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Top 100 Novalis Quotes (2024 Update)
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Novalis Quote: “It is certain my belief gains quite infinitely the very moment I can convince another mind thereof.”
Novalis Quote: “The true Poet is all-knowing; he is an actual world in miniature.”
Novalis Quote: “To become properly acquainted with a truth, we must first have disbelieved it, and disputed against it.”
Novalis Quote: “The mysterious path goes inward. It is in us, and not anywhere else, where the eternity of the worlds, the past and the future are found.”
Novalis Quote: “Character is perfectly educated will.”
Novalis Quote: “Character and fate are two words for the same thing.”
Novalis Quote: “Nature is a petrified magic city.”
Novalis Quote: “There is but one temple in the universe, and that is the body of man.”
Novalis Quote: “Where children are, there is the golden age.”
Novalis Quote: “The seat of the soul is where the inner world and the outer world meet. Where they overlap, it is in every point of the overlap.”
Novalis Quote: “Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.”
Novalis Quote: “We are near waking when we dream we are dreaming.”
Novalis Quote: “Everywhere we seek the Absolute, and always we find only things.”
Novalis Quote: “Friendship, love, and piety ought to be handled with a sort of mysterious secrecy; they ought to be spoken of only in the rare moments of perfect confidence, to be mutually understood in silence. Many things are too delicate to be thought; many more, to be spoken.”
Novalis Quote: “Our life is no dream, but it should and will perhaps become one.”
Novalis Quote: “The greatest of sorcerers would be the one who would cast a spell on himself to the degree of taking his own phantasmagoria for autonomous apparitions. Might that not be our case?”
Novalis Quote: “If the world is a precipitation of human nature, so to speak, then the divine world is a sublimation of the same. Both occur in one act. No precipitation without sublimation. What goes lost there in agility, is won here.”
Novalis Quote: “Only the most perfect human being can design the most perfect philosophy.”
Novalis Quote: “Friends, the soil is poor, we must sow seeds in plenty for us to garner even modest harvests .”
Novalis Quote: “A certain degree of solitude seems necessary to the full growth and spread of the highest mind; and therefore must a very extensive intercourse with men stifle many a holy germ, and scare away the gods, who shun the restless tumult of noisy companies and the discussion of petty interests.”
Novalis Quote: “Every stage of education begins with childhood. That is why the most educated person on earth so much resembles a child.”
Novalis Quote: “Centripetal force is the synthetic striving of the spirit – centrifugal force the analytical striving of the spirit. Striving toward unity – striving towards diversity. Through the mutual determination of each by the other – that higher synthesis of unity and diversity itself will be produced – whereby one is in all and all in one.”
Novalis Quote: “Play is experimenting with chance.”
Novalis Quote: “The ideal of morality has no more dangerous rival than the ideal of highest strength, of most powerful life. It is the maximum of the savage.”
Novalis Quote: “How do we see physically? No differently that we do in our consciousness – by means of the productive power of imagination. Consciousness is the eye and ear, the sense for inner and outer meaning.”
Novalis Quote: “Our bodies are molded rivers.”
Novalis Quote: “To philosophize means to make vivid.”
Novalis Quote: “In cheerful souls there is no wit. Wit shows a disturbance of the equipoise.”
Novalis Quote: “All power appears only in transition. Permanent power is stuff.”
Novalis Quote: “We dream of travels throughout the universe: is not the universe within us? We do not know the depths of our spirit. The mysterious path leads within. In us, or nowhere, lies eternity with its worlds, the past and the future.”
Novalis Quote: “Accident is simply unforeseen order.”
Novalis Quote: “The individual soul should seek for an intimate union with the soul of the universe.”
Novalis Quote: “The normal present connects the past and the future through limitation. Contiguity results, crystallization by means of solidification. There also exists, however, a spiritual present that identifies past and future through dissolution, and this mixture is the element, the atmosphere of the poet.”
Novalis Quote: “The artist stands on the human being as a statue does on a pedestal.”
Novalis Quote: “Before abstraction everything is one, but one like chaos; after abstraction everything is united again, but this union is a free binding of autonomous, self-determined beings. Out of a mob a society has developed, chaos has been transformed into a manifold world.”
Novalis Quote: “One can not understand language because language cannot understand itself; does not want to understand.”
Novalis Quote: “Nothing is more indispensable to true religiosity than a mediator that links us with divinity.”
Novalis Quote: “The brains -the thinking organs- are the world producers -nature’s genitals.”
Novalis Quote: “When you understand how to love one thing, then you also understand how to love everything.”
Novalis Quote: “Many books are longer than they seem. They have indeed no end. The boredom that they cause is truly absolute and infinite.”
Novalis Quote: “All the events of our life are materials of which we can make what we will.”
Novalis Quote: “There is an energy which springs from sickness and debility: it has a more powerful effect than the real, but, sadly, expires in an even greater infirmity.”
Novalis Quote: “The history of every individual man should be a Bible.”
Novalis Quote: “Mathematics is the Life of the Gods.”
Novalis Quote: “There are ideal series of events which run parallel with the real ones. They rarely coincide.”
Novalis Quote: “Ein Kommandowort bewegt Armeen; das Wort Freiheit Nationen.”
Novalis Quote: “Genius in general is poetic. Where genius has been active it has been poetically active. The truly moral person is a poet.”
Novalis Quote: “The highest task of education is – to take command of one’s transcendental self – to be at once the I of its I. It is all the less to be wondered at that we lack complete insight and understanding for others. Without perfect self-understanding one will never learn to truly understand others.”
Novalis Quote: “Humanity is a comic role.”
Novalis Quote: “Sometimes with the most intense pain a paralysis of sensibility occurs. The soul disintegrates – hence the deadly frost – the free power of the mind – the shattering, ceaseless wit of this kind of despair. There is no inclination for anything any more – the person is alone, like a baleful power – as he has no connection with the rest of the world he consumes himself gradually – and in accordance with his own principle he is – misanthropic and misotheos.”
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