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Ryan Reynolds Quotes
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Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I’m not one of those actors who romanticizes his trials working out and brags that he can bench press a panda now.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I don’t get a lot of romantic comedy scripts.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “My father was swallowed alive by his own anus. It was a terrible way to go.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I think theres escapist moviemaking, and we want to be captivated and taken away. If its done right, you can craft an incredible film. There have been superhero films that I think are brilliant pieces of art.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I’m just a huge fan of Joe Carnahan. He’s such a charismatic individual and somebody that just applies every part of himself to the project he’s in.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I don’t think I’m prepared to give away my technique to Great Britain. Are you crazy? All I can say is there was a ninja and a fire truck involved, and a great deal of coersion.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I come from a family of cops, and all of them share that understanding that they put their lives on the line.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I’ve always find that Aussies and Vancouver-ites in general just have a similar kind of attitude.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I think we know too much about actors as it is and their personal lives and it’s this information age where we’re stimulated constantly by the celebrity buzz effect or whatever it is, these web sites and blogs and different things.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “There’s a lot of actors I think that appear so much more together as the characters they portray as opposed to the actual people, so I know I’ve said this before: Hollywood’s not a place where you’re rewarded for growing up.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “You’d be hard pressed to find more drama in ‘Days of Our Lives’ than you do in an average job each day.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “I learned early on to abandon all those preconceived notions you have about other actors and it’s served me really well. I usually just try to empty my mind of that. I love meeting actors and I love working with actors.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “For the most part Hollywood is a world of imagination.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “A live action movie is work, and an animated movie is you showing up in your pajamas once every three months, or in my case, just a splash of baby powder. It’s not any kind of heavy lifting.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “Like a lot of people, I’ve got a self-loathing streak that’s alive and well. It acts as a de facto engine when I’m working, but it also has its extraordinary pitfalls, too.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “The stunts on the ground I can do, but I’ve never been good with heights.”
Ryan Reynolds Quote: “New Orleans is one of the most exciting, incredible communities in the world. There’s such a rich culture and history, and there are innumerable things to do.”
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