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Robert Greene Quote: “The mind must not wander from goal to goal, or be distracted by success from its sense of purpose and proportion. What is concentrated, coherent, and connected to its past has power. What is dissipated, divided, and distended rots and falls to the ground. The bigger it bloats, the harder it falls.”
Robert Greene Quote: “This kind of feigned naturalness has countless applications in daily life, where nothing is more dangerous than looking smarter than the next person; the Natural pose is the perfect way to disguise your cleverness. But if you are uncontrollably childish and cannot turn it off, you run the risk of seeming pathetic, earning not sympathy but pity and disgust.”
Robert Greene Quote: “If you need inspiration, find the part of the target that most irritates you and use it as a springboard for some therapeutic conflict. The more real your cruelty, the more effective it is.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Your targets cannot idealize you if they know too much about you, if they start to see you as all too human. Not only must you maintain a degree of distance, but there must be something fantastical and bewitching about you, sparking all kinds of delightful possibilities in their mind.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Daily Law: Think back on the moments when you felt deeply and personally connected to an activity. Think about the pleasure it brought you. In such activities are signs of your true purpose. Mastery, I: Discover Your Calling – The Life’s Task.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Act before it becomes impossible to disentangle one strand of misery from another, or to see how the whole thing started.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Everything in daily life is hurried and improvised, and you need to offer something different. By taking your time and respecting the seductive process you will not only break down your victim’s resistance, you will make them fall in love.”
Robert Greene Quote: “What money should buy is not lifeless objects but power over people.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Always make those above you feel comfortably superior.”
Robert Greene Quote: “The Vulture. Of all the creatures in the jungle, he has it the easiest. The hard work of others becomes his work; their failure to survive becomes his nourishment. Keep an eye on the Vulture – while you are hard at work, he is circling above. Do not fight him, join him.”
Robert Greene Quote: “The game you want to play is different: to instead find a niche in the ecology that you can dominate.”
Robert Greene Quote: “50 Cent is a master player at power, a kind of hip-hop Napoleon Bonaparte.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Every time I bestow a vacant office I make a hundred discontented persons and one ingrate. Louis XIV, 1638-1715.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Thus for my own part I have more than once been deceived by the person I loved most and of whose love, above everyone else’s, I have been most confident. So that I believe that it may be right to love and serve one person above all others, according to merit and worth, but never to trust so much in this tempting trap of friendship as to have cause to repent of it later on. BALDASSARE CASTIGLIONE, 1478-1529.”
Robert Greene Quote: “The problem in trying to prove a point or gain a victory through argument is that in the end you can never be certain how it affects the people you’re arguing with: They may appear to agree with you politely, but inside they may resent you.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Absence diminishes minor passions and inflames great ones, as the wind douses a candle and fans a fire. La Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680 OBSERVANCE.”
Robert Greene Quote: “We have a continual desire to communicate our feelings and yet at the same time the need to conceal them for proper social functioning.”
Robert Greene Quote: “We see people not as they are, but as they appear to us. And these appearances are usually misleading.”
Robert Greene Quote: “There is nothing to be gained by insulting a person unnecessarily. Swallow the impulse to offend, even if the other person seems weak. The satisfaction is meager compared to the danger that someday he or she will be in a position to hurt you.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content, The quiet mind is richer than a crown...”
Robert Greene Quote: “Every day you face battles – that is the reality for all creatures in their struggle to survive. But the greatest battle of all is with yourself – your weaknesses, your emotions, your lack of resolution in seeing things through to the end.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Our continual connection to social media makes us prone to new forms of viral emotional effects. These are not media designed for calm reflection. With their constant presence, we have less and less mental space to step back and think.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Power is essentially amoral and one of the most important skills to acquire is the ability to see circumstances rather than good or evil. Power is a game – this cannot be repeated too often – and in games you do not judge your opponents by their intentions but by the effect of their actions.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Second, you must convince yourself of the following: people get the mind and quality of brain that they deserve through their actions in life.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Impatience, on the other hand, only makes you look weak. It is a principal impediment to power. Power.”
