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Strong Quotes: “Strong women leave big hickies.” — Madonna
Strong Quotes: “That strong mother doesn’t tell her cub, Son, stay weak so the wolves can get you. She says, Toughen up, this is reality we are living in.” — Lauryn Hill
Strong Quotes: “The strong man is the man who can stand up for his rights and not hit back.” — Martin Luther King Jr.
Strong Quotes: “What am I supposed to do, Sit around and wait for you? Well I can’t do that, And there’s no turning back. I need time to move on, I need love to feel strong. Cause I’ve got time to think it through, And maybe I’m too good for you!” — Cher
Strong Quotes: “The wind of God’s grace is incessantly blowing. Lazy sailors on the sea of life do not take advantage of it. But the active and strong always keep the sails of their minds unfurled to catch the favorable winds and thus reach their destination very soon.” — Mahatma Gandhi
Strong Quotes: “No executive has ever suffered because his subordinates were strong and effective.” — Peter F. Drucker
Strong Quotes: “All the past we leave behind; We debouch upon a newer, mightier world, varied world, Fresh and strong the world we seize, world of labor and the march, Pioneers! O Pioneers!” — Walt Whitman
Strong Quotes: “A great man, tender of heart, strong of nerve, boundless patience and broadest sympathy, with no motive apart from his country.” — Frederick Douglass
Strong Quotes: “Love heals. Heals and liberates. I use the word love, not meaning sentimentality, but a condition so strong that it may be that which holds the stars in their heavenly positions and that which causes the blood to flow orderly in our veins.” — Maya Angelou
Strong Quotes: “To try to be safe everywhere is to be strong nowhere.” — Winston Churchill
Strong Quotes: “No time for drug addiction, no time for smoke or booze. Too strong for a shortened life span, I’ve got no time to lose.” — Henry Rollins
Strong Quotes: “I wasn’t real quick, and I wasn’t real strong. Some guys will just take off and it’s like, whoa. So I beat them with my mind and my fundamentals.” — Larry Bird
Strong Quotes: “Any structure must have a strong foundation. The cornerstones anchor the foundation. For some reason the cornerstones that I chose to begin with I never changed.” — John Wooden
Strong Quotes: “When I’m weak, you can be strong; when I’m strong, you can be weak. That’s what I believe marriage is.” — Gisele Bundchen
Strong Quotes: “All strong souls first go to hell before they do the healing of the world they came here for. If we are lucky, we return to help those still trapped below.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Strong Quotes: “In war, the strong make slaves of the weak, and in peace the rich makes slaves of the poor.” — Oscar Wilde
Strong Quotes: “People always complain about something. If you face yourself and stand up strong, you’re OK. You can’t go wrong.” — James Hetfield
Strong Quotes: “It is not I who am strong, it is reason, it is truth.” — Émile Zola
Strong Quotes: “I am a strong believer in the ability of human beings to change for the better. I am a strong believer in trying to change what we are dissatisfied with.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Strong Quotes: “Anything can be achieved with a strong enough why!” — Tony Robbins
Strong Quotes: “The cheerful mind perseveres and the strong mind hews its way through a thousand difficulties.” — Swami Vivekananda
Strong Quotes: “Those who understand the gospel cannot possibly look down on anyone, since they were saved by sheer grace, not by their perfect doctrine or strong moral character.” — Timothy Keller
Strong Quotes: “O impotence of mind, in body strong! But what is strength without a double share Of wisdom, vast, unwieldy, burdensome, Proudly secure, yet liable to fall By weakest subtleties, not made to rule, But to subserve where wisdom bears command.” — John Milton
Strong Quotes: “To love somebody is not just a strong feeling – it is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise.” — Erich Fromm
Strong Quotes: “I have a son, who is my heart. A wonderful young man, daring and loving and strong and kind.” — Maya Angelou
Strong Quotes: “Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.” — Bill Ford
Strong Quotes: “So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” — Roald Dahl
Strong Quotes: “There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong, free and educated woman, and there is no more inspiring role model than a man who respects and cherishes women and champions their leadership.” — Angelina Jolie
Strong Quotes: “Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is...” — Miyamoto Musashi
Strong Quotes: “Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing herself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks; methinks I see her as an eagle mewing her mighty youth, and kindling her undazzled eyes at the full midday beam.” — John Milton
Strong Quotes: “Strong in all the Broken Places.” — Ernest Hemingway
Strong Quotes: “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” — John F. Kennedy
Strong Quotes: “We may be weak, but looking at our weakness will never make us strong.” — Watchman Nee
Strong Quotes: “And you said we wouldn’t make it But look how far we’ve come For so long my heart was breaking But now we’re standing strong The things you say They me fall harder each day You’re a trainwreck But I wouldn’t love you if you changed.” — Demi Lovato
Strong Quotes: “I have for the first time found what I can truly love- I have found you. You are my sympathy-my better self-my good angel-I am bound to you with a strong attachment.” — Charlotte Brontë
Strong Quotes: “Set me like a seal upon thy heart, love is as strong as death.” — Viktor E. Frankl
Strong Quotes: “Me Brock Lesnar. Here comes the pain. God built me strong. Forget to give me brain.” — John Cena
Strong Quotes: “For love is as strong as death.” — Cassandra Clare
Strong Quotes: “The remnants of pain left behind by every strong negative emotion that is not fully faced, accepted, and then let go of join together to form an energy field that lives in the very cells of your body.” — Eckhart Tolle
Strong Quotes: “The best time to set up a new discipline is when the idea is strong.” — Jim Rohn
Strong Quotes: “People are like tea bags; you never know how strong they’ll be until they’re in hot water. In times of trouble, you not only discover what you truly believe but whether or not you can act on your beliefs.” — Rita Mae Brown
Strong Quotes: “I think you can be defiant and rebellious and still be strong and positive.” — Madonna
Strong Quotes: “I imposed black; it still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around.” — Coco Chanel
Strong Quotes: “Prayer is the acid test of the inner man’s strength. A strong spirit is capable of praying much and praying with all perseverance until the answer comes. A weak one grows weary and fainthearted in the maintenance of praying.” — Watchman Nee
Strong Quotes: “I was taught a very strong work ethic that included punctuality, which I’ve always felt is a sign of respect for others.” — Nicole Kidman
Strong Quotes: “Words are even more feeble on this Memorial Day, for the sight before us is that of a strong and good nation that stands in silence and remembers those who were loved and who, in return, loved their countrymen enough to die for them.” — Ronald Reagan
Strong Quotes: “Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed – Let it be that great strong land of love Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme That any man be crushed by one above.” — Langston Hughes
Strong Quotes: “Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.” — Michelle Obama
Strong Quotes: “I sit between my brother the mountain and my sister the sea. We three are one in loneliness, and the love that binds us together is deep and strong and strange.” — Khalil Gibran
Strong Quotes: “The strong must protect the sweet.” — Homer
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