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Russell Brand Quotes
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Russell Brand Quote: “You can never quench your spiritual craving through material means.”
Russell Brand Quote: “We live in a society in which we all, as individuals and as nations, compete for resources. We are told this is nature’s way. My nature cannot long abide it. I become too lonely, locked within my skin.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Companies’ motives to make profit means they neglect inherent social or moral values.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Yes, people made mistakes but that’s what humans do and I am under no obligation to hoard these errors and allow them to clutter my perception of the present.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Me and the plan just need a bit more time’, I used to think, a bit more time and a bottle of wine, a bit more time and one more pipe, a bit more time and a slice of cake, a bit more time and a threesome, for luck.”
Russell Brand Quote: “This is an invitation to change. This is complicated only in that most of us are quite divided, usually part of us wants to change a negative and punishing behaviour, whereas another part wants to hold on to it. For me Recovery is a journey from a lack of awareness to awareness. Let.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I always felt I was rather too clever for something like a ‘program for living’, certainly one that had any religious overtones. It’s not that I thought that religion was ‘the opiate of the masses’, if it was, I would’ve had some, I loved opium. It’s that I thought it was dumb. Drab, dry, dumb, shouty, hysterical, dumb. Small-town dumb. Foreign dumb.”
Russell Brand Quote: “To make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Over the road there was a church: a modern gray building, which constantly played a recording of church bells. Strange it was. Why no proper bells? I never went in but I bet it was a robot church for androids, where the Bible was in binary and their Jesus had laser eyes and metal claws.”
Russell Brand Quote: “In a worrying template for later sexual activity, my first and second kisses occurred within seconds of each other, with different girls.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I felt that I was finally in alignment: that at last I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.”
Russell Brand Quote: “You have to forgive everyone for everything. You can’t cling on to any blame that you may be using to make sense of the story of your life.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The truth is: there is on this frequency, from our human perspective, a planet, some beings, some resources; would it not be sensible to employ systems that benefit the planet, the beings, and the resources?”
Russell Brand Quote: “When people are content they are difficult to manoeuvre. We are perennially discontent and offered placebos as remedies.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I’ve never had a sustained period of medication for mental illness when I’ve not been on other drugs as well. It’s just not something that I particularly feel I need. I know that I have dramatically changing moods, and I know sometimes I feel really depressed, but I think that’s just life. I don’t think of it as, “Ah, this is mental illness,” more as, “Today, life makes me feel very sad.” I know I also get unnaturally high levels of energy and quickness of thought, but I’m able to utilize that.”
Russell Brand Quote: “In spite of the anguish my addiction to drugs and alcohol has caused me, I wouldn’t relinquish its lessons.”
Russell Brand Quote: “When you get Richard Dawkins yapping menopausally at some poor hamstrung old archbishop, while we dismantle our environment due to the materialistic, pessimistic principles that the atheistic tyranny of the day is tacitly sponsoring, it is time to look for a new story.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I’ve learned that it is important to be beautiful to people. That all that matters is that you are lovely to the people around you and the people that you meet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a show off or a little bit vain, as long as you’re good to your mum, and that you’re kind, and that you’re lovely. And that everything is transient and superficial and to not get attached to material things because you’re going to lose it all. And the only thing that is constant is love.”
Russell Brand Quote: “From the minute I clattered – belatedly – into puberty, I was on a spree of hopeless, doomed romances.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Step 1 invites us to admit that we are using some external thing, a relationship, a drug or a behaviour as the ‘power’ that makes our life liveable. It asks if this technique is making our life difficult. By admitting we are ‘powerless’ over whatever it is, we are saying we need a new power, that this current source of power is more trouble than it’s worth.”
Russell Brand Quote: “This is no time for drinking a mug of water – which you would do nowhere else in the world. A mug of water! You just don’t drink water from mugs, do ya? Except on the telly. Water out of a mug! Should be a hot drink... mug of water.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Drag your past around if you like, an old dead decaying ox of what you think they might’ve thought, or what might’ve been if you’d done what you ought. That which needs to burn let it burn. If the idea doesn’t serve you, let it go. If it separates you from the moment, from others, from yourself, let it go.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The nation state is a relatively modern idea, and I don’t think we’re getting a lot out of it except for flags and World Cups.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Generally educational bodies do not exist to bring out your innate brilliance but to monger your wayward nature into a unit of manageable energy that will not be too disruptive to the social systems that benefit the powerful.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The important prizes can’t be won by individuals, only by us all.”
