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Pope Francis Quotes
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Pope Francis Quote: “I want to see the church get closer to the people. I want to get rid of clericalism, the mundane, this closing ourselves off within ourselves, in our parishes, schools or structures. Because these need to get out!”
Pope Francis Quote: “God asks everything of us, yet at the same time he offers everything to us.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Dear young people, Jesus gives us life, life in abundance. If we are close to him we will have joy in our hearts and a smile on our face.”
Pope Francis Quote: “The great biblical tradition enjoins on all peoples the duty to hear the voice of the poor. It bids us break the bonds of injustice and oppression which give rise to glaring, and indeed scandalous, social inequalities.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Praise is the ‘breath’ which gives us life, because it is intimacy with God, an intimacy that grows through daily praise.”
Pope Francis Quote: “When you lose the capacity to dream, you lose the capacity to love, and the energy to love is lost.”
Pope Francis Quote: “We Christians identify Christ with the sun, and the moon with the Church, the community of the faithful. No one, save Jesus Christ, possesses his or her own light.”
Pope Francis Quote: “We are a church of sinners but we must not be afraid of holiness. Do not be afraid to aim for holiness and turn yourselves over to the love of God. Holiness does not mean performing extraordinary things but carrying out daily things in an extraordinary way that is with love, joy and faith.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Let us pray to the Lord and ask him to protect the family in the crisis with which the devil wants to destroy it. Families are the domestic church where Jesus grows in the love of a married couple, in the lives of their children.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Jesus is the sun and Mary is the dawn announcing his rising.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Pastors must welcome the lost sheep. Actually, I made a mistake. I said welcome, rather, go out and find them.”
Pope Francis Quote: “If we, each doing our own part, if we do good to others, if we meet there, doing good, and we go slowly, gently, little by little, we will make that culture of encounter: we need that so much. We must meet one another doing good.”
Pope Francis Quote: “The Christian family is missionary: it announces the love of God to the world.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Today people are suffering from poverty, but also from lack of love.”
Pope Francis Quote: “We cannot give up in the face of evil. God is Love and he has defeated evil through Christ’s death and resurrection.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Certainly, possessions, money, and power can give a momentary thrill, the illusion of being happy, but they end up possessing us and making us always want to have more, never satisfied. ‘Put on Christ’ in your life, place your trust in him, and you will never be disappointed!”
Pope Francis Quote: “We are all jars of clay, fragile and poor, yet we carry within us an immense treasure.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Dear young people, do not be afraid of making decisive choices in life. Have faith; the Lord will not abandon you!”
Pope Francis Quote: “Breathing is made up of two stages: inhaling, the intake of air, and exhaling, the letting out of air. The spiritual life is fed, nourished, by prayer and is expressed outwardly through mission: inhaling and exhaling. When we inhale, by prayer, we receive the fresh air of the Holy Spirit.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Each encounter with Jesus fills us with joy, with that deep joy which only God can give.”
Pope Francis Quote: “I ask everyone with political responsibility to remember two things: human dignity and the common good.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Christians are those who let God clothe them with goodness and mercy, with Christ, so as to become, like Christ, servants of God and others.”
Pope Francis Quote: “It is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good.”
Pope Francis Quote: “States kill when they apply the death penalty, when they send their people to war, or when they carry out extra-judicial or summary executions. They can also kill by omission, when they fail to guarantee to their people access to the bare essentials for life.”
Pope Francis Quote: “If there is no humility, love remains blocked.”
Pope Francis Quote: “We ask the risen Jesus, who turns death into life, to change hatred into love, vengeance into forgiveness, war into peace. Yes, Christ is our peace, and through him to implore peace for all the world.”
Pope Francis Quote: “I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me the most precious thing given to me: Jesus Christ.”
Pope Francis Quote: “The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Every Christian is a missionary to the extent that he or she bears witness to God’s love. Be missionaries of God’s tenderness!”
Pope Francis Quote: “Whenever people listen to one another humbly and openly, their shared values and aspirations become all the more apparent. Diversity is no longer seen as a threat, but as a source of enrichment.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Together with a culture of work, there must be a culture of leisure as gratification. To put it another way: people who work must take the time to relax, to be with their families, to enjoy themselves, read, listen to music, play a sport.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit.”
Pope Francis Quote: “I believe in the kindness of others, and that I must love them without fear.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Charity, patience and tenderness are very beautiful gifts. If you have them, you want to share them with others.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor is not mere philanthropy. It is a moral obligation.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Whoever says he is without sin is a liar or is blind.”
Pope Francis Quote: “It hurts me when I see a priest or a nun with the latest model car, you can’t do this. A car is necessary to do a lot of work, but please, choose a more humble one. If you like the fancy one, just think about how many children are dying of hunger in the world.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Practicing charity is the best way to evangelize.”
Pope Francis Quote: “We can observe the Fourth Commandment by loving visits to our aging grandparents.”
Pope Francis Quote: “God’s love is free. He asks for nothing in return; all he wants is for his love to be accepted.”
Pope Francis Quote: “The thing the Church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful.”
Pope Francis Quote: “We can study the whole history of salvation, we can study the whole of Theology, but without the Spirit we cannot understand. It is the Spirit that makes us realize the truth or – in the words of Our Lord – it is the Spirit that makes us know the voice of Jesus.”
Pope Francis Quote: “How marvellous it would be if, at the end of the day, each of us could say: today I have performed an act of charity towards others!”
Pope Francis Quote: “The scourge of drug trafficking, that favors violence and sows the seeds of suffering and death, requires of society as a whole an act of courage.”
Pope Francis Quote: “Sin, also for those who don’t have faith, exists when one goes against one’s conscience. To listen to and obey it means, in fact, to decide in face of what is perceived as good or evil. And on this decision pivots the goodness or malice of our action.”
Pope Francis Quote: “That which gives us true freedom and true happiness is the compassionate love of Christ.”
Pope Francis Quote: “First, we can pray in communion with the Church on earth and in heaven. Let us not underestimate the power of so many voices united in prayer!”
Pope Francis Quote: “Let us go back to the Lord. The Lord never tires of forgiving: never! It is we who tire of asking his forgiveness. Let us ask for the grace not to tire of asking forgiveness, because he never tires of forgiving.”
Pope Francis Quote: “The Son of God became incarnate in the souls of men to instill the feeling of brotherhood. All are brothers and all children of God.”
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