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Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
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Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The world wants the kind of men who do not shrink from temporary defeats in life; but come again and wrestle triumph from defeat.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “We draw the line against misconduct, not against wealth.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Our flag is a proud flag, and it stands for liberty and civilization. Where it has once floated, there must be no return to tyranny.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “We sincerely and earnestly believe in peace; but if peace and justice conflict, we scorn the man who would not stand for justice though the whole world came in arms against him.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “We have duties to others, and duties to ourselves, and we cannot shirk either.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The lunatic fringe in all reform movements.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “We can no more and no less afford to condone evil in the man of capital than evil in the man of no capital.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The modern naturalist must realize that in some of its branches his profession, while more than ever a science, has also become an art.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “If there is one thing for which we stand in this country, it is for complete religious freedom, and it is an emphatic negation of this right to cross-examine a man on his religion before being willing to support him for office.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expedience.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Anything that encourages pauperism, anything that relaxes the manly fiber and lowers self-respect, is an unmixed evil.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “What I have advocated is not wild radicalism. It is the highest and wisest kind of conservatism.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I have no business to feel downcast or querulous merely because when so much as been given me I have not had even more.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The mass of the American people are most emphatically not in the deplorable condition of which you speak.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Women should have free access to every field of labor which they care to enter, and when their work is as valuable as that of a man it should be paid as highly.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “My hat is in the ring.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Speak softly, I’m getting my massage.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I believe in corporations. They are indispensable instruments of our modern civilization. But I believe they should be so regulated that they shall act for the interests of the community as a whole.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “It is a great mistake to think that the extremist is a better man than the moderate. Usually the difference is not that he is morally stronger, but that he is intellectually weaker. He is not more virtuous. He is simply more foolish.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Nowadays the field naturalist-who is usually at all points superior to the mere closet naturalist-follows a profession as full of hazard and interest as that of the explorer or of the big-game hunter in the remote wilderness.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “We shall make mistakes; and if we let these mistakes frighten us from our work we shall show ourselves weaklings.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “After the war, and until the day of his death, his position on almost every public question was either mischievous or ridiculous, and usually both.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The decisions of the courts on economic and social questions depend on their economic and social philosophy.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “It is character that counts in a nation as in a man.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “It is by no means necessary that a great nation should always stand at the heroic level. But no nation has the root of greatness in it unless in time of need it can rise to the heroic mood.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Yes, Haven, most of us enjoy preaching, and Ive got such a bully pulpit!”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “It is well indeed for out land that we of this generation have learned to think nationally.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Let us show, not merely in great crises, but in every day of life, qualities of practical intelligence, of hardihood and endurance, and above all, the power of devotion to a lofty ideal.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “If a strong man has not in him the lift toward lofty things, his strength makes him only a curse to himself and his neighbor.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “It is, of course, the merest truism to say a party is of use only so far as it serves the nation.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but they are far better than certain kinds of peace.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The United States does not have a choice as to whether or not is will or will not play a great part in the world. Fate has made that choice for us. The only question is whether we will play the part well or badly.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I enter a most earnest plea that in our hurried and rather bustling life of today we do not lose the hold that our forefathers had on the Bible.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “When we control business in the public interest we are also bound to encourage it in the public interest or it will be a bad thing for everybody and worst of all for those on whose behalf the control is nominally exercised.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The great virtue of my radicalism lies in the fact that I am perfectly ready, if necessary, to be radical on the conservative side.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “To every man who faces life with real desire to do his part in everything, I appeal for a study of the Bible.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I must be wanting to be President. Every young man does. But I won’t let myself think of it; I must not, because if I do, I will begin to work for it; I’ll be careful, calculating, cautious in word and act, and so – I’ll beat myself.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “A President has a great chance; his position is almost that of a king and a prime minister rolled into one.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Much of the usefulness of any career must lie in the impress that it makes upon, and the lessons that it teaches to, the generations that come after.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I would rather go out of politics having the feeling that I had done what was right than stay in with the approval of all men, knowing in my heart that I have acted as I ought not to.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The worst thing I can do is nothing.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “The great man is always the man of mighty effort.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “All constitutions, those of the States no less than that of the nation, are designed, and must be interpreted and administered so as to fit human rights.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “We want the active and zealous help of every man far-sighted enough to realize the importance from the standpoint of the nation’s welfare in the future of preserving the forests.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I am rather more apt to read old books than new ones.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Massive potential you have and, in recognition of all this, would you mind having your salary halved.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “Gradually the true Mason gains experience in using these working tools and can observe subtler and subtler indications of personal flaws.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “It either is or ought to be evident to everyone that business has to prosper before anyone can get any benefit from it.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “What counts in a man or in a nation is not what the man or the nation can do, but what he or it actually does.”
Theodore Roosevelt Quote: “I think we are warranted in contending that a society thus constituted, and which may be rendered so admirable an engine of improvement, far from meriting reproach, deserves highly of the community.”
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