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Richard Carlson Quote: “One of the cardinal rules of joyful living is that judging others takes a great deal of energy and, without exception, pulls you away from where you want to be.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “When you allow yourself to be bored, it takes an enormous amount of pressure off you to be performing and doing something every second of every day. Now, when either of my two children says to me, “Daddy, I’m bored,” I respond by saying, “Great, be bored for a while. It’s good for you.” Once I say this, they always give up on the idea of me solving their problem.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “The fact that we can’t see the beauty in something doesn’t suggest that it’s not there. Rather, it suggests that we are not looking carefully enough or with a broad enough perspective to see it.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “I used to be the type of person who would jump in and try to solve a problem without being asked. Not only did my efforts prove fruitless, they were also almost always unappreciated, and sometimes even resented.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Our limited perspective, our hopes and fears become our measure of life, and when circumstances don’t fit our ideas, they become our difficulties.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquility conflict with each other.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “You’ll also notice that, as you reach out and let others be “right,” they will become less defensive and more loving toward you.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “It’s the recognition that other people’s problems, their pain and frustrations, are every bit as real as our own – often far worse. In recognizing this fact and trying to offer some assistance, we open our hearts and greatly enhance our sense of gratitude.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “People who live the most fulfilling lives are the ones who are always rejoicing at what they have.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “We deny the parts of ourselves that we deem unacceptable rather than accepting the fact that we’re all less than perfect.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Love your plant whether it blooms or not, whether it lives or dies.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Inner peace is accomplished by understanding and accepting the inevitable contradictions of life – the pain and pleasure, success and failure, joy and sorrow, births and deaths. Problems can teach us to be gracious, humble, and patient.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Now is the only time we have, and the only time we have any control over.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “The more patient you are, the more accepting you will be of what is, rather than insisting that life be exactly as you would like it to be.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “I am certain that a quiet mind is the foundation of inner peace. And inner peace translates into outer peace.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Often a single act of kindness sets a series of kind acts in motion.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Admit that you’re wrong- or that you’ve made a mistake.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “If we all based our love on our children’s behavior, it would often be difficult to love them at all. If love were based purely on behavior, then perhaps none of us would ever have been loved as a teenager!”
Richard Carlson Quote: “We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do little things with great love.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “A low mood is not the time to analyze your life. To do so is emotional suicide.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “If you want your life to stand for peace and kindness, it’s helpful to do kind, peaceful things.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Most of us spend too much time wishing that people would be other than they are.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “If you do, there will come a day when you’ll rarely feel the need to do battle at all.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “No one has the right to force you to violate your own privacy.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Many people spend their entire lifetimes wishing that other people would acknowledge them. They feel this especially about their parents, spouses, children, and friends.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “You don’t need to change your core beliefs or your deepest held positions. All you’re doing is expanding your mind and opening your heart to new ideas.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “The next time you feel low, for whatever reason, remind yourself, “This too shall pass.” It will.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “100: Live This Day as if It Were Your Last.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Try to maintain the perspective that, in time, everything disintegrates and returns to its initial form.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “It seems that we have it backward in our society. We tend to look up to people who are under a great deal of stress, who can handle loads of stress, and those who are under a great deal of pressure.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “This is pretty simple stuff. But the truth is, the reality of making money and wise decisions isn’t very complicated. However, not many people understand the importance of a don’t-worry attitude. If you do, you’re one step ahead of the game.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “It is in our lowest moods, when we are least equipped to do so, that we are tempted to try to solve problems or resolve issues with others.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “One of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself is, “Do I want to be ‘right’ – or do I want to be happy?” Many times, the two are mutually exclusive!”
Richard Carlson Quote: “It’s always a good idea to ask yourself, Where is this decision likely to lead? When you do, you can avoid many hassles and mistakes that are otherwise inevitable. By asking this simple question, you can keep your energy directed in areas that will serve you and others well.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Success originates in the mind and translates into the material world.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “When we’re busy making “other plans,” our children are busy growing up, the people we love are moving away and dying, our bodies are getting out of shape, and our dreams are slipping away. In short, we miss out on life.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Rather than stumbling and fighting against their negative feelings, they are graceful in their acceptance of them.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Mental health has commonly been called conscience, instinct, wisdom, common sense, or the inner voice. We.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Fear is the single most self-defeating emotion in our lives.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Remember, when you die, there will still be unfinished business to take care of. And you know what? Someone else will do it for you! Don’t waste any more precious moments of your life regretting the inevitable.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Patience adds a dimension of ease and acceptance to your life.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Although airing your grievances with others may help you feel less alone and on rare occasions gets you good advice, more often than not it keeps you stuck in a bad mood.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Trust in your own instincts and wisdom, and not in the words and fears of experts.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “Your thoughts always create your emotions. Understanding the significance of this fact is the first step in escaping from unhappiness and depression.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “While eating dessert, we ponder what we should do afterward. After that evening, it’s “What should we do this weekend?” After we’ve been out, we walk into the house and immediately turn on the television, pick up the phone, open a book, or start cleaning. It’s almost as though we’re frightened at the thought of not having something to do, even for a minute.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “If you want to be a more peaceful person you must understand that being right is almost never more important than allowing yourself to be happy.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “My best friend, Benjamin Shield, taught me this valuable lesson. Often our inner struggles come from our tendency to jump on board someone else’s problem; someone throws you a concern and you assume you must catch it, and respond.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “In low moods we lose our perspective and everything seems urgent.”
Richard Carlson Quote: “While most of us wouldn’t write ourselves a nasty letter, read it, and then feel offended, this is precisely what we do with regard to our thinking. We.”
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