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Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Enemies, as well as lovers, come to resemble each other over a period of time.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Isolation always perverts; when a man lives only among his own sort, he soon begins to believe that his sort are the best sort. This attitude breeds both the arrogance of the conservative and the bitterness of the radical.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Take away grievances from some people and you remove their reasons for living; most of us are nourished by hope, but a considerable minority get psychic nutrition from their resentments, and would waste away purposelessly without them.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Perseverance is the most overrated of traits, if it is unaccompanied by talent; beating your head against a wall is more likely to produce a concussion in the head than a hole in the wall.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “If you cannot endure to be thought in the wrong, you will begin to do terrible things to make the wrong appear right.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The world has always been betrayed by decent men with bad ideals.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “But the culture-vultures and the intellectual snobs, and the self-appointed guardians of the Muses, often frighten off the average person from the free development of this appetite.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Marriages we regard as the happiest are those in which each of the partners believes he or she got the best of it.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “It is not only useless, it is harmful, to believe in oneself until one truly knows oneself. And to know oneself means to accept our moments of insanity, of eccentricity, of childishness and blindness.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “When we inform, we lead from strength; when we communicate, we lead from weakness – and it is precisely this confession of mortality that engages the ears, heads and hearts of those we want to enlist as allies in a common cause.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “When a baseball player makes an error, it goes into the record and is published. How many of us could stand this sort of daily scrutiny?”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Somebody who never got over the embarrassing fact that he was born in bed with a lady.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The beauty of ‘spacing’ children many years apart lies in the fact that parents have time to learn the mistakes that were made with the older ones – which permits them to make exactly the opposite mistakes with the younger ones.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “All our efforts to attain immortality-by statesmanship, by conquest, by science or the arts-are equally vain in the long run, because the long run is longer than any of us can imagine.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Just as communism always begins with an appeal to “humanity” and equality” and ends with inhuman despotism, so does fascism always begin with an appeal to “nationalism” and “individualism,” and ends with a military collectivism far worse than the disease it purports to cure.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Every morning I take out my bankbook, stare at it, shudder – and turn quickly to my typewriter.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “We are all too fond of naive answers to complex questions, because it relieves us of the necessity of thinking hard and it permits us to find a scapegoat for our own mistakes. The simple answer almost always places the blame on someone else. We need to pluralize our thinking, to recognize that if you ask the wrong question, you cannot get the right answers.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The deepest and rarest kind of courage has nothing to do with feats or obstacles in the outside world; and, indeed, has nothing to do with the outside world – it is the courage to be who you are.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “God cannot be solemn, or he would not have blessed man with the incalculable gift of laughter.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “There is no such thing as an “atrocity” in warfare that is greater than the atrocity of warfare itself.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Genealogy: A perverse preoccupation of those who seek to demonstrate that their forebears were better people than they are.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Gourmet: Usually little more than a glutton festooned with credit cards.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The severest test of character is not so much the ability to keep a secret as it is, when the secret is finally out, to refrain from disclosing that you knew it all along.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Many married couples separate because they quarrel incessantly, but just as many separate because they were never honest enough or courageous enough to quarrel when they should have.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “A good talker is sensitive to expression, to tone and color and inflection in human speech. Because he himself is articulate, he can help others to articulate their half-formulated feelings. His mind fills in the gaps, and he becomes, in Socrates’ words, a kind of midwife for ideas that are struggling to be born.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The lusts of the flesh can be gratified anywhere; it is not this sort of license that distinguishes New York. It is rather, a lust of the total ego for recognition, even for eminence. More than elsewhere, everybody here wants to be somebody.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “As long as there are human beings, there will be the idea of brotherhood – and an almost total inability to practice it.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Western civilization has not yet learned the lesson that the energy we expend in ‘getting things done’ is less important than the moral strength it takes to decide what is worth doing and what is right to do.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Just about the only interruption we don’t object to is applause.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The principal difference between love and hate is that love is an irradiation, and hate is a concentration. Love makes everything lovely; hate concentrates itself on the object of its hatred. All the fearful counterfeits of love – possessiveness, lust, vanity, jealousy – are closer to hate: they concentrate on the object, guard it, suck it dry.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “More trouble is caused in this world by indiscreet answers than by indiscreet questions.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Filth is always a sign of weakness – in the mouth of the user and in the mind of the writer.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “It’s odd that the people who worry whether certain plays are “morally offensive” so rarely worry about the moral offensiveness of war, poverty, bigotry.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Knowledge fills a large brain; it merely inflates a small one.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Making out an invitation list for a party brings out the worst in everyone. It is then that our most ruthless estimates of the people we know come into play.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Skepticism is not an end in itself; it is a tool for the discovery of truths.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Any creed whose basic doctrines do not include respect for the creeds of others, is simply power politics masquerading as philosophy.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “All significant achievement comes from daring from experiment from the willingness to risk failure.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “It’s surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves, and if you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can’t be comfortable with others.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Success is just a little more effort.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “In a real sense, all of us are “the parents” of all young children – because we help shape the culture and determine its values.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Patriotism is proud of a country’s virtues and eager to correct its deficiencies; it also acknowledges the legitimate patriotism of other countries, with their own specific virtues. The pride of nationalism, however, trumpets its country’s virtues and denies its deficiencies, while it is contemptuous toward the virtues of other countries. It wants to be, and proclaims itself to be, “the greatest”, but greatness is not required of a country; only goodness is.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “In most cases, it gives a false impression of my views – but when i am confronting an extremist, I become a passionate defender of the opposite view... This, of course, is a senseless way to behave; it is over-reacting to a situation. But, in all fairness, there is something about extremism that breeds its own opposite.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “Parents should learn to stop nagging their children about how well they could do “if you only tried more, or cared more.” Trying and caring, in specific areas, is built into people; or else it comes to them later, if they mature properly; or it never comes at all. But it is dead certain that no young person was ever motivated by a querulous, disappointed parent more concerned with his own pride than with the child’s ultimate self-actualization.”
Sydney J. Harris Quote: “The Unconvincibles are the people who are not amenable to reason of any sort. Their minds are not only closed, but bolted and hermetically sealed. In most cases, their beliefs congealed at an early age; by the time they left their teens, they were encased in a rigid framework of thought and feeling, which no evidence or argument can penetrate.”
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