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Orrin Woodward Quotes
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Orrin Woodward Quote: “It’s easy to judge, but much more difficult to serve.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “The birth of new knowledge begins with an admission of old ignorance.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “If the power to tax is the power to destroy then the power to profit is the power to create.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “You can either hold onto your dream by letting go of your excuses or hold onto your excuses by letting go of your dream.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “A person either buys his dream by surrendering his excuses or he buys his excuses by surrendering his dream.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “The candle inside will eventually burn out; the question is: did it light the path for those following us?”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “People buy into leaders through the 3R’s of Leadership: Relationship, Reason, and Results.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Vision and persistence will take you to the top of the leadership mountain, but only humility will keep you there.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Truth is only sweet to the ears only after a person is sick of drinking the vinegar of repeated failures.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Modern society drinks in streams of information while dying of wisdom thirst.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “A leader who accepts his own excuses cannot help others overcome theirs.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Self-denial in the pursuit of purpose generates true pleasure while self-indulgence in the pursuit of pleasure generates true misery.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Life is a dream made real through the power of our imaginations.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Whereas goodness makes greatness teachable, greatness makes goodness touchable.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “A person cannot shine light if he is afraid of the dark.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “New Golden Rule of Fractional Reserve Banking: He who creates the “fool’s gold” controls the fools.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Don’t confuse one leader’s bluster for muster or another leader’s meekness for weakness.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “Longterm success begins with the longterm imagination to envision the life you’ve always wanted.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “The best friend of truth is time while the best friend of a leader is results.”
Orrin Woodward Quote: “God is not against you owning things, but he is against the things owning you.”
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