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Top 200 Robin Wall Kimmerer Quotes (2023 Update)
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Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “A fishnet catches fish, a bug net catches bugs. But a water net catches nothing, save what cannot be held. Mothering is like that, a net of living threads to lovingly encircle what it cannot possibly hold, what will eventually move through it.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The world is more than your thoughtless commute.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “All amphibians are tethered to the pond by their evolutionary history, the most primitive vertebrates to make the transition from the aquatic life of their ancestors to life on land.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Ceremonies large and small have the power to focus attention to a way of living awake in the world. The visible became invisible, merging with the soil.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “A printmaker I know showed me that if you stare for a long time at a block of yellow and then shift your gaze to a white sheet of paper, you will see it, for a moment, as violet. This phenomenon – the colored afterimage – occurs because there is energetic reciprocity between purple and yellow pigments, which goldenrod and asters knew well before we did.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “All those nutrients field the growth of more new plants, in an accelerating cycle. This is the way for many ponds–the bottom gradually fills in until the pond becomes a marsh and maybe someday a meadow and then a forest. Ponds grow old, and though I will too, I like the ecological idea of aging as progressive enrichment, rather than progressive loss.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “It reminds the whole community that leadership is rooted not in power and authority, but in service and wisdom.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “I’m told that the Chinese character for catastrophe is the same as that which represents opportunity.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The student told me that, when she came to the United States, the greatest culture shock she experienced was not language or food or technology, but waste.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote: “Ceremony focuses attention so that attention becomes intention.”
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