Russell Brand Quote: “We are living in a zoo, or more accurately a farm, our collective consciousness, our individual consciousness, has been hijacked by a power structure that needs us to remain atomized and disconnected. We want union, we want connection, we need it the way we need other forms of nutrition, and denied it we delve into the lower impulses for sanctuary.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Now, I don’t want to come over all cynical, but doesn’t that imply that you could dispense with the entire democratic process and simply award power to the party with the most money in its campaign fund? Yes. It does. Maybe not always, just every, single time in history so far.”
Russell Brand Quote: “For me, it’s standard. I don’t feel irresponsible for telling kids not to vote; I feel like I deserve a Blue Peter badge for not telling them to riot. For not telling them that they are entitled to destroy the cathedrals of tyranny erected to mock them in the heart of their community. That they should rise up and destroy the system that imprisons them, ignores them, condemns and maligns them. By any means necessary.”
Russell Brand Quote: “It is difficult to feel sympathy for these people. It is difficult to regard some bawdy drunk and see them as sick and powerless. It is difficult to suffer the selfishness of a drug addict who will lie to you and steal from you and forgive them and offer them help. Can there be any other disease that renders its victims so unappealing? Would Great Ormond Street be so attractive a cause if its beds were riddled with obnoxious little criminals that had “brought it on themselves?”
Russell Brand Quote: “If we all feel that we are alone, how alone are we?”
Russell Brand Quote: “It seems to me that a lot of people are using religious arguments to advance their own prejudices.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Spurred by Amy’s death I’ve tried to salvage unwilling victims from the mayhem of the internal storm and am always, always just pulled inside myself.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I used to believe in the system that I was born into: aspire, acquire, consume, get famous and glamorous, get high and mighty, get paid and laid.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The next industrial revolution is toward decentralized, autonomous, and resilient systems where individuals and communities control their own destinies. This requires a transformation of our economic model from privatized control to co-operative models of ownership, which the social technologies of the Internet can facilitate.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I cannot control the past but I can control the present through forgiveness.”
Russell Brand Quote: “In the United States, 95 per cent of income gains since the recession began have gone to the top 0.01 per cent.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I know change is possible, I know there is an alternative, because I live a completely different life to the one I was born with. I also know that the solution is not fame or money or any transient adornment of the individual. The only Revolution that can really change the world is the one in your own consciousness, and mine has already begun.”
Russell Brand Quote: “I think that there is an infinite creative force that generates all consciousness and all matter and we are all connected and if you align yourself with this infinite creative force then you can be positive and you can be beautiful, I don’t think its a person or god, I don’t believe in any particular doctrine or dogma, only that humanity is connected.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Sell me phones and food and prejudice, low cost and low values, low-frequency thinking. We are in a cult by default. We just can’t see it because its boundaries lie beyond our horizons.”
Russell Brand Quote: “This is why people get obsessed with festivals, or clubs, or drugs, or football, or other temporal approximations of togetherness; these distilled vials of the elixir are craved by our starved souls.”
Russell Brand Quote: “There’s a theme that runs throughout my childhood of adults taking me to one side to utter these unbelievable things.”
Russell Brand Quote: “That’s what keeps me alive, perversion and star quality.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The only meaningful interpretation of any religious teaching is to honor the divine within ourselves and love the divine in one another.”
Russell Brand Quote: “In the US, the 400 richest people have as much as 185 million people, over 60 per cent of the population.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The insatiable thirst for everything which lies beyond, and which life reveals, is the most living proof of our immortality” Charles Baudelaire.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Double-Dip Recession: rich people have taken all the money and are making up excuses for why everyone else ain’t got none.”
Russell Brand Quote: “The instinct that drives compulsion is universal. It is an attempt to solve the problem of disconnection, alienation, tepid despair... the problem is ultimately ‘being human’ in an environment that is curiously ill-equipped to deal with the challenges that entails.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Like Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is within,” which seems, once and for all, to bust wide open the daft afterlife view of heaven as some kind of Lando Calrissian cloud kingdom that you can get into like Alton Towers if you acquire enough good-boy tokens.”
Russell Brand Quote: “Perhaps if we could popularise through the techniques of branding and consumerism, a different idea, a different narrative, perhaps the world can change. After all it changes constantly and incessantly, it’s just the perceptions that we have are governed by people with self-interest and are not inalignment with the health and safety of us as individuals or as a planet.”
Russell Brand Quote: “We are nature; we are nature as we munch gum and check the phone; we are nature as we queasily regret our imperfection, turning the glossy page, turning our glossy stomachs; we are nature as we hear them witter inanely on the radio, desecrating the silence with the violence of their idiocy and dumb verdicts, chattering and grooming, picking through the ticks in their hair, marveling at new minutia.”
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