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Twyla Tharp Quotes
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Twyla Tharp Quote: “I’ve always found it necessity to strip away everything but the most fundamental ways to work – the rest is style.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I have the wherewithal to challenge myself for my entire life. That’s a great gift.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “It was not until I had graduated from college that I made a professional commitment to it. Frankly, I didn’t think it wise. I was my own interior parental force, and it’s very difficult to justify a profession as a dancer.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “It’s very difficult to justify a profession as a dancer.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I never studied with Balanchine, but his work was very important to me.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I learned very early that an audience would relax and look at things differently if they felt they could laugh with you from time to time. There’s an energy that comes through the release of tension that is laughter.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “To make real change, you have to be well anchored – not only in the belief that it can be done, but also in some pretty real ways about who you are and what you can do.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “The disasteris not the money, although the money will be missed. The disaster is the disrespect – this belief that the arts are dispensable, that they’re not critical to a culture’s existence.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I thought I had to make an impact on history. I had to become the greatest choreographer of my time. That was my mission. Posterity deals with us however it sees fit. But I gave it 20 years of my best shot.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I’ve always thought my creative life began the moment my mother called me Twyla.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “We get into ruts when we run with the first idea that pops into our head, not the last one.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Never worry that rote exercises aimed at developing skills will suffocate creativity. At the same time, it’s important to recognize that demonstrating great technique is not the same as being creative.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “You don’t get lucky without preparation, and there’s no sense in being prepared if you’re not open to the possibility of a glorious accident.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “In terms of individuals who actually inspired me, very few of the academic people that I had access to had that power over me. Maybe it’s simply because I wasn’t that committed to geometry.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I think Tolstoy had an unbelievably complicated relationship with women.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Do them anyway – you can never spend enough time on the basics.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I’m not one who divides music, dance or art into various categories. Either something works, or it doesn’t.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I am fairly concise when I work and I work quickly because I think work is done better in a high gear than done our in a gear when everyone’s exhausted. Get focused, do it!”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I don’t mean this, but I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t really think of pop art and serious art as being that far apart.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Well, Mozart is extraordinary not only in that he became virtuoso along the lines of his father, but that he had that compositional gift, that melodic gift. By the time he was four, he was doing piano concertos with harmony in the background.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Usually kids who are talented have the brashness to think they can do anything, but they don’t often get the chance to see how close they can come.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I always find that the best collaborations are when you work with people that know what they’re doing, and you leave them alone to do it.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I do believe that when dancing is right, the movement possesses a logic common to us all.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I was interested in becoming a show dancer, for which I tried, but I’m not tall enough.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Milos Forman is a great director, Jim Brooks is a wonderful writer and director.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “The rewards of dancing are very different from choreographing.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Nobody likes to see that which they’ve invested in disappear from the face of the earth before they’ve even died. This is not cool. We can now see what the landmarks are.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Whenever I feel I’m working in a groove it’s invariably because I feel I am being the benefactor in the situation rather than the beneficiary. I am sharing my art with others, lending my craft to theirs, interest-free with no IOU.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “In those days, male dancers were a rarer breed than women. as they are still today, A good male dancer, one as strong as we were, was very difficult to come by if you couldn’t afford to pay them.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I’ve always had to keep the walls in place, and the only way to do that is to keep yourself constantly occupied. From the time I was 8 years old, until I went to college, I worked. There was no social life.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Modern dancers should be doing things no one else is doing, and it should come from the gut...”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “But obligation, I eventually saw, is not the same as commitment, and it’s certainly not an acceptable reason to stick with something that isn’t working.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Everything is raw material. Everything is relevant. Everything is usable.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Planning lets you impose order on the chaotic process of making something new, but when it’s taken too far you get locked into a status quo, and creative thinking is about breaking free from the status quo, even from one you made yourself.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Remember at all times that you’re the one who’ll be judged by the final product.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Reading is your first line of defense against an empty head.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Playwrights have texts, composers have scores, painters and sculptors have the residue of those activities, and dance is traditionally an ephemeral, effervescent, here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of thing.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Living had little use for me other than how it could be funneled into dance.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I have not wanted to intimidate audiences. I have not wanted my dancing to be an elitist form. That doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted it to be excellent.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “What I do remember is visualization of the sound of music, seeing bodies in movement in relation to how music sounded, because my mother practiced at the keyboard a lot and I also went to her lessons. As a two year old, three year old I remember seeing things in movement.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “In Hollywood, an adventure movie with two guys doesn’t quite qualify as an idea. Two guys and a bear does. It adheres to the unshakable rule that you don’t have a really good idea until you combine two little ideas.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “I would have to challenge the term, modern dance. I don’t really use that term in relation to my work. I simply think of it as dancing. I think of it as moving.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Movement stimulates our brains in ways we don’t appreciate.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “Another thing about knowing who you are is that you know what you should not be doing, which can save you a lot of heartaches and false starts if you catch it early on.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “The goal is to connect with something old so it becomes new. Look and imagine.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “The real secret of creativity is to go back and remember.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “They key is to learn how to keep free-floating fears from paralyzing you before you’ve begun.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “You are never lonely when the mind is engaged.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “As Mozart himself wrote to a friend, “People err who think my art comes easily to me. I assure you, dear friend, nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not industriously studied through many times.”
Twyla Tharp Quote: “If you’re at a dead end, take a deep breath, stamp your foot, and shout “Begin!” You never know where it will take you.”
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