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Richard J. Foster Quotes
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Richard J. Foster Quote: “We over-eat, over-buy, and over-built, spewing out our toxic wastes upon the earth and into the air.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Dallas Willard writes, “If you want to experience the flow of love as never before, the next time you are in a competitive situation, pray that the others around you will be more outstanding, more praised, and more used of God than yourself. If Christians were universally to do this for each other, the earth would soon be filled with the knowledge of God’s glory.”4.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Study cannot happen until we are subject to the subject.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Law will take over because law always carries with it a sense of security and manipulative power.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Let us be among those who believe that the inner transformation of our lives is a goal worthy of our best effort. -P. 11.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Celebration comes when the common features of life are redeemed.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “There is a need today for what I call prophetic simplicity. We need voices of dissent that point to another way, creative models that take exception to the givens of society.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “It is one thing to act like a servant; it is quite another to be a servant.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “It is important to recognize this fact and be easy with yourself. This time will pass – sooner than you think. Rather than trying to pray in some fanciful isolation that you will never find, discover God in your times with your baby. God will become real to you through your baby.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “The mind will always take on an order conforming to that upon which it concentrates.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “A farmer is helpless to grow grain; all he can do is provide the right conditions for the growing of grain. He cultivates the ground, he plants the seed, he waters the plants, and then the natural forces of the earth take over and up comes the grain... This is the way it is with the Spiritual Disciplines – they are a way of sowing to the Spirit... By themselves the Spiritual Disciplines can do nothing; they can only get us to the place where something can be done.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Children do not find it difficult or complicated to talk to their parents, nor do they feel embarrassed to bring the simplest need to their attention. Neither should we hesitate to bring the simplest requests confidently to the Father.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Confession is a difficult discipline for us, because we all too often view the believing community as a fellowship of saints before we see it as a fellowship of sinners. We feel that everyone else has advanced so far into holiness that we are isolated and alone in our sin.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “It is an occupational hazard of devout folk to become stuffy bores. This should not be. Of all people, we should be the most free, alive, interesting.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “We are not trying to manipulate God and tell Him what to do. Rather, we are asking Him to tell us what to do.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “The truly Christian imagination never lets Jesus Christ out of her sight.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “When we despair of gaining inner transformation through human powers of will and determination, we are open to a wonderful new realization: inner righteousness is a gift from God to be graciously received. The needed change within us is God’s work, not ours. The demand is for an inside job, and only God can work from the inside. We cannot attain or earn this righteousness of the kingdom of God; it is a grace that is given.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Prayer is seeing His greatness to the extent we can receive it.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Jesus Christ and all the writers of the New Testament call us to break free of mammon lust and live in joyous trust... They point us toward a way of living in which everything we have we receive as a gift, and everything we have is cared for by God, and everything we have is available to others when it is right and good. This reality frames the heart of Christian simplicity. It is the means of liberation and power to do what is right and to overcome the forces of fear and avarice.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Cause every task of your day to be a sacred ministry to the Lord. however mundane your duties, for you they are a sacrament.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “We do not have to have the correct answers to listen well. In fact, often the correct answers are a hindrance to listening well, for we become more anxious to give the correct answer than to hear.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “We who have turned our lives over to Christ need to know how very much he longs to eat with us, to commune with us. He desires a perpetual Eucharistic feast in the inner sanctuary of the heart.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Meditation sends us into our ordinary world with greater perspective and balance.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “To confess your sins to God is not to tell God anything God doesn’t already know. Until you confess them, however, they are the abyss between you. When you confess them, they become the Golden Gate Bridge.” – Frederick Buechner, Beyond Words.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Remember that the key to the Discipline of study is not reading many books, but experiencing what we do read.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “The great writings interact with one another. They cannot be read in isolation...”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “To use good things to our own ends is always a false religion.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Restriction often enhances clarity.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “The moment we feel we can succeed and attain victory over sin by the strength of our will alone is the moment we are worshiping the will.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Spiritual Disciplines involve doing what we can do to receive from God the power to do what we cannot.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “If we are a people rich in social relationships, we are rich indeed. Whenever we develop significant friendships with those who are not like us culturally, we become broader, wiser persons.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “In contemporary society our Adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry, and crowds.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “It is precisely in the “slop-bucket job” – the work that we abhor – where we will find God the most. We do not need to have good feelings or a warm glow in order to do work for the glory of God. All good work is pleasing to the Father. Even the jobs that seem meaningless and mindless to us are highly valued in the order of the kingdom of God. God values the ordinary.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “The Bible is the loving heart of God made visible and plain. And receiving this message of exquisite love is the great privilege of all who long for life with God.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Do we see a college education, for example, as a ticket to privilege or as a training for service to the needy? What do we teach our teenagers in this matter? Do we urge them to enter college because it will better equip them to serve? Or do we try to bribe them with promises of future status and salary increases? No wonder they graduate more deeply concerned about their standard of living than about suffering humanity. As.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “I want to mention one other reason why we shy away from commitment. It is, very simply, the fear that we will not be able to fulfill our covenant. We may have made commitments in the past that we were not able to fulfill – perhaps a marriage vow or a promise to our children. Or it could have been something far more simple – a pledge to be diligent in devotional reading, for example.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Leo Tolstoy observes, “Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “There simply are no biblical laws that command regular fasting. Our freedom in the gospel, however, does not mean license; it means opportunity.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Your prayer must be turned inwards, not towards a God of Heaven nor towards a God far off, but towards God who is closer to you than you are aware.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Through prayer and study, worship and service, we regularly digest God’s word into the core of our being, where it feeds and transforms us. Continue.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Because we lack a divine Center our need for security has led us into an insane attachment to things.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Darkness is a definite experience of prayer. It is to be expected, even embraced.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Conversion does not make us perfect, but it does catapult us into a total experience of discipleship that affects – and infects – every sphere of our living.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “True service is a lifestyle. It acts from the ingrained patterns of living. It springs spontaneously to meet human need.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “We pass from thinking of God as part of our life to the realization that we are part of his life.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “God’s blessing is not for personal aggrandizement, but to benefit and bless all the peoples of the earth. To understand the distinction makes all the difference in the world. The theology of wealth says, ‘I give so that I can get.’ Christian simplicity says, ‘I get so that I can give.’ The difference is profound.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “If we watch the interactions between human beings, we will receive a graduate-level education.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “But when we pray, genuinely pray, the real condition of our heart is revealed. This is as it should be. This is when God truly begins to work with us. The adventure is just beginning.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “Lord, take as your right, and receive as my gift, all my freedom, my memory, my understanding and my will. Whatever I am and whatever I possess, you have given it to me; I restore it all to you again, to be at your disposal, according to your will. Give me only a love for you, and the gift of your grace; then I am rich enough, and ask for nothing more. – St. Ignatius of Loyola.”
Richard J. Foster Quote: “If we are to progress in the spiritual walk so that the Disciplines are a blessing and not a curse, we must come to the place in our lives where we can lay down the everlasting burden of always needing to manage others.”
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