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Top 120 Selena Gómez Quotes
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Selena Gómez Quote: “At the end of the day, besides everything that I do, I’m still just a 20-year-old girl and a Texan, at that.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “People tell me what to do every single day. They think I’m boring. I’m Disney kid. So, there’s that.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I don’t really have a structured path of wanting to say, “This is what I’ll do next.” I’m just going to read a bunch of scripts and see which one I love. There are so many things I would love to play, in all different genres.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I love the scrapbooks, I have a shelf of scrapbooks fans give me – they’re so sweet, so detailed!”
Selena Gómez Quote: “You can have it all without suffering from a meltdown.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “Speaking of friends, the best ones always have your back.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I don’t really like dressing up. Some people probably think actresses dress up everywhere they go. I’m in sweatpants half the time with my hair in a ponytail.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I was very dramatic as a kid. I loved to entertain. I was taking my bathing suits and painting them black and putting sparkles on them because I thought I was going to be on stage.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “This is a very superficial job. I sit in a chair for two hours and get hair and makeup done and talk about myself in interviews. That’s a very vain thing to do. And I do get caught up in it sometimes.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “The Jonas Brothers are all sweet. They’re so amazing to me. They’ve become really good friends of mine, but I’m not dating any of them.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I love Katy Perry! She gave me a song for my second album.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “Everywhere you go you hear things that are untrue. You’ve just got to learn that if I don’t say it, physically out of my mouth, on camera, it’s not true.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I attempt to be who I am and it’s fun. At the same time, growing up doing what I’m doing can be a little crazy.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I feel like I should be able to be 18 and have the friends that I choose and to have fun and live my life.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “My attention span is all over the place, and I overthink things. I’m an insomniac.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I dive into the future but I’m blinded by the sun. I’m reborn in every moment, so who knows what I’ll become...”
Selena Gómez Quote: “If you have three people in your life that you can trust, you can consider yourself the luckiest person in the whole world.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “My perfect guy wears converse, is totally laid back, and doesn’t worry about being cool.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “I’d much rather be the oddball out than kind of create something of myself that I’m not proud of.”
Selena Gómez Quote: “The selfish mind is the distracted mind and the distracted mind is the easily oppressed mind.”
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