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Top 60 Shashi Tharoor Quotes (2023 Update)
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Shashi Tharoor Quote: “She said my problem was that I saw things in people that they didn’t see in themselves.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “The obscurantist and atavistic state that Narendra Modi’s BJP wants to create would look nothing like the one that made India the scientific superpower of the ancient age. It is enough to make one shed a tear. One can only hope that there are no peahens around.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “Bengalis say when offered cod, we still have other fish to fry.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “Justice, in British India, was far from blind: it was highly attentive to the skin colour of the defendant.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “One of the lessons you learn from history is that history sometimes teaches the wrong lessons.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “Basic truth about the colonies, Heaslop. Any time there’s trouble, you can put it down to books. Too many of the wrong ideas getting into the heads of the wrong sorts of people. If ever the Empire comes to ruin, Heaslop, mark my words, the British publisher will be to blame.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “We have no word for “Nation” in our language.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “The imperial system of law was created by a foreign race and imposed upon a conquered people who had never been consulted in its creation.”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “And yet, when to act on that belief causes deep hurt to innocents who had nothing to do with the original wrong – if there was one – do we not have a greater responsibility to the present than to the past?”
Shashi Tharoor Quote: “Between opponents who will not physically fight, a punch line is equivalent to a punch.”
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