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Napoleon Hill Quotes
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Napoleon Hill Quote: “When enthusiasm runs in the front door, worry runs out the back door.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You may as well know, also, that every great leader, from the dawn of civilization down to the present, was a dreamer.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “All great truths are simple in final analysis, and easily understood; if they are not, they are not great truths.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Nothing is more tragic – or more common – than mental inertia.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “What we do not see, what most of us never suspect of existing, is the silent but irresistible power which comes to the rescue of those who fight on in the face of discouragement.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “God has given us control over one thing in our lives – our thoughts.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it, and how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Most people wish for riches, but few people provide the definite plan and burning desire which pave the road to wealth.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “One sound idea is all that you need to achieve success.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Buying cheap to save money is like stopping the clock to save time. Neither works.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Closed minds do not inspire faith, courage, and belief.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You don’t have to fear defeat if you believe it may reveal powers that you didn’t know you possessed.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Nothing was ever created by a human being that was not first created in the imagination through desire and then transformed into reality through concentration.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “A positive mental attitude is an irresistible force that knows no such thing as an immovable body.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The most common cause of fear of old age is associated with the possibility of poverty.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The richest persons are those who give most in service to others.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “No man can afford to express, through words or acts, that which is not in harmony with his own beliefs, and if he does so, he must pay by the loss of his ability to influence others.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The only thing over which you have complete right of control at all times is your mental attitude.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Somewhere in your make-up there lies sleeping, the seed of achievement which, if aroused and put into action, would carry you to heights, such as you may never have hoped to attain.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Moral courage further demands that you assume the responsibility for your own acts.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You have to understand you cannot have faith and fear at the same time; you can only have one or the other.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “It is a well known fact that a man learns best that which he endeavors to teach others.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Love attracts only one thing and that thing is love.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “No man can avail himself of the forces of his creative imagination, while dissipating them.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Success is the development of the power with which to get whatever one wants in life without interfering with the rights of others.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The power to think as you wish to think is the only power over which you have absolute control.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You have a tremendous advantage over the man who does you an injury: You have it within your power to forgive him, while he has no such advantage over you.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Most failures could have been converted into successes if someone had held on another minute or made more effort.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “When you lose your sense of humor, get a job running an elevator, because your life will be a series of Ups and Downs anyway.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Every successful person finds that great success lies just beyond the point when they’re convinced their idea is not going to work.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The space you occupy and the authority you exercise may be measured with mathematical exactness by the service you render.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You cannot become a power in your community nor achieve enduring success in any worthy undertaking until you become big enough to blame yourself for your own mistakes and reverses.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You will attract to yourself people who harmonize with your own philosophy of life, whether you wish it or not.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “If the thing you wish to do is right, and you believe in it, go ahead and do it!”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Genius is merely the capacity for taking infinite pains.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Watch the one ahead of you, and you’ll learn why he is ahead. Then emulate him.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The only trouble with this world today lies in our lack of understanding of the power of imagination.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “There is some one thing that you can do better than anyone else in the world could do it. Search until you find out what this particular line of endeavor is, then organize all of your forces and attack it with the belief that you are going to win.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Conceit is a fog that envelops a man’s real character beyond his own recognition. It weakens his native ability and strengthens all his inconsistencies .”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “No man is ever whipped until he quits – in his own mind.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “If you make your prayers an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for the blessings you have already received, instead of requests for what you do not have, you will obtain results a great deal faster.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “You owe it to yourself not to permit your emotions to place your happiness in the keeping of another person.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Your real boss is the one who walks around under your hat.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs are, generally, easily influenced by the opinion of others.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Life gives no one immunity against adversity, but life gives to everyone the power of positive thought which is sufficient to master all circumstances of adversity and convert them into benefits.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of HARD work!”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “The best compensation for doing things is the ability to do more.”
Napoleon Hill Quote: “Do not EXPECT troubles as they have a tendency not to disappoint.”
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