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Top 200 Molière Quotes (2023 Update)
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Molière Quote: “It’s true Heaven forbids some pleasures, but a compromise can usually be found.”
Molière Quote: “Cultivated people should be superior to any consideration so sordid as a mercenary interest.”
Molière Quote: “A good husband be the best sort of plaster for to cure a young woman’s ailments.”
Molière Quote: “There is no praise to bear the sort that you put in your pocket.”
Molière Quote: “It’s an odd job, making decent people laugh.”
Molière Quote: “All extremes does perfect reason flee, And wishes to be wise quite soberly.”
Molière Quote: “Solitude terrifies the soul at twenty.”
Molière Quote: “I will maintain it before the whole world.”
Molière Quote: “Everyone has a right to his own course of action.”
Molière Quote: “Reason is not what decides love.”
Molière Quote: “One cannot but mistrust a prospect of felicity: one must enjoy it before one can believe in it.”
Molière Quote: “What a terrible thing to be a great lord, yet a wicked man.”
Molière Quote: “The only people who can be excused for letting a bad book loose on the world are the poor devils who have to write for a living.”
Molière Quote: “I would like to be like my father and all the rest of my ancestors who never married.”
Molière Quote: “There’s a sort of decency among the dead, a remarkable discretion: you never find them making any complaint against the doctor who killed them!”
Molière Quote: “You never see the old austerity That was the essence of civility; Young people hereabouts, unbridled, now Just want.”
Molière Quote: “Human weakness is to desire to know what one does not want to know.”
Molière Quote: “Innocence is not accustomed to blush.”
Molière Quote: “It is a strange enterprise to make respectable people laugh.”
Molière Quote: “New-born desires, after all, have inexplicable charms, and all the pleasure of love is in variety.”
Molière Quote: “Heaven forbids, it is true, certain gratifications, but there are ways and means of compounding such matters.”
Molière Quote: “Reasoning is the pastime of my whole household, and all this reasoning has driven out Reason.”
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