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Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Ceremonies large and small have the power to focus attention to a way of living awake in the world. The visible became invisible, merging with the soil. It may have been a secondhand ceremony, but even through my confusion I recognized that the earth drank it up as if it were right. The land knows you, even when you are lost.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “You can tell they are sisters: one twines easily around the other in relaxed embrace while the sweet baby sister lolls at their feet, close, but not too close.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “We are thankful to our Mother the Earth, for she gives us everything that we need for life. She supports our feet as we walk about upon her. It gives us joy that she still continues to care for us, just as she has from the beginning of time. To our Mother, we send thanksgiving, love, and respect. Now our minds are one.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “But I think I cannot own a thing and love it at the same time. Owning diminishes the innate sovereignty of a thing, enriching the possessor and reducing the possessed. – Barbara Kingsolver writes, ‘It’s going to take the most selfless kind of love to do right by what we cherish and give it the protection to flourish outside our possessive embrace’.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The question of goldenrod and aster was of course just emblematic of what I really wanted to know. It was an architecture of relationships, of connections that I yearned to understand. I wanted to see the shimmering threads that hold it all together. And I wanted to know why we love the world, why the most ordinary scrap of meadow can rock us back on our heels in awe.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Ignorance makes it too easy to jump to conclusions.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Despair is paralysis. It robs us of agency. It blinds us to our own power and the power of the earth.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Ceremonies large and small have the power to focus attention to a way of living awake in the world. The visible became invisible, merging with the soil.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The storytellers begin by calling upon those who came before who passed the stories down to us, for we are only messengers.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “A fishnet catches fish, a bug net catches bugs. But a water net catches nothing, save what cannot be held. Mothering is like that, a net of living threads to lovingly encircle what it cannot possibly hold, what will eventually move through it.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The world is more than your thoughtless commute.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “One story leads to the generous embrace of the living world, the other to banishment. One woman is our ancestral gardener, a cocreator of the good green world that would be the home of her descendants. The other was an exile, just passing through an alien world on a rough road to her real home in heaven. And then they met – the offspring of Skywoman and the children of Eve – and the land around us bears the scars of that meeting, the echoes of our stories.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “A printmaker I know showed me that if you stare for a long time at a block of yellow and then shift your gaze to a white sheet of paper, you will see it, for a moment, as violet. This phenomenon – the colored afterimage – occurs because there is energetic reciprocity between purple and yellow pigments, which goldenrod and asters knew well before we did.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “On one side of the world were people whose relationship with the living world was shaped by Skywoman, who created a garden for the well-being of all. On the other side.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “We are deluged by information regarding our destruction of the world and hear almost nothing about how to nurture it. It is no surprise then that environmentalism becomes synonymous with dire predictions and powerless feelings. Our natural inclination to do right by the world is stifled, breeding despair when it should be inspiring action.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The consumption-driven mind-set masquerades as “qualify of life” but eats us from within... But Governments still cling to the neoclassical fallacy that human consumption has no consequences.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Cautionary stories of the consequences of taking too much are ubiquitous in Native cultures, but it’s hard to recall a single one in English. Perhaps this helps to explain why we seem to be caught in a trap of overconsumption, which is as destructive to ourselves as to those we consume.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “You don’t show your love and care by putting what you love behind a fence. You have to be involved.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Doing dishes has gotten a bad rap, but everyone who migrates to the kitchen after a meal knows that that’s where the laughter happens, the good conversations, the friendships. Doing dishes, like doing restoration, forms relationships.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Our teacher, Justin Neely, a young man devoted to language revival, explains that while there are several words for thank you, there is no word for please. Food was meant to be shared, no added politeness needed; it was simply a cultural given that one was asking respectfully. The missionaries took this absence as further evidence of crude manners.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Their dad had just pulled up stakes, left the country – and us. He said that he no longer wanted a life with so much responsibility, so the responsibility was all mine.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “As it grew closer, they could see that it was a woman arms outstretched, long black hair billowing behind as she spiralled toward them.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “If you didn’t know better, you might not recognize raindrops and rivers as kin, so different are the particular and the collective.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “A harvest is made honorable when it sustains the giver as well as the taker.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “When times are easy and there’s plenty to go around, individual species can go it alone. But when conditions are harsh and life is tenuous, it takes a team sworn to reciprocity to keep life going forward. In a world of scarcity, interconnection and mutual aid become critical for survival.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “But when you feel that the earth loves you in return, that feeling transforms the relationship from a one-way street into a sacred bond.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “When botanists go walking the forests and fields looking for plants, we say we are going on a foray. When writers do the same, we should call it a metaphoray, and the land is rich in both. We need them both; scientist and poet Jeffrey Burton Russell writes that “as the sign of a deeper truth, metaphor was close to sacrament. Because the vastness and richness cannot be expressed by the overt sense of a statement alone.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Here you will give your gifts and meet your responsibilities.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “So I offer, in its place, a braid of stories meant to heal our relationship with the world.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “On the other side was another woman with a garden and a tree. But for tasting its fruit, she was banished from the garden and the gates clanged shut behind her. That mother of men was made to wander in the wilderness and earn her bread by the sweat of her brow, not by filling her mouth with the sweet juicy fruits that bend the branches low. In order to eat, she was instructed to subdue the wilderness into which she was cast.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “We’ve allowed the “market” to define what we value so that the redefined common good seems to depend on profligate lifestyles that enrich the sellers while impoverishing the soul and the earth.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “To destroy a wild thing for pride seems a potent act of domination.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “I’m told that the Chinese character for catastrophe is the same as that which represents opportunity.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The student told me that, when she came to the United States, the greatest culture shock she experienced was not language or food or technology, but waste.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Creation stories offer a glimpse into the worldview of a people, of how they understand themselves, their place in the world, and the ideals to which they aspire. Likewise, the collective fears and deepest values of a people are also seen in the visage of the monsters they create.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Many of our ancient teachings counsel that whatever we have been given is supposed to be given away again.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “That is the fundamental nature of gifts: they move, and their value increases with their passage. The fields made a gift of berries to us and we made a gift of them to our father. The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes. This is hard to grasp for societies steeped in notions of private property, where others are, by definition, excluded from sharing.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The gifts of the earth are to be shared, but gifts are not limitless. The generosity of the earth is not an invitation to take it all. Every bowl has a bottom. When it’s empty, it’s empty.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Biologists may make unsuitable dinner conversation, but we are seldom bored.”
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