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Rainbow Rowell Quotes
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Rainbow Rowell Quote: “His grandparents had a light on, on their front porch, and Eleanor’s face caught every bit of it. She looked like she should be married to the man in the moon.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Fine,” he moped. “I hope you’re very happy together. Cute little hobbit couple with lots of roly-poly hobbit babies.” Georgie turned back to him, but didn’t stop walking away. “I’m not hobbity.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “She had spent so much time thinking about what it would be like to finally come home and how much she missed everybody – she thought they’d throw her a ticker tape parade. She thought it would be a big hugfest.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Tell me about it, he said. Tell me why you’re so unhappy. It’s just everything. There are too many people. And I don’t fit in. I don’t know how to be. Nothing that I’m good at it is sort of thing that matters there.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Money and time, those were the two things that he always heard people complaining about, and he had plenty of both.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “That’s great,” Cath said, trying not to let her face show how much she wanted to kiss and kill him.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I’m sorry, too,” she said. “For what?” “For acting mad at you all the time.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “She started reading again, and felt Levi’s elbow curve around her shoulder.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Just because I knew I was going to die like this doesn’t mean I’m ready for it. I wish I’d been nicer to my mum this morning. I wish I were wearing something other than leggings and Ugg boots. I always figured I’d make a more beautiful corpse.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “You shouldn’t be,” Neal said. He lifted his chin and looked directly in her eyes. For the second time in five minutes. For the second time ever. “I’m here because I knew you’d be here. Because I hoped you would be.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “He loved how much they loved each other. It was the thing he thought about when he woke up scared in the middle of the night. Not that they loved him – they were his parents, they had to love him. That they loved each other. They didn’t have to do that.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “This isn’t how prophecies work... This isn’t how stories unfold... Incompletely.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Everything is the story.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “You’re still Simon Snow. You’re still the hero of this story – ” “This isn’t a story!” “Everything is a story.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “We’ll make our own enough.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “It’s up to us to not lose this.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Noel was her very best friend – even if she wasn’t his. Noel was her person.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “People who are jerks don’t get to decide whether they’re jerks. It’s left up to a jury of their peers.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I like your glasses,” he said. “I like your Simon Snow T-shirts. I like that you don’t smile at everyone, because then, when you smile at me... Cather.” He kissed her mouth. “Look at me.” She did. “I choose you over everyone.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Sunshine gives me a headache.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “People all sort of look the same to me until I talk to them. That’s when they start to get interesting. That’s when they start to shimmer.” -Deja.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Which means you have to have a good vocabulary to do magic. And you have to be able to think on your feet. And be brave enough to speak up. And have an ear for a solid turn of phrase.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Nebraska’s like Kansas. But in color.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I can feel Snow’s eyes on the back of my head. I can smell his magic. Smoky. Sticky. Like green wood in a campfire. The people sitting around us are getting stupid and drunk from it. I watch Bunce try to shake it off – she’s glaring at him. He’s glaring at me.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “He was a roommate-in-law.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “It’s still romantic falling inlove for someone for who she is and what she says and what she believes in.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I don’t think there’s enough of her left.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “But I think Simon might be the only person who really loved the Mage. I know he killed him, but he’s probably the person who was saddest to see him go.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Reagan wore eyeliner all the way around her eyes. Like a hard-ass Kate Middleton. And even though she was bigger than most girls-big hips, big chest, wide shoulders-she carried herself like she was exactly the same size everyone wanted to be. And everyone went along with it.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Best of all, she had Park’s songs in her head – and in her chest, somehow.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I won’t,′ I say. ‘I’ve never turned my back on you. And I’m not starting now.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Is it so bad?” he asked. “It’s not me.” “Of course it’s you.” “I just, I look like I’m in costume. Like I’m trying to be something that I’m not.” Like she was trying to be pretty and popular. It was the trying part that was so disgusting.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “The me that’s me right now is YOURS.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “You can have it if you want it, if you’re willing to pay for it. Save your money.” “I don’t have any money,” he’d said in the ninth grade. “Be thankful, Lincoln. Money is a cruel thing. It’s the thing that stands between you and the things you want and the people you love.” “How does money come between you and the people you love?” “It’s coming between us right now.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Sometimes she felt like she was walking a fine line, precarious line between the two of them. Like there wasn’t enough of her to be who she needed to be for them both.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I mean, you heard Mark. If you just want to see the new Star Wars movie, you can buy your ticket online and then forget about it until show time. But if you want to wait in line, you wait in line, you know?”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I’ll cross the sky for you.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “If only Geprgie could figure out how to call herself in the past, she’d tell herself how young and lovely she was.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Because he didn’t laugh when he thought something was funny – he laughed when he was happy.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “He missed the Midwest... Northern California was impractically beautiful. Everywhere you looked there were trees and streams, waterfalls, mountains, the ocean... There was nowhere to look just to look, just to think.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “How could you possibly have a dark secret involving the Star Wars prequels? Are you responsible for Jar Jar Binks?”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “It felt like the most important thing now was to run, the most important place was away.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Quiero que todo el mundo te conozca. Eres la persona que me cae mejor del mundo entero.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I’m glad that you’re out there somewhere reading this, eventually reading this, it makes me feel better.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I don’t like hello. It makes me sound like I have dementia, like I’ve never heard a phone ring before and I don’t know what’s supposed to happen next. Hello?”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I need you to be my person. I need to see you. And hear you. I need you to stay alive. And I need you to stop kissing other people just because they’re standing next to you when the ball drops.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “Imagine the humiliation of dying at The Cheesecake Factory.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I mean, if everything is already set in stone, why try? I prefer to think that we’re choosing in every moment what happens next.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “He’s a hole. He’s what’s left when I’m done. And sometimes holes want to get bigger, but Baz was wrong – sometimes they just want to be filled.”
Rainbow Rowell Quote: “I know I usually come here to tell you I’m sorry. But I think today I want to tell you that I’m going to be all right.”
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