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Top 500 Rick Warren Quotes (2023 Update)
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Rick Warren Quote: “But no one who is lost has lost one ounce of value to God. Even if you don’t have a relationship with him, you have immense value to God.”
Rick Warren Quote: “A Christian ought to speak kindly even when given the opportunity to retaliate.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Wearing a mask wears you out. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Worry is really just a form of atheism. Every time you worry, you’re acting like an atheist. You’re saying, “It all depends on me.” That’s just not in the Bible.”
Rick Warren Quote: “The goal of ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ is to help people develop a heart for the world.”
Rick Warren Quote: “There’s nothing in your life you can’t learn from, if you respond with the right attitude.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Faith is choosing and believing God’s dream for your life. Nothing starts happening in your life until you start dreaming. God gave you the ability to dream, to create, to imagine.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Life is not fair, but one day God’s going to settle the score. He’s going to right the wrongs. So, who can get better justice – you or God?”
Rick Warren Quote: “Surrender is not the best way to live; it is the only way to live. Nothing else works.”
Rick Warren Quote: “You were born by his purpose and for his purpose.”
Rick Warren Quote: “God hates loneliness, and community is God’s answer to loneliness. When we walk alongside other people, we find a community where we learn how to love.”
Rick Warren Quote: “If your activities don’t match your priorities, you are wasting your life.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Failure isn’t a character quality. It’s just an event. How you respond to failure is your character.”
Rick Warren Quote: “The very first task of leadership is to set the vision for the organization. If you don’t set the vision, you’re not the leader.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Leadership is learned, earned, and discerned. You develop it. It’s based on trust and credibility. Others see it in you. You can’t demand it.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Forgiveness must be immediate, whether or not a person asks for it. Trust must be rebuilt over time. Trust requires a track record.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Your past, present, and future are taken care of as you put your trust in Jesus.”
Rick Warren Quote: “The Bible offers three metaphors that teach us God’s view of life: Life is a test, life is a trust, and life is a temporary assignment.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Life is a school and problems are the curriculum.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Anytime you feel jealous or envious, you reject your uniqueness. It’s a criticism of God’s plan for you.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Only changed people can change the world. Start with yourself.”
Rick Warren Quote: “At first opposites attract. Then opposites attack.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.”
Rick Warren Quote: “In deep pain, people don’t need logic, advice, encouragement, or even Scripture. They just need you to show up and shut up.”
Rick Warren Quote: “I could imagine God saying to a lot of us, “Hey, I’m God, and you’re not. You’re not the general manager of the universe.” And the greatest stress reliever is take God seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Jesus modeled a purpose-driven life, and he taught others how to live it, too. That was the ‘work’ that brought glory to God.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Worry is the warning light that shows I’ve stopped looking to God to meet my needs.”
Rick Warren Quote: “The purpose of your life fits into a much larger, cosmic purpose that God has designed for eternity.”
Rick Warren Quote: “At most, you will live a hundred years on earth, but you will spend forever in eternity.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Limited faith, limited future. Unlimited faith, unlimited future.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Every time you defeat a temptation, you become more like Jesus!”
Rick Warren Quote: “Don’t let your net worth determine your self worth.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Jesus is knocking at your door. Take hold of the better life by letting him into your life. Make him the boss of your life. It’ll change everything.”
Rick Warren Quote: “In our final moments we all realize that relationships are what life is all about. Wisdom is learning that truth sooner rather than later.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Becoming like Christ is a long, slow process of growth.”
Rick Warren Quote: “The most damaging aspect of contemporary living is short-term thinking.”
Rick Warren Quote: “If you want God to bless you and use you greatly, you must be willing to walk with a limp the rest of your life, because God uses weak people.”
Rick Warren Quote: “You do not grow stronger by accident – you grow stronger by intention.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Your illness is not your identity. Your chemistry is not your character.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Sacrifice is the essence of love, which is the essence of God.”
Rick Warren Quote: “I believe that you measure the health or strength of a church by its sending capacity rather than its seating capacity.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Your value is not determined by your valuables, and God says the most valuable things in life are not things!”
Rick Warren Quote: “You weren’t put on earth to be remembered. You were put here to prepare for eternity.”
Rick Warren Quote: “When you feel abandoned by God yet continue to trust him in spite of your feelings, you worship him in the deepest way.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Every problem is a character-building opportunity, and the more difficult it is, the greater the potential for building spiritual muscle and moral fiber.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Whenever you feel unimportant, unloved, or insecure, remember to who you belong.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Longing for the ideal while criticizing the real is evidence of immaturity. On the other hand, settling for the real without striving for the ideal is complacency. Maturity is living with the tension.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Gods plan isn’t a map for your life that you see all at once, but a scroll unrolled a little at a time.”
Rick Warren Quote: “Great leaders inspire. They maintain a hopeful attitude, even in the face of discouraging setbacks, constant criticism and abundant opposition. People don’t follow discouraged leaders. They follow those who persist with hope.”
Rick Warren Quote: “There’s a Grand Designer behind everything. Your life is not a result of random chance, fate, or luck. There is a master plan. History is His story. God is pulling the strings.”
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