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Sigmund Freud Quotes
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Sigmund Freud Quote: “A love that does not discriminate seems to me to forfeit a part of its own value, by doing an injustice to its object; and secondly, not all men are worthy of love.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Experience teaches us that the world is not a nursery.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “In matters of sexuality we are at present, every one of us, ill or well, nothing but hypocrites.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Sadism is all right in its place, but it should be directed to proper ends.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The primitive stages can always be re-established; the primitive mind is, in the fullest meaning of the word, imperishable.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “No neurotic harbors thoughts of suicide which are not murderous impulses against others redirected upon himself.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Love in the form of longing and deprivation lowers the self regard.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Free sexual intercourse between young males and respectable girls” was urgently necessary or society was “doomed to fall a victim to incurable neuroses which reduce the enjoyment of life to a minimum, destroy the marriage relation and bring hereditary ruin on the whole coming generation.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Men have gained control over the forces of nature to such an extent that with their help they would have no difficulty exterminating one another to the last man. They know this, and hence comes a large part of their current unrest, their unhappiness and their mood of anxiety.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “It sounds not only disagreeable but also paradoxical, yet it must nevertheless be said that anyone who is to be really free and happy in love must have surmounted his respect for women and have come to terms with the idea of incest with his mother or sister.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Sexual morality – as society in its extreme form, the American, defines it – is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “An intimate friend and a hated enemy have always been indispensable requirements for my emotional life; I have always been able to create them anew, and not infrequently my childish ideal has been so closely approached that friend and enemy coincided in the same person.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The unconscious – that is to say, the ‘repressed’ – offers no resistance whatever to the efforts of the treatment. Indeed, it itself has no other endeavour than to break through the pressure weighing down on it and force its way either to consciousness or to a discharge through some real action.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “None believes in his own death. In the unconscious everyone is convinced of his own immortality.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive the manifestations of their aggressiveness.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Human life in common is only made possible when a majority comes together which is stronger than any separate individual and which remains united against all separate individuals. The power of this community is then set up as right in opposition to the power of the individual, which is condemned as brute force.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Concerning the factors of silence, solitude and darkness, we can only say that they are actually elements in the production of the infantile anxiety from which the majority of human beings have never become quite free.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Long ago man formed an ideal conception of omnipotence and omniscience which he embodied in his gods. Whatever seemed unattainable to his desires – or forbidden to him – he attributed to these gods... Now he has himself approached very near to realizing this ideal, he has nearly become a god himself.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The act of birth is the first experience of anxiety, and thus the source and prototype of the affect of anxiety.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Whatever fosters the growth of civilization works at the same time against war.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Religion is comparable to a childhood neurosis.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The dream acts as a safety-valve for the over-burdened brain.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The intention that man should be happy is not in the plan of Creation.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “To endure life remains, when all is said, the first duty of all living being Illusion can have no value if it makes this more difficult for us.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The impression forces itself upon one that men measure by false standards, that everyone seeks power, success, riches for himself, and admires others who attain them, while undervaluing the truly precious thing in life.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The woman who refuses to see her sexual organs as mere wood chips, designed to make the man’s life more comfortable, is in danger of becoming a lesbian – an active, phallic woman, an intellectual virago with a fire of her own... The lesbian body is a particularly pernicious and depraved version of the female body in general; it is susceptible to auto-eroticism, clitoral pleasure and self-actualization.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Neurosis is the result of a conflict between the ego and its id, whereas psychosis is the analogous outcome of a similar disturbance in the relation between the ego and the external world.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Mans most disagreeable habits and idiosyncrasies, his deceit, his cowardice, his lack of reverence, are engendered by his incomplete adjustment to a complicated civilisation. It is the result of the conflict between our instincts and our culture.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “In the long run, nothing can withstand reason and experience, and the contradiction religion offers to both is palpable.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The defense against childish helplessness is what lends its characteristic features to the adult’s reaction to the helplessness which he has to acknowledge – a reaction which is precisely the formation of religion.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The religions of mankind must be classed among the mass-delusions of this kind. No one, needless to say, who shares a delusion ever recognizes it as such...”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “We must reckon with the possibility that something in the nature of the sexual instinct itself is unfavorable to the realization of complete satisfaction.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “We must not allow ourselves to be deflected by the feminists who are anxious to force us to regard the two sexes as completely equal in position and worth.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Where questions of religion are concerned, people are guilty of every possible sort of dishonesty and intellectual misdemeanor.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Man has, as it were, become a kind of prosthetic God. When he puts on all his auxiliary organs, he is truly magnificent; but those organs have not grown on him and they still give him much trouble at times.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The more the fruits of knowledge become accessible to men, the more widespread is the decline of religious belief.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Much of our highly valued cultural heritage has been acquired at the cost of sexuality.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The world is no nursery.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “My psychoanalysis has equipped you with the equivalent of a train ticket to recovery. It is now your decision whether or not you choose to make full use of it.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “The state in which the ideas existed before being made conscious is called by us repression, and we assert that the force which instituted the repression and maintains it is perceived as resistance during the work of analysis.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “One must not be mean with affections; what is spent of the funds is renewed in the spending itself. Left untouched for too long, they diminish imperceptibly or the lock gets rusty; they are there all right but one cannot make use of them.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Obviously one must hold oneself responsible for the evil impulses of one’s dreams. In what other way can one deal with them? Unless the content of the dream rightly understood is inspired by alien spirits, it is part of my own being.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “It would be very nice if there were a God who created the world and was a benevolent providence, and if there were a moral order in the universe and an after-life; but it is a very striking fact that all this is exactly as we are bound to wish it to be.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Perhaps the gods are kind to us, by making life more disagreeable as we grow older. In the end death seems less intolerable than the manifold burdens we carry.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Neurotics complain of their illness, but they make the most of it, and when it comes to talking it away from them they will defend it like a lioness her young.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “We have become convinced that it is better to avoid such symbolic disguisings of the truth in what we tell children and not to withhold from them a knowledge of the true state of affairs commensurate with their intellectual level.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “To be sure, the ancient belief that the dream reveals the future is not entirely devoid of truth. By representing to us a wish as fulfilled the dream certainly leads us into the future; but this future, taken by the dreamer as present, has been formed into the likeness of that past by the indestructible wish.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “Experience teaches that for most people there is a limit beyond which their constitution cannot comply with the demands of civilization. All who wish to reach a higher standard than their constitution will allow, fall victims to neurosis. It would have been better for them if they could have remained less “perfect”.”
Sigmund Freud Quote: “We are so made that we can derive intense enjoyment only from a contrast.”
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