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Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The first and foremost reality is that suffering and death are not only enemies of life, but a means of reminding us of life’s twin realities, love and hate.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Our sense of wonder is a blessing from God, given so that we would be continually amazed at His beauty and creation.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “For the Christian, worship is co-extensive with life. Life is already an expression of worship.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Everyone – pantheist, atheist, skeptic, polytheist – has to answer these questions: ‘Where did I come from? What is life’s meaning? How do I define right from wrong and what happens to me when I die?’ Those are the fulcrum points of our existence.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “One of the greatest failures of our generation is not living out the biblical precepts which we so clearly articulate.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Jesus and Buddha cannot both be right.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The use or abuse of Christianity in contradiction to the very message of the gospel reveals not the gospel for what it is, but the heart of man. That is why atheism is so bankrupt as a view of life, for it miserably fails to deal with the human condition as it really is.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Many Christians have so busied themselves with programs and activities that they no longer know how to be silent and meditate on God’s word or recognize the mysteries that are in the Person of Christ.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The loss of something that is never thought of, felt, or sought for when lost is not a loss at all.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Truth is not only a matter of offense, in that it makes certain assertions. It is also a matter of defense in that it must be able to make a cogent and sensible response to the counterpoints that are raised.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “In the pursuit of truth, intent is prior to content, or to the availability of it. The love of truth and the willingness to submit to its demands is the first step.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The mocker will not have the last laugh. You see, dancing on the grave of an extinguished Christianity is farcical at best. Because the grave is empty. And the one who knows the way out of the grave sits in the heavens and laughs.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Goodness can endure a few moments; holiness is life-defining.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “As I see our world, I have never seen greater confusion, greater loss of meaning, greater uncertainty, and greater fear of what looms in front of us. Politics has gotten out of control everywhere. Nobody sees a mascot or a leader, and everyone wants to know what really lies ahead here.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Philosopher William Lane Craig reminds us that an infinite regress of causes is like trying to jump out of a bottomless pit. How do you start if you never reach the bottom? On the other hand, one might well ask, if every birth is a rebirth, what kamma was paid for in his first birth?”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “We are redefining terms and rewriting laws and removing fences everywhere you turn, and we seem to think we can do that with impunity.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Anyone who claims that all religions are the same betrays not only an ignorance of all religions but also a caricatured view of even the best-known ones. Every religion at its core is exclusive.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “I have little doubt that the single greatest obstacle to the impact of the gospel has not been its inability to provide answers, but the failure on our part to live it out.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The antitheist is quick to excoriate all religious belief by generically laying the blame at the door of all who claim to be religious, without distinction. By the same measure, why is there not an equal enthusiasm to distribute blame for violence engendered by some of the irreligious?”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The day that each person willingly accepts himself or herself for who he or she is and acknowledges the uniqueness of God’s framing process marks the beginning of a journey to seeing the handiwork of God in each life.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “All religions do not point to God.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous. For example, if I have evil intent and I galvanize that evil intent with many others, the capacity to destroy is immense. Where goodness is the motive, unity is phenomenal and actually has some good issues to it.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Apologetics is not just giving answers to questions – it is questioning people’s answers, and even questioning their questions. When you question someone’s question, you compel him or her to open up about his or her own assumptions. Our assumptions must be examined.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The atheist risk everything for the present and the future, on the basis of a belief that we are uncaused by any intelligent being. We just happen to be here. That one is willing to live and die in that belief is a very high price to pay for conjecture.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Capturing the beauty of the conversion of the water into wine, the poet Alexander Pope said, “The conscious water saw its Master and blushed.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Malcolm Muggeridge, that peripatetic journalist who traveled the globe for more than six decades of his life, said that if God is dead somebody else is going to have to take His place. It will either be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner. To.