear or watch something I’ve done and feel that I’ve given it everything I’ve got.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “It’s always difficult for anyone trying to compete against their past achievements.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Xs were used because there was no mass literacy – a state we are rapidly approaching once more.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “You try to be as original as you can be without thinking about statistics. You just go from the soul and from the heart.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “I think the actor or performer should be – to touch that truth inside of a person. Touch that reality so much that they become a part of what you’re going and you can take them anywhere you want to.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Well, especially now I come to realize – and then – I would do my schooling which was three hours with a tutor and right after that I would go to the recording studio and record, and I’d record for hours and hours until it’s time to go to sleep.”
Michael Jackson Quote: “Look at how many great actors or entertainers have been lost to the world because they did a performance one night and that was it. With film, you capture that, it’s shown all over the world and it’s there forever.”
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