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Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Excessive concern with religion seems to me a last resort for people who have been exhausted by life.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I was a government employee in the morning and a writer in the evening.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “For the first time in my life, I felt that a wave, a justice was sweeping away a deep-seated decay without any indulgence. I dearly wished that it would keep going without hesitation or deviation, in a spirit of purity forever.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “A priest’s life is spent between question and answer – or between a question and the attempt to answer it. The question is the summary of the spiritual life.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I defend both the freedom of expression and society’s right to counter it. I must pay the price for differing. It is the natural way of things.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “My countrymen have the right to shake my hand and talk to me if they so wish. Don’t forget that their support and their reading of my works is what brought me the Nobel prize.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Writing is for men who can think and feel, not mindless sensation seekers out of nightclubs and bars. But these are bad times. We are condemned to work with upstarts, clowns who no doubt got their training in a circus and then turned to journalism as the appropriate place to display their tricks.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I believe society has a right to defend itself, just as the individual has the right to attack that with which he disagrees.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I started writing while I was a little boy. Maybe it’s because I was reading a lot of books I admired, and thought that I would like to write something like that someday. Also, my love for good writing pushed me.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “The heart is a place of secrets...”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “It is simply not part of my culture to preserve notes. I have never heard of a writer preserving his early drafts.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Winning Nobel imposed on me a lifestyle to which I am not used and which I would not have preferred.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “The Koran and the laws of all civilized nations legislate against the vilification of religions.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I didn’t make any money from my writing until much later. I published about 80 stories for nothing. I spent on literature.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Insults are the business of the court.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “My wife thought I deserved it, but I always thought the Nobel a Western prize.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I was suffering from a peculiar and persistent sense that I was being pursued, and also the conviction that under the political order of the times, our lives had no meaning.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I consider Khomeini’s position dangerous. He does not have the right to pass judgment-that is not the Islamic way.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I accepted the interviews and encounters that had to be held with the media, but I would have preferred to work in peace.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I thought they would never select an Eastern writer for the Nobel. I was surprised.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I’ve never worked in politics, never been a member of an official committee or a political party.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I am practically in the employ of Mr. Nobel. I have to meet everyone he sends my way.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I believe in life and in people. I feel obliged to advocate their highest ideals as long as I believe them to be true. I also see myself compelled to revolt against ideals I believe to be false, since recoiling from rebellion would be a form of treason.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Run after truth until you’re breathless. Accept the pain involved in re-creating yourself afresh. These ideas will take a life to comprehend, a hard one interspersed with drunken moments.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “A crazy country, choking air, polluted hearts, treachery. Treachery and treason.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Laugh till you’re exhausted.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “April. Month of dust and lies.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Don’t go back over the past. Let it depart, never to return.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Patience in the face of the bitterness of misfortune is the door to the sweetness of intimate discourse.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “After living for a month in his home, her character had been infected with the virus of submission to his will, which terrified everyone in the house.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “It is an indication of truth’s jealousy that it has not made for anyone a path to it, and that it has not deprived anyone of the hope of attaining it, and it has left people running in the deserts of perplexity and drowning in the seas of doubt; and he who thinks he has attained it, it dissociates itself from, and he who thinks he has dissociated himself from it has lost his way.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “There is no alternative to action, and that requires faith. The issue is how we are to mold for ourselves a belief system that is worthy of life.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “At times people who are extremely sad become lighthearted for the most trivial reasons, merely to obtain the relief furnished by the exactly opposite condition.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Beauty itself is a painful convulsion in the heart, an abundance of vitality in the soul, and a mad chase undertaken by the spirit until it encounters the heavens.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Every inch a person’s body travels on the road of separation seems like miles to the heart.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “An anxious heart is like a string that’s out of tune.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “How could the prisoner break his chains? I pictured a world, a righteous world, with no sin, no bonds, no social obligations; a world throbbing with creativity, innovation, and thought, nothing else; a world of dedicated solitude, without father, mother, wife, or child; a world where a man could travel lightly, immersed in art alone.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Despite dissimilarities in our luck and success at looking after ourselves, we are all human beings.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “I want a world where men live free from fear and coercion.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “No blasphemy harms Islam and Muslims so much as the call for murdering a writer.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “When we’re in love, we may resent it, but we certainly miss love once it’s gone.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “He was not accustomed to busying himself with introspection or self-analysis. In this way he was like most people who are rarely alone. His mind did not swing into action until some external force required it: a man or woman or some other element of his material life. He had surrendered himself to the busy current of his life, submerging himself totally in it. All he saw of himself was his reflection on the surface of the stream.”
Naguib Mahfouz Quote: “Take your fill, for you will not see again that which you are leaving. Every moment is the last.”
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