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Temple Grandin Quote: “For me and other people on the autism spectrum, sensory experiences that have little or no effect on neurotypical people can be severe life stressors for us. Loud noises hurt my ears like a dentist’s drill hitting a nerve. For.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Language for me narrates the pictures in my mind. When I work on designing livestock equipment I can test run that equipment in my head like 3-D virtual reality. In fact, when I was in college I used to think that everybody was able to do that.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I use my mind to solve problems and invent things.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “The world needs all types of minds.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “You can be honest without sharing your opinions on everything.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “If I did not have my work, I would not have my life.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I get satisfaction out of seeing stuff that makes real change in the real world. We need a lot more of that and a lot less abstract stuff.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “What I’ve tried to do is combine both my personal experiences with scientific research. I like to cross the divide between the personal world and the scientific world.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Some children may need a behavioral approach, whereas other children may need a sensory approach.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “In the 50s and 60s, kids were taught how to shake hands. They were taught how to have manners. There needs to be a lot more of that kind of stuff because the autistic mind doesn’t pick up social things and subtle cues.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Autism is an extremely variable disorder.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “One of the things I want to do is be a decent role model. I’ve got a lot of emails and stuff from children. They look up to me. Kids get different labels and things like that and I want those kids to succeed.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Us visual thinkers like me, be good at things like industrial design, graphics, art, those kind of jobs.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “If you start using a medication in a person with autism, you should see an obvious improvement in behavior in a short period of time. If you do not see an obvious improvement, they probably should not be taking the stuff. It is that simple.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I’m seeing too many smart kind of socially awkward kids, a lot milder than I was, not getting employment because they’re not learning job skills.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I like to figure things out and solve problems.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “The people that were socially awkward from my generation, they all had paper routes and that taught them the discipline of work.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I think a brain can be made “more thinking” or made “more emotional.” At what point does this become abnormal? Autism in its milder variants, I think, is part of normal human variation.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “In fact, there are autism clusters, you know, around some of the big tech centers. You take two socially awkward computer programmers and put them together, that can kind of concentrate the autistic genes.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “In dealing with autism, I’m certainly not saying we should lose sight of the need to work on deficits, But the focus on deficits is so intense and so automatic that people lose sight of the strengths.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Research has shown that a barren environment is much more damaging to baby animals than it is to adult animals. It does not hurt the adult animals the same way it damages babies.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “People on the autistic spectrum tend to get fixated on what they think.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “When kids are really little, they all look the same. No speech, no social relatedness, cannot emphasize enough the importance of early educational intervention.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “My thinking pattern always starts with specifics and works toward generalization in an associational and nonsequential way.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Sometimes we forget about common sense. Autism is used too much as an excuse for bad behavior.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Eye contact is still difficult for me in noisy rooms because it interferes with hearing. It’s like my brain’s wiring lets only one sense function or the other, but sometimes not both at the same time. In noisy rooms, I have to concentrate on hearing. Some.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Dogs serve people, but people serve cats.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “All animals and people have the same core emotion systems in the brain.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Some teachers just have a knack for working with autistic children. Other teachers do not have it.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “You have got to keep autistic children engaged with the world. You cannot let them tune out.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I can remember being bullied and teased. It was absolutely horrible. I got kicked out of ninth grade for throwing a book at a girl who teased me. It was absolutely terrible.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I’m seeing too many geeky, nerdy kids get addicted to video games and they’re going nowhere. It’s making me crazy.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I believe there is a reason such as autism, severe manic-depression, and schizophrenia remain in our gene pool even though there is much suffering as a result.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “The thing about being autistic is that you gradually get less and less autistic, because you keep learning, you keep learning how to behave. It’s like being in a play; I’m always in a play.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “My grandfather was an engineer who invented the automatic pilot for airplanes.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “And while we are on the subject of medication you always need to look at risk versus benefit.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “People can live up to high standards, but they can’t live up to perfection.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “When you take a drug to treat high blood pressure or diabetes, you have an objective test to measure blood pressure and the amount of sugar in the blood. It is straight-forward. With autism, you are looking for changes in behavior.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I obtain great satisfaction out of using my intellect.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Children between the ages of five to ten years are even more variable. They are going to vary from very high functioning, capable of doing normal school work, to nonverbal who have all kinds of neurological problems.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “People need to learn how to work, learn how to support themselves. I think it’s just fine to be eccentric.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I believe that the place where an animal dies is a sacred one. There is a need to bring ritual into the conventional slaughter plants and use as a means to shape people’s behavior. It would help prevent people from becoming numbed, callous, or cruel. The ritual could be something very simple, such as a moment of silence. In addition to developing better designs and making equipment to insure the humane treatments of all animals, that would be my contribution.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “A much more meaningful perspective is to teach this population the academic and interpersonal skills they need to be functional in the world and use their talents to the best of their ability.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I think sometimes parents and teachers fail to stretch kids. My mother had a very good sense of how to stretch me just slightly outside my comfort zone.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “One of my sensory problems was hearing sensitivity, where certain loud noises, such as a school bell, hurt my ears. It sounded like a dentist drill going through my ears.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “If you have autism in the family history, you still vaccinate. Delay it a bit, space them out.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “People wouldn’t have become who we are today if we hadn’t coevolved with dogs.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “Seeking is a combination of emotions people usually think of as being different: wanting something really good, looking forward to getting something really good and curiosity. Seeking gives you the energy to go after your goals.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “I know a number of autistic adults that are doing extremely well on Prozac.”
Temple Grandin Quote: “One of the big areas I’d like to see a lot more research done on is the sensory problems, and it’s real variable. One kid’s got sound sensitivity; another one can’t tolerate fluorescent lights. I can’t stand scratchy clothes.”
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