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Tupac Shakur Quote: “The day you chose to leave me it rained constantly in truth I swore the rain to be the tears of cuspids eyes.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Tupac the son of the Black Panther, and Tupac the rider. Those are the two people inside of me. I was raised off those ideals.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Now the baby’s in the trash heap balling.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I’m not really a religious person. But I believe that God wants me to do something and it has to do with Thug Life.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Evil’s lurking, I can see him smirking.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “It’s a struggle for every young Black man. You know how it is, only God can judge us.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “And even though i act crazy I gotta thank the lord that you made meh.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “The only thing America respects is power and power concedes nothing. After the LA Riots, they tried to calm us down and nothing changed since.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Pledge allegiance to the flag that neglects us.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Faith my homegirl. I just wanna send a shout out to Faith. Hey girl.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “If we’re all saying that rap is an art form then we gotta be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you’re saying, it don’t matter that you didn’t make them die, it just matters that you didn’t save them.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Suge is the boss of Death Row, the don, you understand? But im the underboss, the capo. That’s my job to what’s best for Death Row.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Today is built on tragedies, which no one wants to face, nightmares to humanities and morally disgraced. Tonight is filled with rage, violence in the air, children bred with ruthlessness because no one at home cares.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Everybody against me. Why? Why me? I have not brought violence to you. I have not brought Thug Life to America. I didn’t create Thug Life. I diagnosed it.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I’m used on every level. I have no friends. I have no resting place. I never sleep. I can never close my eyes. It’s horrible.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I’d be in my hotel room, smoking too much, drinking, going to clubs, just being numb. That was being in jail to me. I wasn’t happy at all on the streets. That was the addict speaking.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “What I learned in jail is that I can’t change. I can’t live a different lifestyle – this is it. This is the life that they gave and this is the life that I made.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Gotta get a tight grip, don’t slip, loose lips, sank ships, it’s a trip, I love the way she licks her lips.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Heart of a solider with a brain to teach your whole nation.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “And in turn I’m hostile guess you could call me anti-social. Niggaz shakin like they caught the holy ghost when I approach em.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I don’t have to talk about whether or not I got raped in jail.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I stop and stare at the younger, my heart goes to ‘em, they stressed out and goin’ under.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “There ain’t no place like paradise.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Rollin wit a posse full of paranoid drugdealaz!”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “My homie lost his family and snapped, shot up half the block to bring them back.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “What of fame? Everybody knows your name: never again are you alone.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “When the charge first came up, I hated black women. Then, going to trial, I started seeing the black women that was helping me. It’s mostly black female guards. They treat me with human respect.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “The only time I have problems is when I sleep.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Even as a little seed, I could see his plan for me. Stranded on welfare, another broken family.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I struggle to be rugged and raw dude, trying to survive in the trials and lawsuits, Everybody wants to test me, WHY ME?”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I’ll probably be punished for hard living.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Can you picture my prophecy?”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “The people made me from the littlest crack head to the biggest baller so if i am bad its because of the bay and if i am good its because of the bay.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “June 16, 1971, mama gave birth to a Hell rasing heavenly son.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “While I’m dreaming, Wake up screaming, Cuz I can hear them suckas scheming.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Tomorrow I see change, a chance to build a new. Built on spirit intent of heart, and ideals based on truth.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Why isn’t it hip-hop when I do it? Everybody else can have beef within the music, talk about differences and it’s ok. It’s music, it’s hip-hop, it’s ground breaking. When I do it, it’s war.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “So many other things for us to see, Things to be, Our history so full of tragedy and misery.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “It’s a constant man-ego-check going on in the streets, in this world.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “To me, I feel that my game is strong. I feel as thought I’m a shining prince, just like Malcolm, and I feel that all of us are shining princes, and if we live like princes, then whatever we want can be ours. Anything.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “I was raised in this society so you can’t expect me to be a perferct person cause Ima do what Ima do.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Niggaz need guns, too.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Look at those words, ‘role’ and ‘model.’ Both of those are fake words, to play a role and to model, that’s fake. I’m real. Being real, I drink, I hang out, I party.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “With all my fans I got a family again.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Yo get a real job. Rappin doesn’t pay the rent, I hate the studio cause that’s where all my money went.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Well, the first two days in prison, I had to go through what life is like when you’ve been smoking weed for as long as I have and then you stop. Emotionally, it was like I didn’t know myself.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “If Colin Powell was president, I’d follow him. I wanna get into politics. That’s the way for us to overcome a lot of our obstacles.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “You can’t disrespect the love. You can’t disrespect the peace treaty.”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “Will my enimies flee when they see me? Belive me, even thugz gotta learn to take it easy!”
Tupac Shakur Quote: “You get time to appreciate things. Perspective, you start looking at things differently...”
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