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “When we have overcome absence with phone calls, winglessness with airplanes, summer heat with air-conditioning – when we have overcome all these and much more besides, then there will abide two things with which we must cope: the evil in our hearts and death.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Jesus came to save souls in his fathers name with love and only love that is why he turned up as a man, so why can’t we see his real message?”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “My experience at Trinity points up one big difference between Islam and Christianity: Islam shuns a critique of the Quran. If you ask the hard questions of the Quran, you risk being branded, and, in some cases, you even risk your life. The Christian, however, has always been willing to subject the Bible to the severest analysis and is able to come out, knowing that it can survive the blade of the skeptic.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “More than anything else, prayer enables you to see your own heart and brings you into alignment with God’s heart. Prayer is not a monologue in which we imagine ourselves to be communing with God. Rather, it is a dialogue through which God fashions your heart and makes his dream of you a reality. It is truly the treasured gift of the Christian that through direct answers and not-so-direct answers, the follower of Jesus begins to love God for who he is, not for what he may get out of him.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “As Paul Little has pointed out, “If God were to stamp out evil today, he would do a complete job. His action would have to include our lies and personal impurities, our lack of love, and our failure to do good. Suppose God were to decree that at midnight tonight all evil would be removed from the universe – who of us would still be here after midnight?” 23.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “But the greatest dream of all is to know God and to know what he has intended for your life.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “With no fact as a referent, what is normative is purely a matter of preference.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “You see misery, you see misfortune, you see pain, you see suffering. It’s all part of the fatalistic way of looking at life.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “In its essence, faith is a confidence in the person of Jesus Christ and in His power, so that even when His power does not serve my end, my confidence in Him remains because of who He is. Faith for the Christian is the response of trust based on who Jesus Christ claimed to be, and it results in a life that brings both mind and heart in a commitment of love to Him.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “I have infinite knowledge that there is no being in existence with infinite knowledge.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Yet there is nothing so vulgar left in our present cultural experience for which some professor cannot be found somewhere to justify it. Reason has died.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The apostle Paul says in Romans 13:14, “Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” In other words, do not put yourself in a place where you can fall.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “We are at a time when postmodernism defies certainty, truth, and meaning; when spiritualism dabbles in quantum theory; and when randomness has become the order of the day. Isn’t it ironic that at the same time, the world is on the edge of financial bankruptcy because we have conducted our financial affairs in a random fashion, as if there are no absolutes?”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The truth is that whenever a fence is removed, it’s wise to ask why it was put there in the first place.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Marriage brings together not just a man and his wife but their children and their struggles. To suddenly drop the partner who has carried that load with you along life’s journey for all these years for someone with no strings or worries attached is cruel. Marriage is not a commercial enterprise in which you replace a car you have tired of with another one.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “In the gospel message, the beginning of change occurs in the heart of each individual. This heart change makes a difference in the home, then in the community, and ultimately in the nation- and in turn it shapes the future of a cultural ethos.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “The worldview of the Christian faith is simple enough. God has put enough into this world to make faith in him a most reasonable thing. But he has left enough out to make it impossible to live by sheer reason alone. The.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Evil is to life what contradiction is to reason. If an argument is contradictory, reasoning breaks down. If life is consumed by evil, life breaks down.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Faith is a thing of the mind. If you do not believe that God is in control and has formed you for a purpose, then you will flounder on the high seas of purposelessness, drowning in the currents and drifting further into nothingness.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “A calling is simply God’s shaping of your burden and beckoning you to your service to him in the place and pursuit of his choosing.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “Denying the existence of God leads us to preposterous conclusions so that, in the end, the amoral world of the skeptic who simply cannot explain good is worse than the world of the theist who has an explanation for evil.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “I thank the Lord that, even though things were so wrong in my life here, I finally was brought to the realization of what all those struggles were about. There are some wonderful things from your painful past, things with a beauty you may not have realized at the time.”
Ravi Zacharias Quote: “It is theoretically and practically impossible to build any community apart from love and justice. If only one of these two is focused upon, an inevitable extremism and perversion follow.”
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