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Orson Scott Card Quote: “You’re cultural supremacists to the core. You’ll perform your Questionable Activities to help out the poor little piggies, but there isn’t a chance in the world you’ll notice when they have something to teach you.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “He thinks I’m like him, Mazer realized. That’s what we do as humans; it’s how we read minds. We assume that other people think like we do. So if we’re nasty and suspicious and conniving we assume that everyone is as nasty and suspicious and conniving as we are.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “When your child goes off to war, you will never get him back. Not as he was, not the same boy. Changed, if he comes back at all.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “They prayed for it, they want it, but when they got it, they complained.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “That’s why he hates you, because you didn’t suffer when he tried to punish you.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Oh no, real life is escape. The great terrors, the horrors – we hope – of your life come from reading fiction.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “If you wait until you know everything, you never do anything.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Maybe that’s all demons ever are. People like us, doing things without even knowing what we’re doing.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Don’t win loyalty, just obedience, and only while the lash is in the room.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “In philosophy class I think we finally decided that ‘good’ is an infinitely recursive term – it can’t be defined except in terms of itself. Good is good because it’s better than bad, though why it’s better to be good than bad depends on how you define good, and on and on.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I’ve learned much, Father, and this above all: that no station in life is above any other, if it’s occupied by someone with a good heart.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Unfortunately, we live in a time when the media are almost a monoculture.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “If you can’t do it twice, you can’t do it at all.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “This was done to you by men and women whose only desire was to enslave you; they have succeeded so well that you are proud of your slavery.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I don’t know a soul who doesn’t maintain two separate lists of doctrines the ones that they believe that they believe; and the ones that they actually try to live by.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Alvin smiled back, and kissed her. “People talk about fools counting chickens before they hatch. That’s nothing. We name them.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “His vices were the vices of his time and culture, but his virtues transcended the milieu of his life.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “One is never too old to be a student of the enemy.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “We need you to help us figure out how you can help us.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Keep this in mind – it only works because what’s between you, that’s real, that’s what matters. Billions of those connections between human beings. That’s what you’re fighting to keep alive.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I don’t know why people who got what they need to be happy don’t just go ahead and be happy.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “All these uses a valid; all these reading of the book are “correct”. For all these readers have placed themselves inside this story, not as spectators, but as participants, and so have looked at the world of Ender’s Game, not with my eyes only, but also with their own.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “What I’m telling you is, there’s some people who do things so bad it tears at the fabric of the world, and then there’s some people so sweet and good that they can feel it when the world gets torn.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Everything we do means something, Ender realized. Them laughing. Me not laughing. He toyed with the idea of trying to be like the other boys. But he couldn’t think of any jokes, and none of theirs seemed funny. Wherever their laughter came from, Ender couldn’t find such a place in himself.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “He woke up and fought another battle and won. Then he went to bed and slept again and dreamed again and then he woke up and won again and slept again and he hardly noticed when waking became sleeping. Nor did he care.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I’m never impossible. The most I ever allow myself is to be somewhat unlikely.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Apparently the Dutch now prided themselves on being better at queues than the English, which was absurd, because standing cheerfully in line was the English national sport.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Once you get a brother, you don’t give him up easy.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “My own feeling is that human happiness is a very random thing, and bestows itself willy-nilly, and there’s not much deserving about the matter.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “What you are is a man who means to be good, and undo the bad he’s done, and that’s as good as any man ever gets.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I don’t believe that there are aliens. I believe there are really different people.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I realized that everything important in sci-fi showed up in the magazines first. It’s the proving ground for new writers and new ideas.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Thank God for you, Ender. Thank God.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Where loyalty bound creatures together, they became something larger, something new and whole and inexplicable.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I’ve got a pretty good idea what children are, and we’re not children. Children can lose sometimes, and nobody cares.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “To a man with only a hammer, a screw is a defective nail.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “It has been my experience that the better a man you are, the more folks there are who resent you for it, and find occasion to get angry at you no matter how kindly meant your deeds may be.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I own the whole world, and folks haven’t been keeping up too well on the payments.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Before we are citizens, he thought, we are children, and it is as children that we come to understand freedom and authority, liberty and duty. I have done my duty. I have bowed to authority. Mostly. And now, like Russia, I can set aside those burdens for a little while and see what happens.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “America’s intellectual community has never been very bright. Or honest. They’re all sheep, following whatever the intellectual fashion of the decade happens to be. Demanding that everyone follow their dicta in lockstep. Everyone has to be open-minded and tolerant of the things they believe, but God forbid they should ever concede, even for a moment, that someone who disagrees with them might have some fingerhold of truth.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “I wonder sometimes if the motivation for writers ought to be contempt, not admiration.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Sometimes good people have to do terrible things.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Five chickens do not make a cow.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “A non-materialist. And yet you are unpleasantly fat. A gluttonous ascetic? Such a contradiction.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “If only we were wiser or better people, perhaps the gods would explain to us the mad, unbearable things they do.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Better to have the trust of the people than their respect. With trust, their respect could be earned later; without it, respect could never be deserved, and so to have it would be like poison.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Religion makes them crazy. Not a woman I ever met wasn’t crazy with religion.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “But I fear that I also underestimate the stupidity of the rest of mankind. Are we absolutely sure that we ought to win this war?”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Ulysses, obviously. It was an elaborate prank, and our supposed intellectual elite continue to fall for it.”
Orson Scott Card Quote: “Power will always end up with the sort of people who crave it.”
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