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Top 100 Sting Quotes (2023 Update)
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Sting Quote: “I can’t really change my life to accommodate people who are jealous. I don’t see why I should.”
Sting Quote: “If manners maketh the man as someone said, then he’s the hero of the day.”
Sting Quote: “My logic’s been drowned in a sea of emotion.”
Sting Quote: “I don’t think happiness is necessarily the reason we’re here. I think we’re here to learn and evolve, and the pursuit of knowledge is what alleviates the pain of being human.”
Sting Quote: “My comfortable existence is reduced to a shallow meaningless party.”
Sting Quote: “My friends are Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, and we’re singing about mortality, getting older. It’s an interesting time.”
Sting Quote: “Mr. Breschnev says we will bury you, I don’t subscribe to that point of view. It seems like such an ignorant thing to do, if the Russians love their children, too.”
Sting Quote: “I’ve never lost perspective on who I am. Well, maybe briefly, but generally I’m pretty balanced.”
Sting Quote: “Without the voice of reason, every faith is its own curse.”
Sting Quote: “I don’t need to manufacture trauma in my life to be creative. I have a big enough reservoir of sadness or emotional trauma to last me.”
Sting Quote: “The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun.”
Sting Quote: “Humans make the mistake of believing that it is their right to survive. Species die out on this planet all the time without anyone noticing. The planet will still be there, and we must lose this attitude of divine right, that something will save us...”
Sting Quote: “An uncle of mine emigrated to Canada and couldn’t take his guitar with him. When I found it in the attic, I’d found a friend for life.”
Sting Quote: “If you really want to define civilization it should be a culture that doesn’t destroy its environment. If you burn down the kitchen one day and expect to eat the next, it is not even intelligent, let alone civilized.”
Sting Quote: “I don’t like singing before noon.”
Sting Quote: “Yoga introduced me to a style of meditation. The only meditation I would have done before would be in the writing of songs.”
Sting Quote: “I was recruited to teach 9-year-olds. I taught for two years.”
Sting Quote: “If I were a Brazilian without land or money or the means to feed my children, I would be burning the rain forest too.”
Sting Quote: “I’m not much of a family man. I’m just not that into it. I love kids, I adore them, but I don’t want to live my life for them.”
Sting Quote: “Takes more than combat boots to make a man.”
Sting Quote: “I think the labyrinth is an interesting metaphor for our lives as musicians. We’re always being drawn toward the center of it because that’s where the mystery is. What is music? It’s a journey.”
Sting Quote: “I think love has something to do with allowing a person you claim to love to enter a larger arena than the one you create for them.”
Sting Quote: “Security in human systems we’re told will always, always last. Emotions are the sail, and blind faith is the mast. Without the breath of real freedom we’re getting nowhere fast.”
Sting Quote: “For to sit in a room full of books, and remember the stories they told you, and to know precisely where each one is located and what was happening in your life at time or where you were when you first read it is the languid and distilled pleasure of the connoisseur.”
Sting Quote: “I miss England. I miss the weather. I’ve spent moss of the last 25 years on tour. I’m ready to come home.”
Sting Quote: “I don’t understand American football at all. It looks like all-in wrestling with crash helmets.”
Sting Quote: “It has very little to do with my work, but if your image is not sexy enough, people won’t listen. It’s part of the game.”
Sting Quote: “I write the music, produce it and the band plays within the parameters that I set.”
Sting Quote: “I’ve only paid lip service to a spiritual life.”
Sting Quote: “I exist in a state of almost perpetual hysteria.”
Sting Quote: “I made two movies before The Police had a hit record: I did Quadrophenia and a film called Radio On.”
Sting Quote: “Like Yoga, the spiritual life is actually very difficult.”
Sting Quote: “I hate most of what constitutes rock music, which is basically middle-aged crap.”
Sting Quote: “I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children.”
Sting Quote: “I’m very much afraid of being mad – that’s my one fear.”
Sting Quote: “I see music as one language. If one musical form eats its own tail, it dies. So it needs to be a mongrel, it needs to be hybridised.”
Sting Quote: “I can’t fly a flag for monogamy or whatever the opposite is; it depends on the person and on the situation.”
Sting Quote: “So just to be truthful to my own sensibility, I need to acknowledge that the season is not all joy and light for a lot of people. It’s tough – environmentally, emotionally, spiritually.”
Sting Quote: “The world is ruled by butterflies adding to their weapon piles. Imagine what your taxes buy. We hardly ever try.”
Sting Quote: “I’ve spent a bit of time with the Prince of Wales, who I respect greatly. I’d give two cheers for the Monarchy.”
Sting Quote: “I try to give the media as many confusing images as I can to retain my freedom. What’s real is for my children and the people I live with.”
Sting Quote: “I do my best work when I am in pain and turmoil.”
Sting Quote: “Peter Townshend shows us it’s all right to grow up. There is dignity after rock’n’roll.”
Sting Quote: “The deeper you get into Yoga you realize it is a spiritual practice. It’s a journey I’m making. I’m heading that way.”
Sting Quote: “That sense of failure, I don’t know where people put it who don’t write songs and aren’t able to emote physically. It must go somewhere.”
Sting Quote: “The logical process will often be the safe one. I tend, when I’m given that choice, to go the way that’s not safe.”
Sting Quote: “I think there’s room for both private exploration and group work in Yoga.”
Sting Quote: “I have been through various fitness regimes. I used to run about five miles a day and I did aerobics for a while.”
Sting Quote: “I think I’m a focus for international attention.”
Sting Quote: “The more irrational of us are worried about the millennium ending – as if a date would really matter.”
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