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Richard Bach Quotes
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Richard Bach Quote: “The first prerequisite of an advanced being is a sense of humor.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Your harshest truths are dreams, and your gentlest dreams are true.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Two thousand years ago, five thousand, they didn’t have a word for imagination, and faith was the best they could come up with for a pretty solemn bunch of followers.”
Richard Bach Quote: “When we put up with any situation we don’t have to put up with, it’s not because we’re dumb. We put up with it, because we want the lesson only that situation can teach, and we want it more than freedom myself.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Humanity is not a gift of nature, it is a spiritual achievement to be earned.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Jonathan Seagull discovered that boredom and fear and anger are the reasons that a gull’s life is so short, and with those gone from his thought, he lived a long fine life indeed.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Silly ideas, worth the admission price in smiles, but they’re true. Is high-energy physics interesting because it’s true or because it’s crazy?”
Richard Bach Quote: “Live enough of what you’ve always dreamed of doing, and there’s no room left for feeling bad.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Why? What is so wonderful about mass murder that nobody in the history of the world has ever fond any smarter solution to problems than killing everybody who doesn’t agree? Is that the limit of human intelligence?”
Richard Bach Quote: “You’ve sacrificed your entire life to be who you are today. Was it worth it?”
Richard Bach Quote: “Does anybody learn writing, or do they just touch someone who lets them see the power of the deleted word?”
Richard Bach Quote: “It’s not when you start that makes your success in the world, but when you quit.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Books arent written on whim or promises. Books are written on years turned inside out by ideas that never let go until you get them in print, and even then writings a last resort, a desperate ransom you pay to get your life back.”
Richard Bach Quote: “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.”
Richard Bach Quote: “I think there’s an invisible principle of living too. If we believe we’re guided through every step of our lives, we are. It’s a lovely sight, watching it work.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Happiness is the reward we get for living to the highest right we know.”
Richard Bach Quote: “I’m a writer as rarely as possible, when forced by an idea too lovely to let die unwritten.”
Richard Bach Quote: “As you believe, so it is for you.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Reason and intellect are opening wedges in an understanding of reality.”
Richard Bach Quote: “As long as we believe in sequential time, we see becoming instead of being. Beyond time, we are all one.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Everything you’ve said, everything you want to believe is already true. You may not find some of it for a while, and some of it might take longer than that, but that doesn’t stop it from being true this minute!”
Richard Bach Quote: “My way of writing a book is completely disorganized – to hurl myself at the problem, over and over.”
Richard Bach Quote: “There’s this wonderful and very important event when we’re born, and we forget everything that’s gone before, or else we’d be such a mass of rememberings that we couldn’t operate successfully on this planet.”
Richard Bach Quote: “What a delighted fascination it is, to stand aside and watch our dearest friend perform on stage without us.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Two things I do value a lot, intimacy and the capacity for joy, didn’t seem to be on anyone else s list. I felt like the stranger in a strange land, and decided I’d better not marry the natives.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Remember where you came from, where you’re going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place. You’re going to die a horrible death, remember. It’s all good training, and you’ll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind. Take your dying with some seriousness, however. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less-advanced life-forms, and they’ll call you crazy.”
Richard Bach Quote: “I don’t want to do business with those who don’t make a profit, because they can’t give the best service.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Were we, also, hiking along some cosmic journal page? Were the events about us all part of a message we could understand, if only we found the right perspective from which to read them? Somehow, with our long series of miracles, I thought so.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Allow the world to live as it chooses, and allow yourself to live as you choose.”
Richard Bach Quote: “If we agree that the world is not what it seems, then we have an important question: What shall we do about it?”
Richard Bach Quote: “How can a deer tell when a leaf falls silent in the forest? She hears it breathing differently.”
Richard Bach Quote: “With every choice you risk the life you would have had; with every decision, you lose it.”
Richard Bach Quote: “In the highest sense, we are all creatures of light. And I have a very difficult time talking with people who are cynical about the world. “The world is no damn good, and we’re all animals,” and that kind of thing. Well, I’m an animal.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Shop for security over happiness and we buy it at that price.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Sense of family is enormously important to me. In the larger sense, we’re all of us family; we’re all of us soulmates.”
Richard Bach Quote: “The gulls who scorn perfection for the sake of travel go nowhere, slowly. Those who put aside travel for the sake of perfection go anywhere, instantly.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Everything in this book may be wrong. – The Savior’s Manual.”
Richard Bach Quote: “I’ve learned that it is what I do not know that I fear, and I strive, outwardly from pride, inwardly from the knowledge that the unknown is what will finally kill me, to know all there is to be known about my airplane. I will never die.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Heaven is not a place, and it’s not a time. Heaven is being perfect.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Two words: Love leads. Listen to that ring of love within. If we follow that leading of love we’ll be guaranteed an adventurous, positive, joyful life.”
Richard Bach Quote: “My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien, still a stranger to the ground, I am home.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Judge not by the form of the messenger, but the form of the message.”
Richard Bach Quote: “How is it we’re the lucky ones, living a life that the children-we-were took for dreams?”
Richard Bach Quote: “You are free to smile in the midst of massive tests and challenges, knowing that you have chosen to play this game, and that you have dominion over all the appearances of earth.”
Richard Bach Quote: “I have always wanted an adventurous life. It took a long time to realize that I was the only one who could make an adventurous life happen to me.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Before you’ll change, something important must be at risk.”
Richard Bach Quote: “There are grand rewards for those who pick the high hard roads, but those rewards are hidden by years.”
Richard Bach Quote: “Whatever it is that calls us, that’s our path. And as we walk that path, we have a chance to shine forth who we are. It affects other people around us.”
Richard Bach Quote: “You seek problems because you need their gifts.”
Richard Bach Quote: “WE THINK, sometimes, there’s not a dragon left. Not one brave knight, not a single princess gliding through secret forests, enchanting deer and butterflies with her smile. We think sometimes that ours is an age past frontiers, past adventures. Destiny, it’s way over the horizon; glowing shadows galloped past long ago, and gone. What a pleasure to be wrong.”
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