Robert Greene Quote: “It is the height of stupidity to believe that in the course of your short life, your few decades of consciousness, you can somehow rewire the configurations of your brain through technology and wishful thinking, overcoming the effect of six million years of development. To go against the grain might bring temporary distraction, but time will mercilessly expose your weakness and impatience.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Emotions cloud reason, and if you cannot see the situation clearly, you cannot prepare for and respond to it with any degree of control. Anger.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Making money or being successful should be a natural result of this ideal and not the goal itself.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Forgetting our objectives. – During the journey we commonly forget its goal. Almost every profession is chosen and commenced as a means to an end but continued as an end in itself. Forgetting our objectives is the most frequent of all acts of stupidity. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, 1844.”
Robert Greene Quote: “The secret enemy, though, will react with anger. Any strong emotion and you will know that there’s something boiling under the surface. Often the best way to get people to reveal themselves is to provoke tension and argument.”
Robert Greene Quote: “The lesson is simple: it may be too late to be spoiled by a parent, but it is never too late to make other people spoil you. It is all in your attitude. People are drawn to those who expect a lot out of life, whereas they tend to disrespect those who are fearful and undemanding.”
Robert Greene Quote: “If you lead the sucker down a familiar path, he won’t catch on when you lead him into a trap.”
Robert Greene Quote: “You cannot hit two targets with one arrow. If your thoughts stray, you miss your enemies’ heart. Mind and arrow must become one.”
Robert Greene Quote: “When you are faced with deficiencies instead of strengths and inclinations, this is the strategy you must assume: ignore your weaknesses and resist the temptation to be more like others.”
Robert Greene Quote: “We want to learn the lesson and not repeat the experience. But in truth, we do not like to look too closely at what we did; our introspection is limited. Our natural response is to blame others, circumstances, or a momentary lapse of judgment.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Establishing your differences with the mentor is an important part of your self-development, whether he is of the good or bad parent type.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Your mind is the starting point of all war and all strategy. A mind that is easily overwhelmed by emotion, that is rooted in the past instead of the present, that cannot see the world with clarity and urgency, will create strategies that will always miss the mark.”
Robert Greene Quote: “According to Freud, seduction begins early in life, in our relationship with our parents. They seduce us physically, both with bodily contact and by satisfying desires such as hunger, and we in turn try to seduce them into paying us attention. We are creatures by nature vulnerable to seduction throughout our lives.”
Robert Greene Quote: “What does it matter if another player, your friend or rival, intended good things and had only your interests at heart, if the effects of his action lead to so much ruin and confusion?”
Robert Greene Quote: “Selfishness is one of the qualities apt to inspire love. – NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE.”
Robert Greene Quote: “And at the core of this intensity of effort is in fact a quality that is genetic and inborn – not talent or brilliance, which is something that must be developed, but rather a deep and powerful inclination toward a particular subject.”
Robert Greene Quote: “To help yourself to cultivate serendipity, you should keep a notebook with you at all times. The moment any idea or observation comes, you note it down. You keep the notebook by your bed, careful to record ideas that come in those moments of fringe awareness – just before falling asleep, or just upon waking.”
Robert Greene Quote: “Van Gogh didn’t paint for money either. He only sold two paintings in his whole lifetime. Robert:.”
Robert Greene Quote: “A false path in life is generally something we are attracted to for the wrong reasons – money, fame, attention, and so on. If it is attention we need, we often experience a kind of emptiness inside that we are hoping to fill with the false love of public approval.”
Robert Greene Quote: “I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it – and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.”
Robert Greene Quote: “As the great physicist Max Planck put it, scientists “must have a vivid intuitive imagination, for new ideas are not generated by deduction, but by an artistically creative imagination.”
Robert Greene Quote: “We force ourselves to step outside our inner chamber of habitual thoughts and connect to the world, to other people, to reality.”
Robert Greene Quote: “The more you are in contact with others, the more graceful and at ease you become. Isolation, on the other hand, engenders an awkwardness in your gestures, and leads to further isolation, as people start avoiding you.”
Robert Greene Quote: “What if we could find out what causes us to lie about who we are, or to inadvertently push people away?”
Robert Greene Quote: “The fetish is an object that commands an emotional response and that makes us breathe life into it. Because it is an object we can imagine whatever we want to about it.”
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